What do you think is the best way to respect veterans?

2021.09.17 04:57 sjalexander117 What do you think is the best way to respect veterans?

Basically just the title. Open ended, no wrong answers.
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2021.09.17 04:57 Atomicoffspring Autobanning Profile Pics?

My profile picture keeps autobanning for lewd/pornographic material. I am 36. I have a shirt on. It happens as soon as I get unbanned and upload any picture. Anything I can do to correct the problem?
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2021.09.17 04:57 LaloGerardo158 Uxie Raids - 6252-4533-6315

Add 6252-4533-6315
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2021.09.17 04:57 Desperate_Pop4347 My husband turned 26 today, Bear tasted the cake first. This is the face of no regrets

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2021.09.17 04:57 lupadaalma Vontade de surtar

Mais especificamente no trabalho. Quem nunca, não é?
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2021.09.17 04:57 BlueSpace71 Any good podcasts relevant to ChubbyFire?

I enjoy personal finance podcasts…have recently been listening to Jill On Money, Bigger Pockets, and Dave Ramsey when I’m desperate. But 75% of the content is too basic for what I’m looking for. I don’t need to hear about building a budget or the benefits of term insurance vs whole life or how to pay down debt or are straight up sales pitches for somebody’s financial planner service. I’m looking for tax optimization, when to know if I’ve saved enough in my 529s, the benefits of deferred compensation, etc. What podcasts do folks listen to that are relevant to high earners/savers that have their sh*t together and are looking to take it to another level? Thank you!
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2021.09.17 04:57 MeMe_BiggerBoi I don't like playing survival. But I love to make survival bases in creative. This is the Main Room carved into the side of a floating island.

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2021.09.17 04:57 lionsrawrr Local olive oil. Are any of the local olive oils sold at the farmers market worth trying out

trying to find a decent quality oilve oil from a local origin if possible. was curious if any of the ones found in the farmers market are worth it?
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2021.09.17 04:57 Fuck_Reddit_Now How to tie three transactions together

I'm looking at buying shares in a high IV stock that I then want to write call options (two or three strikes OTM) against while simultaneously buying (protective; one strike below) put options against.
Is there a way to submit an order that requires all three to execute? (no partial fills for any of the positions).
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2021.09.17 04:57 WickyWah Interrupted this one's dinner tonight.

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2021.09.17 04:57 OncaAtrox Watch this jaguar effortlessly climb a pole

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2021.09.17 04:57 MarlonCalpe3000 Lightning God Enel is one of the MOST POWERFUL and TERRYFING characters in the World of One Piece! Debate me! The source video below will change your mind about him, believe me!

Enel Vs The New World: Why Enel is FAR stronger than you think | One Piece Discussion
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2021.09.17 04:57 DopeOnARope22 Is that bacon or Fall? 🥓🍂

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2021.09.17 04:57 Lmoorefudd Novels after Carnival?

Are there any plans for more novels after Carnival?
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2021.09.17 04:57 Elektrikhit1515 Wow really?

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2021.09.17 04:57 Wanderingminion What a Morning

My husband came so early to browse Facebook in front of me and to tell me he was so tense he got a scratch on his car.
Then he would tell me to go and cook breakfast for him alone (in a house where we are guests). It is not my thing to do things in a home I just visited.
So I asked him, "I will only cook breakfast for you." He said yes, like what the fuck? Is he the only person in this house? Since his mother was awake and the only one familiar with the home, I asked her to, so she and her sister-in-law went and cooked for everyone, of course. So what role should I do when there are already four hands doing it. Of course, I tried my best to help, but they seemed to have everything under control. Then he would tell me to at least go and help them, like what the Fork!!!!! Am I not doing it? Now, I asked him if he wanted this or that, and all of his answers were no, and whatever his mother was giving him, he was accepting it. So what the fork is that? Is he making me stupid or what? He is telling me he is so tense about his forking car. What a fork! If you are tensed, do something about it! It’s so fucking early in the morning and I just forking woke up for him. What the fork! What a forking morning! I forking hate it. It seems like he is so insensitive of what i feel.
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2021.09.17 04:57 lovell666 I need a new Yahndi leak

The one I was listening to got deleted. Please plug me
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2021.09.17 04:57 Dyortos So, why are is no one talking about the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act which legalizes propaganda especially during times like these..

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2021.09.17 04:57 CheeseSlays Vanguard Beta

Respect to Sledgehammer. They worked hard for the beta we are playing. That being said, I have a next gen console and the beta is completely unplayable. It makes me sad. Graphic rendering issues all around. Xbox Series X. I feel like an idiot attempting to play this game. When are we going to have developers that actually care about the community? Why are these CoD games always so broken? It’s tough
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2021.09.17 04:57 akillisebekeler Meter Reading within the Scope of Deployment Automation; SWOT Analysis

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2021.09.17 04:57 MijanBrown Kalifornia, some of my favorite shots so far

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2021.09.17 04:57 oldhearthgaming BOLA BESAR MENGGELINDING | Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy | PS4 PRO | G...

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2021.09.17 04:57 GSconfessional ANOVA? I barely know ya!

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2021.09.17 04:57 dotcom-jillionaire A tale of 2 electricians, knob and tube and temptation

I've got a 1920s rowhome with modern electrical runs (recently renovated in 2014) but still a bit of knob and tube wiring (cloth bound stuff at least, no real knob to speak of) that runs up to the second floor. I get it, K&T is not great to have in a house, I do plan to get someone to handle removing it at some point but it's OK for now as long as I don't mess with it.
Anyhow, I brought an electrician over to chat about a few things I wanted done. The majority of the work is installing some ceiling fans on the second floor, repairing/adding a few outlets, fixing a bathroom heater, small projects. The other major ones involve repairing my service drop (part of the wiring is uncovered) which would involve completely redoing the electrical box, and also having him remove any cloth wiring in the basement that's easy to get to.
The electrician was friendly, he's well reviewed, and I trust him for the most part. His quote seems reasonable ($6500) and he didn't seem too concerned about removing/messing with the cloth wiring or installing ceiling fans in rooms where the wires likely run to.
Today I had another guy come out just to get a comparison quote, this time from a large company that runs TV ads in the area. They're known to be more expensive but very reliable. A courteous and professional electrician greets me and I start talking about the various projects I'm looking to do. I first show him the junction box in the basement with the offending wiring as that's important to point out.
He starts to make a big deal about it, and yes, I know it's a problem and needs addressing, but I start to get a hard sell about how they'll need to come do an inspection and then write up an estimate to remove all the old wiring before they'll even touch my electrical. Likely $10k-$18k to get it remediated properly. I just want a ceiling fan installed!
I respect what he was telling me, but I also know a person spotting an opportunity when I see it. He tells me that I could have an electrician repair outlets, install ceiling fans, fix a bathroom heater, etc but it's all work that would need to be redone once I get the K&T ripped out, essentially throwing money away. And it's likely ceiling fans wouldn't be good to install in a room with K&T wiring anyway as it lacks a ground wire. And if I someone touches the K&T and then I try to sell the house, inspectors will flag that work and I'll have to pay for it all then.
I agree somewhat and I am aware that K&T shouldn't be modified in any way, but I'm now a bit hesitant to approach any of the "small" electrical projects I hoped the first electrician could do for me. Perhaps his reassurances and lack of concern will turn to grave distress once he begins work and starts to "uncover" problems with the wiring? None of what I'm asking for is essential, just want to improve our comfort in the house and update what we can within in my budget.
Anyhow, now I'm wondering if I just cut my losses and call off the whole thing. Maybe save up more money to address the root issue in a year or two. Is electrician #1 being too cool about this situation or is electrician #2 being too pushy about the whole thing?
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2021.09.17 04:57 crypto_god10 CoinMarketCap Official YouTube Channel LaunchEvent

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