New World Gameplay | Part 7 | Open Beta II

2021.09.17 05:48 fardeen9983 New World Gameplay | Part 7 | Open Beta II

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Need to find out soon! Most people say just mix it?
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2021.09.17 05:48 Butterscotchgames70 Zoomleak

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 682 205 1020 Passcode: QJ!9kLy@#S Currently happening pls wreak havoc and Enter with name Sampoorna Ghosh or Arushi Rowshan
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Nikko and Gavin joke multiple times about wrestling. Who else would love to see this?
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2021.09.17 05:48 Breaker-of-circles Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.09.17 05:48 muchIsHere How to fine tune an existing OCR to recognize *handwritten* source code.

I want to be able to recognize handwritten source code accurately (via online/offline OCR, doesn't matter).
Current state-of-the-art OCR's do are pretty horrible at this out of the box (example - tesseract). Googles new online OCR system does a better hob however it is still not 100% accurate, obviously.
Is it possible to leverage the capabilities of existing OCR systems (as they do character-level recognition very well) to re-train such a model on *source code* and would the model do any learning about the inherent syntactical properties of source code ?
I'm asking how exactly would one use a character-level OCR model and retrain it on a large source code corpus in the hopes of increasing accuracy in recognizing *handwritten* source code.
I get the question is broad, I'm really trying to narrow down a scope for my university project.
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2021.09.17 05:48 Mountain_Revenue_353 Stereotypical Isekai - 42

The teachers, staff and even Ekat the harpy bishop who visited Niko those weeks ago were sitting in a room.
A dark room, the lights had exploded, but Mark had calmed down enough that the building around him was no longer dying. The ruin was no longer spreading from him like a disease.
They knew it wasn’t arcane magic, and that psionics couldn’t sense him either. They still didn’t even know what he did, only that it cut through every ward, blessing and detection ability they had and they wouldn’t have even noticed if he hadn’t come out and told them he wanted to speak with them.
It should have been impossible to actually attack the school - there were blessings to prevent actual injuries, not to mention all of the reflections that would have swarmed anything deemed a threat.
The reflections kept their distance from Mark. Sensing not a person attacking a school but a circle of dying that should be avoided. The student body had been sent home early.
The people in this room also kept their distance from Mark, not commenting that he had them sitting in the dark for the last hour, not bringing up that he was doing paperwork after gathering dozens of people into the same room.
Mark spoke in this completely silent meeting. “I never really thought about it, you know.”
More silence, never thought about what?
He continued, as if speaking to himself, “It’s just that we had, actually we have these issues too. I just kind of figured that what with the higher powers and whatnot you wouldn’t be behaving like this. Why do you have seperate bathrooms and why are you yelling at children?”
Was that a question or was it rhetorical ranting? Someone had talked back at one point and suffered a baton to the face despite how impossible that should have been here.
His eye was still swollen and healing potions couldn’t repair the damage for whatever reason.
Someone spoke up, braver than the rest of the room.
“Sir, deathworlders are bigger and can easily damage ordinary appliances. We designed the bathroom for them so that we wouldn’t have to worry about repairs.”
Mark didn’t stop sorting through those papers. “Then why was that boy being yelled at if he only went to get toilet paper?”
Silence again, a light flickered once before exploding causing more than a few people to flinch.
“He’s not allowed into the normal bathroom.”
“The normal bathroom?” Mark asked.
“Uh, sir,” The man flinched at Mark’s gaze. “Deathworlders make up less than one percent of the population in this world. Most people use the other one.”
“So you have a good bathroom everyone uses, and then the smaller worse one that you make deathworlders use.”
The principle spoke up, “No, no that’s- they are separate but they are both maintained well. We do not treat them unequally. We do nothing but what would be the best for our students.”
“So… separate but equal?”
The man nodded, oblivious to the danger of that sentence.
Mark put a paper down before stating, “I saw their bathroom, it was much smaller than the other one and there is only one for each gender while everyone else has three.”
“Deathworlders are a smaller percentage of the population-”
“And do not have their own private schools and therefore make up a much larger percentage of this public school’s population. If your facilities are based on local population and do not factor in how likely said species are to attend here there must be more things I am not seeing that you are insufficient with.”
Another page flipped, then written on.
“Mister Mark, our blueprints for this school were given to us from the reflections of the Goddess of Knowledge herself. I do not think that you-”
“Whenever I get into talks like this it’s goddess this and higher power that. Why is it a god’s job to come down here and make sure you aren’t fucking up things like this? There is an issue and you are not fixing it. Would you rather point out a problem to your god or have someone else bring up that there are points you are failing at and doing nothing to resolve?”
“Mark.” The bishop Ekat seemed less fazed by all this than the others. “I do believe you should be more careful when talking about higher powers than us mortals.”
“I’m not judging gods,” His shining eye swiveled, aiming itself directly at her. “I’m saying their followers appear to be incompetent. You included.”
Ekat frowned. “What do you believe my shortcomings to be?”
“You obviously care little for deathworlders and have been allowing Clere to be harassed by members of your church over her adoption.” Another page written on and flipped into the other pile.
“Mark, what is your rank? It is informal to speak to a higher rank of a church in such a way.”
“Oh, this is plenty formal. I am filling out the paperwork as we speak.” Another page flipped.
“I feel that you misunderstand me, there may have been harassment but I am a bishop. It is beneath my notice to involve myself with someone so much lower in rank.”
“I have brought this to your attention. Is your job not to care for harpies?”
“If she has issues she should contact the authorities or our church specifically.”
Mark glanced up, “She has stated that she has done that.”
“Look, Mark. I believe you may simply not clearly know my position. I have nothing against raising dragonoids, but given the number of blessings, aid from churches and state, and other help she needed just to save herself from injury raising a child that could spit acid she could have raised four harpies and given them homes.”
He paused considering. “I see, I think it is lovely that someone would work that hard to give a child a good home, but words cannot really change your mind can they?”
“Human, I am a cleric devoted to harpies. You claim I am biased but what else would I be focused on?”
“Do you know what the God of Humanity does, Ekat?” Mark put his hands together. “I don’t know everything of course, he rarely speaks to us even indirectly. But I have witnessed him clearing lost souls from Hell. Do you have a harpy goddess who does the same?”
A pause before she answered, “I cannot say we do.”
“So, in other words, the God of Humanity performs a service to other species but you think you are special and get to treat yourselves as if you are more important?”
“It seems strange that it only became a problem after your god was discovered.” The harpy sneered.
“I agree,” Mark replied calmly. “The same way that Niko only had a nervous breakdown after you visited. But really, if I am so unimportant that is fine. I am going to excommunicate you and any harpy that bothers Clere or her family.”
A snort, “Excommunication? Mark, I do not go to your church.”
“I believe that God watches everyone Ekat, I believe because I have seen evidence that God watches me. I believe that God scours through Hell to save the souls of the damned because I have seen it. If you think that it is acceptable to allow others to treat children as different then I feel no need to try and keep you safe.”
The harpy looked directly into his eyes, “Be honest, how many demons are there Mark? What are the odds that I would be targeted even if they killed a dozen people every day?”
Mark stared right back. “You will be the only person I know of to be refused God’s protection Ekat. You will be the only person who will stay in Hell forever should you be taken. An eternity of torment at the hands of demons. Ekat do you not understand the position you are in? I am concerned for your immortal soul.”
“How could you possibly know that your god will accept your judgement Mark? Do you even have an official rank? More to the point I am a bishop and I am not going to be swayed by petty threats.”
Mark tilted his head, “Petty threats? God has killed for me Ekat. Has yours done the same for you? Why would I go out of my way for someone who refuses to ensure their own churchgoers do not bother mine? Do not try my patience bishop, unlike yours my god can do worse things than kill when he is angered.”
The room was silent, the bishop included. Mark picked up another paper.
“I will be going over changes I wish to see. Anyone who disagrees should know that I have papers detailing your excommunications, requiring only my signature. First on the list you have fifteen minutes to explain to me your plan to resolve the bathroom situation before I start excommunicating people at random. Might I suggest enchanting all bathrooms so that they could be used by any student? I know for a fact that you are all arcane magic users and should be capable of it.”

Hyo walked at the head of his retinue. He had been deployed alongside a dozen of those white armored magi-troopers and a battalion of normal soldiers and armor to act as backup.
They had newly discovered runes carved into the interiors of their armor, something Hyo claimed was given to them by an angel known as Niko. They also had alchemical enhancers they could take if necessary. It had been discovered after a confrontation with a warlord near China that chimera skulls could allow people to brew magical potions out of monster parts.
Wyvern scale potions, potions to enhance physique, one that allowed you to breathe fire and some that allowed you to resist specific types of attacks.
The effects often landed you in a hospital afterwards, needing experimental treatments to recover damaged muscles and organs but sometimes it was necessary.
Three fire teams of four each, along with Hyo, a specialist.
Investigating a cave, something that was currently believed to be inhabited by monsters.
Calls about missing livestock, the plant life near the entrance had been devoured including trees. Not to mention, they didn’t actually know how deep this cave went.
Sonar was blocked for some reason and none of their detection methods seemed to work.
The magi-troopers' attention had originally been drawn the moment they noted the fact that almost an acre in the middle of the forest was missing trees and the barren land could not be seen when viewed from the sky.
Luckily this was a place that was close enough to civilization a random passerby had noticed.
Hyo entered, wearing armor that was much thicker and heavier than anything a human should have been able to carry. His soldiers followed behind him.
“Nothing on infrared.” The first one to enter reported.
“Noted.” The commander had no distinguishing marks.
Hyo himself had a small LED flashlight. His senses were enhanced enough he could make out the entire room even if the light wasn’t pointed directly at anything.
Ordinarily in a military unit the lowest rank, or least important would take point. If the commander or a specialist was to be hurt it would damage the team much more than if a rifleman were to be incapacitated or even killed.
Another unfair aspect of war - incapacitations were worse for the mission objective than deaths. It meant you had to take care of someone who couldn’t fight and it drained resources while a death simply reduced the number of soldiers you had by one.
Hyo of course did not know any of this. They had just assumed he knew what he was doing so they issued some soldiers to him who followed his orders and pointed him at anomalies.
Which was why he took point. He was the strongest person here, he could literally pick the others who were following him up and toss them around. They couldn’t shoot him if they tried.
Plus, he was kind of used to walking around in the dark or in small spaces knowing there was a monster somewhere.
He paused after a second, realizing the other soldiers weren’t following him. He turned before remembering he was supposed to tell them when to advance.
Quick and to the point. He didn’t see any traps.
He continued walking down the cave, which was strangely spacious. It seemed like it could fit someone ten feet tall or something.
Hyo did not know if there were classes on how to properly search for ambushes so he just did what he always did. Eyeing every nook or cranny a small winged rat could burst out of, turning around corners with his weapon ready to lash out, always prepared to jump back or behind cover in case something tried to breathe fire or acid on him.
After about twenty minutes of walking deeper into the cave, being led further down by the natural tunnel he finally came across something.
A campsite, or what seemed like one.
What used to be a fire, which still had glowing embers. A pot with something that smelled bitter, fur coverings that looked like blankets. A few arrow shafts and heads lying on the ground waiting to be turned into arrows.
“Sir,” One of the soldiers spoke up, “This cave doesn’t seem natural, there haven’t been any leadoffs or areas too small for us to enter. Normal caves are not large enough that all of us could just walk in. There’s only one long hallway down this entire thing.”
And the campsite? Something was down here. Further down the labyrinth.
Unless they were outside the cave, getting ready to come back? They were underground and couldn’t radio back for information.
But then when it came down to it he had been deployed to investigate the cave, which could only fit a smaller number of people. He should trust that his commander knew what he was doing.
He descended further, going another fifteen feet before remembering to order his men to follow him. They assumed he knew more about finding monsters so they paused whenever he stopped and needed to be told he was done investigating.
Eventually he came to a room, a room in the middle of this cave. He could see how the walls and floors were made from stone slabs and there were another three hallways connected to this one.
Three hallways, but in the center of the room was a large crystal shard.
It shined red, curved like a fang and jutted out of the ground. Glowing with its own light.
That crystal was mesmerising, it glowed so beautifully that it took minutes for the group to realize that it was illuminating the room enough that they could see without aid. In fact the glow was sharp enough they could see it even while wearing infrared goggles.
No one even realized there was an orc who was clenching his stomach closed in the corner until he spoke up.
Immediately everyone realized they had lost their heads and snapped to a combat stance, fireteam one pointed at the orc, the other two providing security.
Hyo walked over to the orc, staying outside of what he assumed to be his attack range.
“You… you’re humans…”
Hyo didn’t exactly know what to say about that. “Yes.”
“That… don’t touch the crystal… we tried to dig into here and take it…”
Hyo considered his options, “Get me compression bandages.” He turned to the orc, “What is it? That crystal.”
“A tool, once you claim it is yours, and then the trial starts… we could not survive…”
Hyo had two soldiers begin attending to the orc. “What does the tool do?”
“I don’t know, but it is necessary. It gives power.”
“Why? Who told you this?”
“We need it for him,” The orc coughed, splattering blood onto Hyo’s chest plate. “Our master- He’s coming here and we know he will need us.”
His master? A boss monster? No, the orc clearly meant something different and he hadn’t met a monster yet capable of speech.
The orc grabbed Hyo’s arm as he spoke. “Something is coming, the demon is gone and our shaman can see. Her omens! Something worse than what you have seen. An eclipse-”
The two soldiers jumped back and Hyo looked down, they had torn the orc’s clothes off to apply aid but his veins were turning black and rot was spreading up his torso. He was breathing harder.
If healing potions existed in real life they might have been able to save him but as of right now that rot was spreading faster than should have been physically possible.
They did not have antibacterial medications of any kind, another mistake. They only had emergency measures for burns or for when people were hemorrhaging blood.
The orc breathed out for the last time and Hyo stood. He had seen people die before, like when he fought that chimera. It still unsettled him.
He faced the crystal. A tool?
A tool that did something, what looked like a crystal tooth the size of a dinner plate planted in the middle of the ground.
There was a demon, a master, orcs existed and they were trying to do something. Something had touched this orc and it was so dangerous he died from a small cut to the stomach. Hyo was not qualified to go over that information so he focused on what he could do.
“We need that.” Hyo spoke before he even registered what he was implying.
That got nods, something big was coming and that thing had been willing to risk its life for it.
Hyo already had a magical weapon, holding a crystal of that size might affect his combat ability.
“I can’t fight while holding that, someone else needs to grab it.” Hyo concluded.
“Is it safe?” The man he noted as the team leader asked.
“This place isn’t safe.” Hyo put his hand on the crystal, then retracted. It was sharp enough a cut had sliced clean through his wyvern bone gauntlet and into his hand from just that touch. He paused, no black blood, no rot.
He gave it a few minutes before deeming it ‘non hazardous’. Then told the soldiers that one of them would have to lift it while he watched for whatever this ‘trial’ was supposed to be.
And like humans tended to do, the lowest rank member stepped forward and went to pull the crystal out of the ground. A large hoe appeared in his hands, it’s blade pointed and long enough it could be confused for a scythe from a distance. It was also double bladed, a heart shaped edge jut out behind the initial blade.
The exit tunnel closed behind them, trapping the group in the dungeon.

Previous - First
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2021.09.17 05:48 _Sauerkraut_ Joining a server as a new player

My husband and I have been eyeballing the game, and after the new update we want to get into learning to play. I heard it can be a little challenging, is this true? It would be really nice to join a small group on a fresh server if anyone has one.
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2021.09.17 05:48 explortheouterworld Muscle relaxers after a good binge

Who has experience with poppin pills to help with the comedown? I’m talking like 4-8 hours after stopping. Any and all info is welcome of course 😎 💥
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2021.09.17 05:48 merelycheerful How to repay favors w/o money

Hi there! 26 yr. male here

So this question is centered around my friends, as well as my girlfriend. Basically I'm looking for advice on how to repay favors to my close ones without spending money

This past year I've been unemployed and having a really hard time getting on my feet. I have an old car, and it breaks down frequently, preventing me from saving money. I have a small income doing side jobs, but it's not much. My girlfriend and friends help me out a lot with food and giving rides here and there
I'd really like to repay them. They do a lot for me, and I want to show I appreciate them. And I don't want to be a complete mooch, either. It feels awful

So what kind of favors can I do without money? I was thinking maybe cooking, but that's all I can think of. Even that costs money. Any advice?
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2021.09.17 05:48 lexic96 Breaking point

through this pandemic I’ve been having a really rough time and today was a new all time low. I am not officially diagnosed with OCD but I am at least diagnosed with GAD/ADHD and the anxiety has gotten to a point where I never knew it could be this bad. My brain is going in circles all the time. Large, unproductive, crippling circles. Because of covid, I have a newfound fear of germs mixed with health anxiety that I’ve never experienced on this scale before. I was never afraid of germs and cleaning things/myself the way I do now. I also have never been so aware of my body as I am constantly “scanning” my body for any covid symptoms. And this constant awareness of my body and focusing on my breathing, my heart, and my nausea from anxiety has me exhausted. I’m mentally so sick of feeling like this. I just feel like my anxiety is growing in the way it’s manifesting in my body and my brain is obsessing over things that aren’t even there. At the end of the day when I have moments of clarity , I have to be so thankful for my health because there’s nothing wrong with me. I’ve lucked out and haven’t been sick or diagnosed with hardly anything at al besides my mental health problems. I’m tired of always bracing for the worst and obsessing over the “what if’s” and the more difficult things that come from navigating through a pandemic as a very anxious person. Sorry this was so long, I don’t know if I belong here in this sub but I find myself relating to it more and more. Which is validating in itself and allows me to take a step back and realize is in my head. I guess my point in writing this is how do I know that these thoughts that consume me are not going to show up in my life simply because they are in my head. I try to only speak and act on positive thoughts, but I don’t want the bad thoughts to come to life because they have more power right now. I’m just feeling really defeated today and could also use some good vibes/encouragement.
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wiiith me
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