Need a new theme for my esper archetype

2021.09.17 04:55 all-day-tay-tay Need a new theme for my esper archetype
Heres my cube. Current esper theme is theft, but the problem im having is the stuff that steals in one way or another is too expensive and not enough cards to build a full deck from them. I need ideas on what my esper theme could be. I already have a classic control archetype (grixis) so want input.
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2021.09.17 04:55 Cyber_Optics05 What is your favorite story to tell others?

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2021.09.17 04:55 Wild_Roamer I need help finding one of Etika's videos.

Does anyone remember that one video where Etika recorded himself in a room where he started crying out of how scared he was? I believe he was talking about something supernatural or off that happened in a video where he was sitting down on the side of the road at night eating beef jerkies or something similar. Apparently when he went over the video something scary happened in the video, I believe it was a whisper he heard when playing back the audio. In the follow up video which is the one he's reflecting about it in the hotel room or wherever he was there's also a small smiley face drawn on the wall that can be barely seen. Does anyone know where I can find both of those videos???
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2021.09.17 04:55 wolfxdown What shelf do you use for all your enclosures

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2021.09.17 04:55 lillyvig Test

Poopy butt
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2021.09.17 04:55 kaaaafrin Am I “women”?

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2021.09.17 04:55 browndj98 Multiple Choice

In the Andalite Chronicles, each one of our 3 Andalite protagonists had to suffer horrible -but unique- fates.
I've thought about this a lot recently, and I want others to as well!
Would you rather:

View Poll
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2021.09.17 04:55 KevinTheCubeReal Hello, my worshippers

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2021.09.17 04:55 VincentRichardsonII Beyond Explanation your home of Phantoms and Monsters, Arcane Radio, Paranormal Planet, Wild Bue Yonder, From Behind Tall Trees and more!!!

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2021.09.17 04:55 theflacidone Lightly customized Daban Jesta Cannon, added a buuuuunch of WS decals, now for some light weathering

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2021.09.17 04:55 condavour Why you should avoid Slovakian "KAM-17" parts kits

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2021.09.17 04:55 Siurzu [PROGRESS UPDATE] Doki Doki: Dan Salvato Joins The Literature Club

[PROGRESS UPDATE] Doki Doki: Dan Salvato Joins The Literature Club Yes this Mod is a real thing and its now in production!
Alright imma get straight to the point. This mod is in fact REAL and I am currently making it. I plan to release a demo in a few months (no longer than 2). And I am the only one working on this project. I hope to see you all soon as we go on our adventure of winning over the dokis!
This Mod Will Include:
New Music tracks made by Me (u/Siurzu)
Dan Salvato
Good Story
And more!

Credits to spites in picture:
Natsuki: u/NormallyAverage
Yuri: u/Heyitzbri2
Sayori: u/NormallyAverage
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2021.09.17 04:55 djexit Netflix Estrenara pelicula sobre la extradicion de Hugo "Pollo" Carvajal

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2021.09.17 04:55 iBakaBread RIP anyone trying to 100% the game or trying to get rid of Dom's Phone Calls

Parachuting Jobs have been removed, so . . . RIP.
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2021.09.17 04:55 jcklassen2009 What movie or show can you watch over and over and never get sick of?

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2021.09.17 04:55 IronCypres Introducing the OBJECT-632(LW). This 98 Ton, 132 MM gun carrying behemoth can go 40+KPH In both directions (But we never have to use the reverse gears anyways). Also Cromtilda for Scale

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2021.09.17 04:55 wwwAPPLEcom How is quoting a black person's words verbatim, where he uses the N-word (-a), deemed "racism" and worth a permanent ban on here? (r/buccaneers)

It's beyond disgusting to even imagine how stupid and brainwashed one must be to think that "racism" has occurred if someone quotes a black person who used the N word. Just an unprecedented level of clownish, mind blowing fucking insanity.
Someone in buccaneers posted a video of a football player talking about Tom Brady, and at the end he says: ""this nigga tom brady probably flyin' niggas out to him". This was apparently part of what makes him different versus another player, Aaron Rodgers.
So I commented on the post by quoting exactly what he said in quotation marks and italics: ""this nigga tom brady probably flyin' niggas out to him", and jokingly posted beneath: "Oh ok... makes sense... thanks Mr Bates." --
15 mins later I get a message in my inbox saying I'm permanently banned from talking in there.
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2021.09.17 04:55 equaljicama1 Textbook problem that i cant figure out? There are no solutions given and it has me stuck.

I'm doing practice quesitons in my chem textbook and theres this one that i cant seem to figure out?!!

A. The solubility of your substance is 1.0 g/100mL of water at 25 °C and 1.5 g/100mL of water at 100 °C. Is water a good solvent for crystallizing your substance?
B. Calculate the amount of liquid required to fully dissolve 6.80 g sample at elevated temp.
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2021.09.17 04:55 noblazinjusthazin I don’t want to talk about it

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2021.09.17 04:55 NoChinDeluxe I call it the "stairway to heaven." Originally I was just trying to get back to my base after exploring, but now I'm tempted to run some belts on this bad boy.

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2021.09.17 04:55 roxfoxreal just finished reading laws of attraction and …

is there literally ANY redeemable traits Martin has lol? like he just seems like a douchebag through and through … even with his whole camping in NYC doesn’t really make me more inclined to like him.
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2021.09.17 04:55 speedykiller1000 Caught u in 4K lil bro 💀

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2021.09.17 04:55 FrontpageWatch2020 [#64|+32414|1172] 🔥 eye of the earth, croatia [r/NatureIsFuckingLit]

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2021.09.17 04:55 starfire212 ITAP Beagles

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2021.09.17 04:55 Imaginary-Wash1993 My youtube channel
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