[Translation] 210916 IZM single review of "Not Friends"

2021.09.17 05:42 Litell_Johnn [Translation] 210916 IZM single review of "Not Friends"

By IZM contributor Jang Jun-hwan. Original link
Not Friends 2021 Loona ★★☆☆☆ (2 out of 5)
It's the second collaboration with Ryan Jhun, a producer on their last album [&], and also a project single. "PTT" secured a warrior-like character with a concentration of spirited choreography and ritualistic buildup. "Not Friends" - an extension by way of sharing producers - maintains the aggression but delves into the image of a static killer, befitting the reduced member lineup.
But once again, an approach that departs from the group's previously stated goals raises questions. The orderly acoustic intro and the usage of sensory materials like the sinking bass appear to open a breakthrough, but the monotonous progression washes out all of the song's strengths. In particular, this brings together an excellent vocal lineup from Loona, but a chorus that repeats with little variation, as if reading from an audiobook, only serves to block their individuality. Hence the music video, filled with gunfights and spy action, looking rather like a four-minute FPS game ad.
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2021.09.17 05:42 LegitxShotz H: Legacies & Grolls W: BE15c tesla

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2021.09.17 05:42 idontcarestop I have finally been promoted..

After 4 years with this company as a supervisor, I can proudly say that I put in my two weeks and have been promoted to customer. When I first started, for the most part, I loved my job! I had a lot of fun, made friends, got to interact with some great customers. However, in the past couple of years something has shifted, labor cuts, lack of pay, and increase in business, feeling no support from higher ups, feeling under appreciated and honestly the list could go on and on.
As a veteran supervisor, at an extremely high volume dt store (with a less than present manager) I took on so much stress. Business has increased drastically since the start of the pandemic and staffing has decreased. We are CONSTANTLY drowning. Most of the time i’m taking on 2-3 different jobs or tasks at once just to keep up. I’m a pretty relaxed person, but in the last few months it’s been nearly impossible to keep my cool. I constantly feel like I have to stop myself from crying or fucking screaming. I’ve seen baristas and other supervisors cry, have full blown panic attacks, get harassed, assaulted and all for 12 dollars an hour? a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company paying minimum wage is absolutely ridiculous.
This isn’t an easy job, especially for higher volume stores. We’re all mentally, physically and emotionally drained. What’s the best they can do for us? free tshirts!! This company claims to value and care for its partners, but do not be fooled. This is a facade to keep you around, so they can keep making money off of you. I know that a lot of you stay with this company for the benefits and schooling, but trust me, you CAN find something else. This is 2021 and a lot of companies have benefits equal or better than starbucks. Please save yourselves soon and to those who are sticking it out, I wish you the best of luck.
237**** out! (well in 2 weeks)
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2021.09.17 05:42 Knee_girl Weirdest dream ever

I was actually attending a zoom event when I fell asleep and started my dream.
But because the zoom event was on loudspeaker, I was able to listen to everything that was said in my dream. During the dream, the speaker asked me a question and when I attempted to answer it, I was not able to speak at all. Bear in mind I thought I was in reality at the moment and I didn't know I was dreaming. It was so scary and I kept trying to speak but I could not do it.
It was not after a few minutes when I woke up from my sleep and realize it was all a dream and was relieved. Has anyone had the same experience as me before?
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2021.09.17 05:42 Faux_Real_Guise I seriously don’t understand.

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2021.09.17 05:42 jonesysjukebox My other Sentinel just shipped so I'll add him to the mix next week, display is definitely a work in progress.

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2021.09.17 05:42 nitro4450 I'm tired of seeing/hearing about Mario Kart Tour. I just want Mario Kart 9.

If Nintendo bothers to make a fresh, new Mario Kart game for the Switch, then what features or characters do YOU want to see?

I'd like to see them add alternate outfits for every playable character, similar to Smash Bros. (i.e. standard outfit, a racer outfit, a retro outfit that references something from the past games, etc.)
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2021.09.17 05:42 Sledgeshammer69 Unofficial PC session

Been looking for a server with around 10x harvest and not infinite weight. But it’s super hard to find. If you know one please let me know.
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2021.09.17 05:42 Shattered-Earth Listening to the big guilds talk... lol

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2021.09.17 05:42 11Twinflame11 0.00000001999 coming soon to lovely inu!! Don’t forget to buy the dip and then

Wait a little bit to buy the next dip then buy the dips dip then buys the dips dip dip 🤦🏻‍♂️ I think you get my point
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2021.09.17 05:42 Ok-Hamster-6942 What do you say about new member of SG-1 ?

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2021.09.17 05:42 zombieman90000 Tired of admin abuse

Are you a person like me tired of admin abuse I would like to welcome you to Eternatus SMP This server is made by two people named WhiteTigerX(real owner) and Demonzombie We were also tired of admin abuse so in our smp We have stopped admin abuse.
We run on 1.16.5 with many plugins
Have you also wished to have more than one sethome We got you covered we have an warp system where you can set warp with dia current coat : 20 + we give 1 free sethome too
So maybe checkout us
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2021.09.17 05:42 strawbery123 I like my exes best friend

In 2019/2020 I (17f) went out with this guy (18m) who turned out to be a complete knob lol. We weren’t together long (officially together on and off for 8 months) and ended on REALLY BAD terms. We don’t talk at all now after an incident I will not get into. I’ve tried to be civil with him since my friends still stay in touch with him (and go out on nights out with him without telling me but that’s a different matter💀) but he ignored me and was hella rude. He’s been with other people since and so have I. There are no feelings left from either side.
Anyway: Before we were together we went to parties where I met his friends and I kissed a few of his mates (embarrassing lmao but I was young). One of his pals has had a glow up asf and I(19 now) quite like him lmao. We like the same music n photography and both play instruments and like to smoke🌱so we have a bit in common. I talked to one of the other mates and told him I liked this boy but he said it’s ‘too close to home’ but I don’t get why I should show any loyalty to someone I don’t talk to anymore if he still goes out and gets drunk with my friends💀Me and this boy talk online a bit but he’s very shy and I think I’m his type but it’s never flirty. Is this forbidden boundaries or do I try flirt w him? I think he’s still mates w my ex but not as close as they used to be.
TLDR: I like my exes mate lol
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2021.09.17 05:42 NmyStryker Step by step guide to set up Rockman X Dive Steam (Asia/Taiwan)

I did this in one try and it worked flawlessly. I set it up for me and my brother.

Here's what I had to do to link my existing dive account.
That's it. That's what I did, twice now for me and my brother and it worked first try. I don't even have to re-activate VPN to play. Good luck everyone.
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2021.09.17 05:42 Kirinscar TB05R on the way! Any tips for the build? I also ordered some MIP hex drivers for this build. I know this kit already comes with a ton of hop ups, but do I need to grab any more additional/optional parts?

TB05R on the way! Any tips for the build? I also ordered some MIP hex drivers for this build. I know this kit already comes with a ton of hop ups, but do I need to grab any more additional/optional parts? submitted by Kirinscar to tamiya [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 05:42 reddit_breddit Found a weird lighting glitch in the latest 1.18 snapshot (Java)

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2021.09.17 05:42 ds1749320 Anyone have a bookrags account who can do me a solid?

I am trying to get the summary for 'Black Leopard Red Wolf' by Marlon James. Here's the link http://www.bookrags.com/studyguide-black-leopard-red-wolf/#gsc.tab=0. Whoever can download this and pass it along would be a hero!
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2021.09.17 05:42 cortaydo_cortado sprinklers are in!

it's been a long week getting these in. did it all myself. seed goes down this weekend. 6b. NJ.
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2021.09.17 05:42 ghostofbaalbek Hermetic Tarot (The Secret Order of the Golden Dawn)

I am somewhat new to tarot cards but I am interested in gnosticism and hermetics etc. I recently decided to purchase the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson and have been doing three card spreads and so far I don't like the results at all. The cards seem negative and, a lot of times, they don't seem to pertain to my question(s) at all. It just seems very out of "left field" if that makes sense. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to get more experienced with tarot before venturing into the Hermetic Tarot? Are three card spreads (past, present, future) just not the way to go with this deck? I have found a real connection in the past with Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue using the 3 card spread - I know they aren't traditional tarot but it's what began my interest. I know the Golden Dawn has some stigma attached to it because of the "Great Beast 666" but I am not sure about any of that, and people that ARE sure and dogmatic about it scare me. I don't believe tarot cards are evil, or ouija board is evil etc. but I just wanted to make sure I am using these right and not just opening doors to the netherworlds or something when I don't know what I am doing :) What layouts do y'all suggest with this deck or what other advice do you have for me?
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2021.09.17 05:42 fintechorIB Head of Corp Dev or Boutique IB???

About me: early 20s, Big 4 FDD, 2 yoe, almost CPA/CA qualified Career aims: Work in M&A during my 20's and exit to Corp Dev or Strategic finance role later in my career.
I'm in a bit of a conundrum and I'd like to get an external perspective. I have the following options:

  1. I have received an offer from a mid-market boutique M&A shop in my city working on deals in the $10m - $100m EV range. The team is small (10 people) but I gel with all of them from Analyst to MD. Sector agnostic and solid deal flow. Market rate salary and expected large bonus this year.
  2. Concurrently, I am speaking to a Fintech startup who seem very interested in my background and want to bring me in for a final round with the CEO, COO and Exec Chairman. I have had a phone interview with the CEO who wants a Head of Corp Dev to relieve the exec team of typical corp dev responsibilities such as leading capital raises, financial modelling, preparing Board decks and essentially pinch hitting around the organisation as it scales up. Small team of 10 with mainly seasoned execs (former IB, big 4, start up execs etc.). My concern with this position is that it seems too good to be true and that the responsibilities would be too out of my depth; that being said, the CEO has assured me that I would be a perfect fit and I could cope with the role.
Do you see any issues with taking a corp dev role and re-entering IB down the track if it doesn't work out? Would working at a start up give me good exposure to the world of Corp Dev and not close any doors in the future?
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2021.09.17 05:42 Rosecandy900 does anyone have a psych 1x03 textbook?

Discover Psychology: MacIntroPsych Essential Readings
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2021.09.17 05:42 AGPatel15 Name?

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2021.09.17 05:42 yoteloaf aot animation/ vfx

Aot animation that I made with blender and sony vegas
Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsU-6y6LhCSxMIvJdpno3Vw
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2021.09.17 05:42 aliu138 CONGRATS GIANTS!!!

Fantastic job choking that game away to the Reskins. Please never stop doing this in your future games.
Signed, a random fan of a Yinzer youtuber
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2021.09.17 05:42 send_hentai_pics how to fix 100% cpu usage?

Ever since I downloaded the update 3-4 days ago, apex has been using 100% cpu. I've tried reinstalling the game, adding easyanticheat to my antivirus's exclusion list, setting apex's cpu usage priority lower, and restarting and updating windows. idk what else to do.
gpu:amd 5600xt
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