Looking for recommendations for branding photographer

2021.09.17 05:21 AlaskaTuner Looking for recommendations for branding photographer

Hi, I am planning on starting a business here in San Diego and want to start figuring out the image and branding of social media. I have a lot of anxiety about doing photography and want to hire a professional.
A friend suggested that I hire a "branding" or "personal image" photographer to help me get that *modern headshot*.
I am finding lots of skilled photographers in the area google searching, but I was hoping to get some recommendations / first hand experience from redditors! I am looking for a photographer with an uncanny ability to make people feel comfortable and loosen up. Most pictures where I am "posing" for a shot, I think I am smiling, but actually looking more like a mugshot lol. If a photographer you know has that ability to get personable moments from robotic faced engineers please drop a contact below or feel free to message me!
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2021.09.17 05:21 juliakelly1 that ass was poking

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2021.09.17 05:21 NoBorder7137 Sad

Poor kingdom surrounded by advanced kingdom
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2021.09.17 05:21 TheMixerTheMaster Sunn O))) & Boris - Fried Eagle Mind [Drone Metal/Experimental]

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2021.09.17 05:21 kvnbkr98 How could you ever say this kid never had the makings of a varsity athlete?

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2021.09.17 05:21 dhruvv__k A Big Transformation!

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2021.09.17 05:21 Mr_Jackabin They need to buff Killer or add more incentive to play, as right now it is miserable and I don't blame people for not wanting to play the role anymore

Before anyone says get good, I would say I'm an okay killer, not great but I got to Rank 1 on Blight so I'd say I'm decent.
It feels like every match I'm in now, no matter what killer I play, I'm losing a year of my life from the stress. At high levels survivors are just impossible to catch, and I know you're supposed to go for the weak link, but even the weak link is crazy good in my matches.
Idea for buff; make kicking a gen without Pop actually worth it. Base regression is pathetic and you lose time kicking the gen more than gain any.
Not even sure what else to say, I love this game and SBMM has no place in it. Its not a competitive game and never will be. So sick of SBMM being shoved downed my throat in any major game I play. Takes the fun out of it completely.
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2021.09.17 05:21 ammbamt Pinball Emporium Question

What is the command to add more players? I can’t seem to do it on alp or the keyboard?
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2021.09.17 05:21 helmbearer- First crack at Necromunda 😀

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2021.09.17 05:21 toast_chicken Some really fun and interesting racoon tracks. Wisconsin

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2021.09.17 05:21 n-o-o-b-s-a-i-b-o-t Gun vs. Jake, Johan, and Eli.

Assume all the crewheads are in their peak form (e.g. killer instinct, good eyes + enraged, animal instinct).
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2021.09.17 05:21 3nderslime Help with Interstellar mod

I would like to play with the Interstellar extended mod, but for that I need to place the parts in the different tech nodes that works with RP-1 in carrier mode. does anyone know where each part should go in the tech tree to keep it balanced?
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2021.09.17 05:21 matchakuromitsu Plant-based finds at Sprouts in Orange County, CA

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2021.09.17 05:21 _praise_greatness Be real who y’all got?I got koly bra be speaking the real

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2021.09.17 05:21 drowninginristretto Complete Misinformation Found on social media

I just started looking at Parler, the social media website that I chose for my Occupy Social Media project, and it startled me to see the number of lies or stretched truths that I have seen already. But this one made me laugh because it is so easy to disprove.
They are saying iOS 15 and iPhone 13 will require proof of vaccination before they will unlock for use. Though the video attached is meant to be satirical, the content that of the article could easily be taken as a proper "news article". The article contains 'quotes' from the Apple Keynote like, "

"We here at Apple are doing our part to keep you safe by keeping our sacred products out of the hands of the filthy unvaccinated," said Cook as he paced the stage. "That's why starting with the iPhone 13, all Apple users will be required to scan their vaccination card in order to unlock their iPhones."
Based on the number of times this post was "echoed" on Parler, I can tell that a number of people on that app only looked at the title of the article, "New iPhone 13 Will require Vaccination to Unlock Screen" when they started to get into their fury. The next 8 weeks on this app will certainly be interesting...
source: https://babylonbee.com/news/new-iphone-will-require-vaccination-to-unlock-screen
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2021.09.17 05:21 furry_dracone just like any other sad old!twilight fanart, except....

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2021.09.17 05:21 Aerythea Protip: charge Cressida using a blacklight!

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2021.09.17 05:21 ai_jobs [Hiring] Metadata Specialist - Portuguese (Remote)

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2021.09.17 05:21 SkooberDoobert Pickling myself?

I have an idea for a youtube video where I bathe in a bath of complete vinegar. I plan on doing this for 24 hours. Is there anything bad that would happen to me if I did this?
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2021.09.17 05:21 agodbolt #affiliatemarketing #Passiveincome #makemoneyonline #makemoneyfromhome #onlinebusiness #business #makemoney Affiliate Marketing Examples 2021 - How One Website Made Over $281,700 Last Month!

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2021.09.17 05:21 Flowey004 Frostfire Gauntlet Build

How exactly do frostfire gauntlet builds go? Do you build mythic first, or do you build other items first? If you do build other items first, which ones? If you build mythic first, what items do you normally build after to synergise with the item? Are there specific runes you go for this build? Is this a build for a niche situation, or just another standard build?
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2021.09.17 05:21 Legitimate_Battle_89 I regret nothing

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2021.09.17 05:21 exobiologickitten Non sisal scratching posts?

Hi all! My cats are gorgeous, but weird. They have zero interest in traditional sisal scratching posts or cardboard scratchers. They seem to love carpet and upholstery fabric though - so the designated scratching pole goes ignored while my deceased grandmother’s couch is looking sadder by the day. Oops.
Any advice? I looked up fabric scratching poles but the only other option I’m seeing much of are the fuzzy soft-carpet type ones. They might enjoy that but at this rate I’m tempted to wrap a wooden pole in foam and canvas and see if they go for it.
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2021.09.17 05:21 Whole-Tutor Ajuda depressão

Oq falar para uma pessoa que tá tendo crise depressiva?
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2021.09.17 05:21 cannonymously Anyone else can’t stand their own type?

Exactly what it says. I’ve noticed INFPs typically like each other, same with ENTPs, but any types out there who can’t stand their fellow types?
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