[Art] Thought I'd share a recent artwork my partner made for her Homebrew character, Tiberia. She's based off a Main Coon. I'd love to hear what you think of her!

2021.09.17 06:37 Clondrah [Art] Thought I'd share a recent artwork my partner made for her Homebrew character, Tiberia. She's based off a Main Coon. I'd love to hear what you think of her!

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2021.09.17 06:37 four_hundo Simple Yet Stupid

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2021.09.17 06:37 lukedap The L Word: Generation Q S02E07 - Light - Episode Discussion

Katherine Moennig and Jamie Clayton in Light (2021)
Bette takes a big swing with Pippa. Shane leans on Tess. Alice's run-in with someone from her past throws her for a loop. Meanwhile, Dani examines what's holding her back as Sophie is pushed to question Finley's maturity.
20 Sep. 2021
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2021.09.17 06:37 Yeehaw_Kat Can you have no dysmorphia but still be trans

I'm having a small crisis right now so please excuse me but is it possible. I have no dysmorphia that I know of but I want to be a woman idk I'm just confused if someone could answer that would be great
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2021.09.17 06:37 Neospartan06 Need a bit advice/help

So for the past 3 years my friend has liked this girl that he used to be friends but they don’t talk anymore, but he still likes and recently I started feel the same way and btw this friend is literally like my best friend we hang out out of school all t he time and have been friends for like 10 years so I just want some advice on what to do if anything and the best way to approach the situation.
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2021.09.17 06:37 PruglePin Cover Art

Cover Art Made a quick cover art for the game. I use a launcher called playnite that displays all my games on one page and I noticed there was not cover art for this game online so I made my own. Thought I would share.
Dig Dig Cover Art
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2021.09.17 06:37 0000310 #8/00003 revaluation

There are so few people in my life right now and I so desperately seek their validation. I’m constantly hurt by them and since I can’t hide my emotions anymore it has been even harder. When they laugh at my crying in the moment it doesn’t hurt because I’m trying to reel my emotions in. But when I have time to process I feel hurt. ((I think back to someone whose really hurt me and and realize I’m still seeking their validation as well. Something I did to help was put distance between us as well expressed my feelings of hurt. It worked somewhat. ))However if I express my hurt to them I think it would not be wise since they’ll make it into a joke. So putting distance between me and them seems like the best option. However my circle of people is so small that without them I’m worried about who will I talk to. But I do think distance is the best thing I can do for myself and focus on those who bring me joy.
Also I’m slowly falling behind and can’t fail anymore so I will strive for better.
Also I haven’t gone back to any of the dating apps aren’t you proud of me.
-till next time
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2021.09.17 06:37 rhtkmr050 How is Logistics consultancy Nottinghamshire the best logistics consultants option?

With nearly 30 years experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, Operations Director, and International Operations Director, we are well placed to utilise our skills, knowledge, and experience to benefit your business. We call ourselves ‘resultants’ as well as consultants. To know more about Transport consultancy Nottinghamshire you visit:-https://tlc-ltd.org
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2021.09.17 06:37 KlutzyResist2465 A song for Furry-purging (hope this sub isn't ironic cause I sure ain't)

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2021.09.17 06:37 BlottyNZ ka pai

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2021.09.17 06:37 FreePhilosopher256 Someone explain to me

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2021.09.17 06:37 goldie_coasty Who built this(and which ride is it)?

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2021.09.17 06:37 anthonyonly 🎉Last 12 Hours Free Giveaway Event🎉Retweet the post of - Espoid Space X MicroPCat BUY 1 GET 1 FREE PROMOTION - 1️⃣Follow Twitter2️⃣Retweet Post in comment 3️⃣ Leave your Twitter ID in comment🏆5 Winners🏆

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2021.09.17 06:37 ex1t94 AOTY!

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2021.09.17 06:37 nrf81 Beast in Black - Moonlight Rendezvous (New Song)

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2021.09.17 06:37 RootLevelUser I want my innocence back

this is a painful post for me and the first time i am telling anyone this in my whole life. I am 23 years old now and I want to break free from this .
I was sexually abused as a child and basically my body was physically used as a masturbation aid by a family friend and as I got older I just became more and more curious because the switch had been flicked
I was always a curious child but I was empathetic and sensitive never wanted to do things to deliberately cause pain and harm to others.
when I was 11 i discovered porn mindlessly while browsing the internet and it gripped me ever since taking me into a deeper and darker place for the past 12 years.
as a young teenager i was even exposed to content involving kids slightly younger than me and i dug for it out of curiosity in part feeling upset and curious because of the molestation and abuse i faced as a child, it made me want to vomit but it felt good some how. every type of disgusting porn that exists in the world i simply kept digging deeper and deeper i felt like i was in the driver's seat for once.
through it all the intense shame prevented me from ever showing any signs of it in my life with anyone around me and everyone views me as innocent and pure even though i am corrupted since childhood.
it fills me with rage when i realize how much of my life has been stolen by porn companies and sick depraved perverts and how that perversion made it into my mind after being a victim of it.
i hate myself for using the internet to seek out and gain gratification from what was done to me as a child and i feel like i re-abused and re-traumatized myself for my own satisfaction.
i am sick and tired of not being able to look people in the face. I am tired of hiding from myself, I am tired of hiding infront of my family. I am tired of the fear of not being an adequate partner in a future relationship, i am tired of fearing that if anyone ever came to love me they would hate me when they know what i am. i am tired of the fear and knowledge that i will be a hypocrite if i ever try to caution and protect any future children i choose to have against this.
and i am tired of the damage that porn has done to my brain.
I want my innocence back.
i want to help survivors some how and contribute to a cause against it
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2021.09.17 06:37 businessdiva_ Should I leave my job that’s stressing me out?

Recently I began my fall semester in college and the classes I am taking currently are very hard. You have to put in the work and time outside of class to understand the material. I also work full time, so sometimes dedicating enough time to each class to understand the material is just not feasible for me. My job stresses me out because I have to increase sales, but it’s so hard to do that when I feel that the people there are not motivated. I cant motivate someone, that doesn’t want to be motivated. At times, I can’t even motivate myself. But i do try. The job makes me sad at times, because I know if it wasn’t for my weak and shy personality my coworkers would actually listen to me and our sales would grow and I’d do my job better. It’s hard to get people to listen to you when they don’t take you seriously. My coworkers are very different from me. They all get along well, I am the oddball out/more reserved one. My coworkers can be rude and at times I feel that they don’t like me. Why would they listen to me? They are not team players and barely help me but always ask for my help. Because of this job I feel that I can’t fully focus on school. And because of school I feel that I can’t give my all to this job. I don’t necessarily want to quit, but I would like to cut my hours back, however I don’t know if they’ll allow me to do this since I only work 4 days out of the week currently because of school and since I’m supposed to increase sales they need me there. I doubt they’ll want to cut my hours or days to only 3. I am planning on asking, but I also feel that maybe I should find another job where I don’t feel as much stress? To add to the stress of school already? At the same time this job has been my first “office” job so I don’t want to really quit and go back to working in fast food since really that might be the only place with a flexible schedule. Plus I have learned a few things here. Should I just stop working while I attend school? I would like to be more involved in college but I also want to earn money. Any advice?
P.s. work makes me miserable sometimes, and I feel intimated. I don’t like telling others what to do, and I’d rather work at a job where I’m only responsible for my work and not monitoring other people or motivating them.
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2021.09.17 06:36 BanannaChanna Understanding Human Communication 14th edition - Ronald Adler, George Rodman, and Athena du Pre

Hi there!
In need of: "Understanding Human Communication 14th edition - Ronald Adler, George Rodman, and Athena du Pre". Much appreciated for any help! Thank you!
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2021.09.17 06:36 Valuable_Star9974 Satsuma shaking on idle

I rebuilt the engine and after that it is still shaking on idle like it still has a crankshaft problem
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2021.09.17 06:36 -REDACTED_GHOST- I Mean, It Won't Hurt You Easily.

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2021.09.17 06:36 slyliar Looking for thrill? Join this server, it's friggin great!

Admin is pretty cool imo.
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2021.09.17 06:36 The__Tiger- First attempt at duck prosciutto

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2021.09.17 06:36 GamerMusi favourite weapon type?

i like swords
View Poll
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2021.09.17 06:36 BryanM_Crypto Deposits and withdrawals of DYDX are enabled on the Crypto.com App and Exchange

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2021.09.17 06:36 stankmanly The Guess Who - Star Baby (1974)

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