👩‍🎓 25 new entry-level vacancies in the United Nations - Fri 17 Sep

2021.09.17 06:50 PickYourPosition 👩‍🎓 25 new entry-level vacancies in the United Nations - Fri 17 Sep

Please find in the comments 25 new vacancies that opened since Tuesday 14 Sep.
The data come from UN Talent.

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2021.09.17 06:50 CorneliusTheIdolator Diwali jihad

It's Diwali season and state governments will most likely place restrictions on firecrackers again. Ofc this means that we'll see a lot of coping by chaddis (from our fav subs) about how the govt. is promoting a conspiracy to ban hindu festivals etc etc
But funnily enough the small Christian majority state of Mizoram has been banning firecrackers during Christmas for a very long time now. Almost 11 years now according to this article-https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/mizoram-government-to-ban-sale-of-firecrackers-during-christmas/articleshow/45071734.cms?from=mdr .
But you don't see them claiming any conspiracy about a hindu conspiracy to take away their xmas
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2021.09.17 06:50 Agitated-Ocelot-9910 For a homeless person

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2021.09.17 06:50 jub-jub-555 What's your favorite Halloween movie?

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2021.09.17 06:50 CountGonk Been struggling to keep myself to sticking to a meal prep, so wanted to ask what day do you guys do your meal prep and why?

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2021.09.17 06:50 PastelArpeggio Vice-President of Taiwan Lai Ching-te (賴清德) on Twitter

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2021.09.17 06:50 Rana595 Eular tools project

Euler Tools Become a Best solid investment for the Community! It has been a week since Euler was released on PancakeSwap. Since then there has been a lot of movement in both the number of swaps and the value of the token.
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2021.09.17 06:50 sensual_predditor Official Prequel to 1998 Godzilla

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2021.09.17 06:50 mighty-mitochondria- GroupMe for GN 311-Halweg?

Title and the will to continue ;-;
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2021.09.17 06:50 Ramanujin666 Old people of reddit who never married/stayed single, how was it?

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2021.09.17 06:50 Nhidffej Sim unlock for a Sprint iPhone 11

I have been with Tmo for only a month now, using a Sprint-locked iPhone. Will T-Mobile unlock it after I've been with them for more than 40 days? Here's the GSX of the device:
Purchase Date: March 15, 2020 Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty Device Age: 1 Year, 5 Months and 12 Days Replaced Device: No Blacklist Status: CLEAN Locked Carrier: US Sprint/T-Mobile Locked Policy Country: United States SIM-Lock: Locked GSMA Report: Model Name: APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO MAX (A2161) Model Number: IPHONE 11 PRO MAX (A2161) Manufacturer: APPLE INC Blacklist Status: CLEAN
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2021.09.17 06:50 EdibleDiamonds Let’s get GREE back to $500+ Check for yourself!! Screenshot taken at 12:45am EST - MarketWatch

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2021.09.17 06:50 dsrespect [USA-OK] [H] Laptop (RX 5600M/R7 4800H/144hz display) Xbox elite series 2, Astro A40+Mix amp [W] PayPal, Local cash

Laptop specs:
GPU: RX 5600M
CPU: Ryzen 7 4800H
SSD: 458 GB
Screen is a 144hz display
I bought this laptop in early July and have not used it as much as I thought I would so I would at least like to get back some of what I paid for it. Have not had any issues with it all. Can provide more pics if needed.
Asking $650 shipped
Xbox Elite Series 2 controller was purchased a few months ago and has been used regularly and have not had any issues with it just switching to a PlayStation controller as I find them more comfortable to use.
Asking $125 shipped
Astro A40s are basically brand new as I’ve only used them a few times but I prefer to use my ear buds.
Asking $200 shipped
All items have original boxes except the laptop as it was purchased without the box. All prices are negotiable.
Please feel free to pm with any questions. timestamp1 timestamp 2 timestamp 3 timestamp 4 timestamp 5 timestamp 6 timestamp 7
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2021.09.17 06:50 salesborg "cold calling is dead"

i have seen this SO many times on linkedin.
so many times. Anyone else kind of sick of this?
it still remains one of the best methods for opening conversations TOF and closing deals.
seems like those who think cold calling is dead are those who didn't stick w/ it long enough to get good at it? lots of "social sellers" etc.
but most of us suck at it at the beginning; with practice you can become an absolute beast
i've had the fortune of working on both the marketing and the sales side, and now more than ever is the phone a lethal weapon in a) serving as a pattern interrupt to the cold emails flooding their inbox and b) allowing you to get to the "no" or the "Yes" faster.
i've tried a ton of different phone calling methods and scripts that were more or less a mixed bag, but finally settled on one that fills pipeline faster than anything else I've ever seen (happy to provide the details if anyone is interested)
maybe i'm just a grumpy old cat.
but I've seen way too much of it.
anyone else?
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2021.09.17 06:50 DecoFuni01 Các tiêu chuẩn xây dựng khu resort by DecoFuni on Reddit

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2021.09.17 06:50 Lesserboi [Fan-Made] Thanks you for making this awesome game ponos

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2021.09.17 06:50 the_nhir 5/6 Russian roulette is one thing, but this is incredible!

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2021.09.17 06:50 408javs408 Today I witnessed some thing that sucked.

I was going to turn left on an unprotected green light as cars and a few pedestrians were going along their right of . This car in front of me just drove into it all as the cars from the opposite direction honked him to a stop. The car just swerved around them. Eventually I heard 2 honks from behind me pretty much telling me to drive through while there were 2 pedestrians and a cyclist who was about to enter the intersection after this cars went through. Eventually the car behind decided to pass me and almost hit a couple. I drove through the eventual open space after the bicyclist and couple were out of the way. What the fuck? People are in such a rush in their nice comfortable cars and are willing to jeopardize people's lives!? This got me shook. I feel I have a grasp of human nature and its duality but, witness this really sucked.
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2021.09.17 06:50 Pupieness Zoolea lobipes

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2021.09.17 06:50 spareapple1 Best Singer of all time

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2021.09.17 06:50 One_Ad5407 Not as big as others, but I need advice with a situation.

So, background. Me- 14, newly freshman. I tried to start up a relationship, and we both got the hints, but instead of it going as usual, she told the councillor that I was causing her to be uncomfortable. I tried talking it out, but she avoids me. What can I do to resolve the situation?
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2021.09.17 06:50 vishnuthebest1 Lighting A Plastic Cup on Fire with Water inside it

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2021.09.17 06:50 creepycatsu Green or grey?

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2021.09.17 06:50 ivanator79 It's me again, 03 SV1K "Random" front cylinder knock/misfire

Hey all it's me again with a different issue this time. I've owned my 03 1k since it's had 23k miles now at 33k. Recently noticed what seems to be a misfire/knock coming from the front cylinder. This happens mostly when the engine is cool and in lower rpms while taking off from a stop it will shudder a few times from idle to around 4k rpms. Anything higher than 4k and the bike seems to run fine.
My first thought was bad spark plugs so I replaced both with ngk 3478 plugs but that didn't help. What would you guys recommend I try next? 🙏 Thanks
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2021.09.17 06:50 TellMeImCool522 My first thread painting! I like how it turned out

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