What is the simplest act of kindness that can instantly brighten someone's day?

2021.09.17 04:48 wandsandbroomsticks What is the simplest act of kindness that can instantly brighten someone's day?

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2021.09.17 04:48 Not_An_Octane_Main I have cataracts in both eyes and got new glasses

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2021.09.17 04:48 imakelv Lego Colonial Marines.

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2021.09.17 04:48 rrrrenataaa uia

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2021.09.17 04:48 JoeyBatters Do smallmouth eat crayfish more than any other fish species?

How exactly did this come to be?
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2021.09.17 04:48 kokokko416 Soundbar for 17 Square meters small room

My room space: 17 Square meters Distance between TV and seat: 1.45m (57inch)
As you can tell, I have a really small size room. I'm wondering that the Klipsch Cinema 800 is too powerful(or too loud) in my room? or should I go for Sony HT-A5000?
Is my distance between TV and seat long enough to unleash the potential of Reflective Atmos Height Speakers on A5000? or should I just go for virtualized Dolby Atmos like Cinema 800?
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2021.09.17 04:48 Ra5kolnikov H: Trades W: Safari Croc Backpack

Not sure what its worth, let me know please!
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2021.09.17 04:48 loveisthenewpunk Disney+ puts What If after Loki in the timeline

Disney has an option to watch the films in timeline order instead of in order of cinematic release. I just noticed that they added the MCU to shows to this queue. According to Disney+ after Endgame the timeline goes: Loki, What If, WandaVision, then Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
Do you all think that the upcoming episodes of What If will have any relevance to the shows before or after it in the timeline?
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2021.09.17 04:48 dansod Att Galaxy Note 9

The att whitelist has the Note 9 on it, but can't seem to find the cricket whitelist. Does anyone have experience with it working? Also wifi calling?
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2021.09.17 04:48 SergMOrg Not "settings" menu available --HELP

I click the top right hand corner and I get not settings option in Chrome Win10 (used to work) .
Am I missing a step?

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2021.09.17 04:48 reemgee123 Yall get annoyed when ppl use they/them pronouns to not be called transphobes

Like my sister was talking to her friend today and she was telling her abt this man who in no way presented anything but male, told her he was nonbinary and used they/them cause she told him she thought he was transphobic. Like pls🙇‍♂️✋😮‍💨wtf do we even do at this point. Ima let them run wild tire themselves out of the self diagnosing shit.
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2021.09.17 04:48 Scared-Requirement96 Day in and day out

Every single day we log in MSF mess up we play for hours upon hours of course then we come in to reddit complain about what the developers have made us do or made the game do but very seldomly do you see a post that says Hey thanks go play programming game that I truly love if you don't like it leave it it's very simple yes it's not perfect it will get better they try and they succeed otherwise there wouldn't be millions of us playing this stupid ass game That is all thank you Developers keep on rocking
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2021.09.17 04:48 KiritoSlayer32 Cenobite instant chain

I just had a match where as soon as the match began every survivor instantly had 3 chains in us, obviously this led to practically an instant win since right after his passive triggered and nobody could solve the cube and he wiped us instantly. After the match we checked his perks and add ons but literally nothing says that it would apply those effects at the start of the match at all, does anyone have any clue what happend???
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2021.09.17 04:48 Ok_Inflation8637 I’m wanting to get a snake any suggestions on what type? First snake btw, I also already have an enclosure

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2021.09.17 04:48 honvramirez bASS

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2021.09.17 04:48 NoPrayerForTheLiving Pencil Portrait of Iron Maiden's Singer Bruce Dickinson, by me

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2021.09.17 04:48 ComputerSagtNein What is it with newer episodes being so dark and brutal?

It's not even fun anymore, it's just weirdly brutal like almost every episode. I cannot pin point when this started, but did the creators change for the recent seasons?
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2021.09.17 04:48 Trap_Niqqa NJPW STRONG (feat. Lio Rush & TJP) Ep-25 / LB Contender Night 2

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2021.09.17 04:48 teikochan Do you have any of my DISOs up for trade?

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2021.09.17 04:48 AdCrafty5841 "The international community should not link aid to political issues, nor should it impose its decisions on us." Foreign Minister Maulana Amir Khan Muttaqi.

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2021.09.17 04:48 mrtanigaba Imagine naruto defeating kiba in 2 minutes

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2021.09.17 04:48 plants-in-pants My mom used to make these a lot, and now we make them together! (The letters took SO LONG though!)

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2021.09.17 04:48 Haarrs [H] [US] [Area 52] 3/10M 10/10H looking for DPS and more!

Top One Percent - Area 52 is a group of mythic raiders dating back to the end of Ny'alotha that raids in a relaxed but focused two night a week environment.
Raid Times (Eastern/Server Time)
Tuesday: 7-10PM
Thursday: 7-10PM
Recent Progress: 3/10M 10/10 H - SoD 4/10 M - CN
Being a not hardcore guild, we are not expecting perfect attendance. However, we do expect pretty regular attendance (80-90%) and at least general notice of an absence. We are a pretty laid back group, but expect efficiency while we are raiding as on a tighter two-day schedule. That includes being prepared with whatever consumables are appropriate for your role.
Currently, we are looking for all kinds of raiders, as noted above. Biggest priorities are: DKs / WW Monk. Biggest class priorities are DKs, WW and other DPS. Also inquiring about one additional DPS that could flex. Don't hesitate reaching out if your role isn't shown however. Exceptional players can always be fit in.
Outside of raid we have players that love to push keys and others that enjoy arena as well.
CONTACT - BNET: Haar#1752; DISCORD: Haars#0136
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2021.09.17 04:48 MaxEhrlich What’s your best, “see what had happened was…” moment?

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2021.09.17 04:48 omgburritos Island Man

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