Lucky bamboo has never been happier since being moved to soil in my snail’s tank :D

2021.09.17 06:42 drekia Lucky bamboo has never been happier since being moved to soil in my snail’s tank :D

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2021.09.17 06:42 DigitalDegenerate075 Describe your school experience with a song

Here’s mine (
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2021.09.17 06:42 Tedben2501 Pilots of Reddit, how do you feel about clapping when the plane lands?

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2021.09.17 06:42 onemangang15 What’s a children’s cartoon movie/tv show scene you saw as a kid that you only realize now as you’re older was actually really inappropriate?

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2021.09.17 06:42 JinxUphill Package delivered 'correctly' to an address that doesn't exist?

I don't know what to do. Yes, it was my fault I typo'd on the address. I gave the shipper house number 35 instead of 36, but now DHL is saying there is nothing they can do because the package was correctly delivered. Except there is no 35 on my street. Even if you put it into google maps it just drops a pin between 33 and 37. I don't understand. How could it have been 'correctly' delivered? What can I do to get them to listen to me and find out where the driver dropped it off at? I've tried asking my neighbors but they're usually not home when I am, and the ones I've managed to talk to say they don't have it. Any advice??
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2021.09.17 06:42 daboss6595 This just in

Data is stating the obvious
Seriously I don’t hide that I don’t have self confidence or think I’m a mistake
I’m adopted for fucks sake clearly someone didn’t want me
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2021.09.17 06:42 KeyofTime15_ Which trophy was hardest out if every game?

Out of every Kingdom Hearts game you have platinumed or are in the process of Platinuming...which was the hardest in your opinion?
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2021.09.17 06:42 Beast_Arth_29 My cousin made this. Inspired from on e of Sad-ist's animations.

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2021.09.17 06:42 Cofkett Pansexuality as a Philosophy

So my comment on a post about whether someone can be both bi and pan got a lot of downvotes, but only one person responded to it. I'm confused about the level of negative reaction to its as when I've brought these points up in the past (outside this subreddit) it has never illicited any negativity, in fact I've had people tell me it's an interesting way to look at it.
I'd like to throw this out as a discussion in order to learn more, and I'll think I'll make a different post for every point that I made just for the sake of clarity. I'll start with my main point, which is that I personally see pansexuality as a philosophy, and bisexuality as an orientation.
Basically, the philosophy, as I understand it, is that if you are attracted to someone, than their gender identity shouldn't matter, and as long as you personally are attracted to them as they are, and comfortable with being with them on a personal level, you shouldn't let society's ideas about what parts a man should have or what parts a woman should have or the fact that they may not be on the gender binary at all get in the way of that.
Bisexuality is simply the capacity to be attracted to people of more than one gender. (My definition is a bit more nuanced than that but I don't want to clog up the discussion, so I'll save it for different post. This will do for now) In my opinion, you can be both at the same time, in fact I believe many people are.
How do you feel about this idea? What do you agree or disagree with about it and why?
I may ask follow-up questions but I think I'll save giving an actual response until about a day or two from now when hopefully there will have been enough discussion to help me understand what might be wrong with my way of thinking and help me appreciate why pansexuals feel the need to have a different label. I don't want to be defensive or combative or start arguments, I just want to learn and see different perspectives on this issue.
I'm interested in hearing from anyone whether they identify as pan or not. Thanks.
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2021.09.17 06:42 manuelito1233 What kind of luck is this??

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2021.09.17 06:42 dwhitt2232 Rimando beer.

I know it's probably a long shot but I'm looking for a Rimando beer opened or unopened from proper brewing. They had a Rimando beer and Beckerman beer at the time and I always gave away my Rimando bottles to friends. So if someone has a Rimando beer bottle from proper to give up I'd be interested.
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2021.09.17 06:42 0x686178 Hehe today's the day (210917 DC Weverse)

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2021.09.17 06:42 anonymouspenguin31 Its hard feeling like you’re the worst one at conversations of anyone you come across

Ya know what i mean :/
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2021.09.17 06:42 Korpat55 Think this guy can play DE?

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2021.09.17 06:42 TranslatorPersonal28 What is one thing that made you believe people don’t change?

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2021.09.17 06:42 BinaryOptionAlliance ⛲️TheExclusive | Dreams come true| Best NEW XRP Rewards Token💰| ETH &BNB GIVEAWAY 🔥| x100 Killer

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2021.09.17 06:42 wooweeyay check me

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2021.09.17 06:42 morrisravel Winning more as black

I win 53% of my games as black opposed to 49% as white. What gives? I admittedly sometimes play overly ambitious bishop sacs as white and fool around with the kings gambit on occasion but I blunder no matter what color I am. Anyone else have this experience and how did you deal with it?
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2021.09.17 06:42 Captain_Starkiller Series bible?

I'm looking for a still working link to the leaked series bible, does anybody have one?
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2021.09.17 06:42 Outrageous_Debt_7286 Rollercoin is an online bitcoin mining simulator in which you can mine real bitcoins for free without paying for electricity - get a 1000 satoshi now!

Rollercoin is a game that you compete with your friends, who will have a bigger farm to mine bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin. Аll you have to do is register and customize your avatar, then you're ready to start the race.
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Once you have collected the sufficient minimum amount (about 4-6$) you can withdraw your money to your personal wallet. You can take 1000 satoshi which will help for the development of your farm. They are equal to 0.00001 BTC.
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• All purchases from the site require RLT, which is Rollercoin's own cryptocurrency. There are currently no means of purchasing RLT with real cash (this also applies to other cryptos!). You either must mine them from your "PC" or exchange them via funds from your Rollercoin wallet.
• You may withdraw your crypto from the site once it reaches the required quota, or deposit them to a different currency. You cannot, however, deposit any crypto from outside Rollercoin.
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2021.09.17 06:42 Miserable-Hippo7761 Want an ounce?

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2021.09.17 06:42 appalapo this might be a stupid question but i need some advice

i have strong reason to suspect that my boyfriend is doing nsfw/18+ rps (he’s 17) with random ppl on tumblr. can this be considered cheating or am i overthinking this? it makes me uncomfortable but there’s no way of me actually knowing that he is or not. can anyone give me some advice? thank u!!
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2021.09.17 06:42 Throw_Away_Students Found while picking chanterelles. What could it be? (Located in Michigan)

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2021.09.17 06:42 Snowflake2828 Asuka is permanently blind in one eye at the end of E0E correct?

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2021.09.17 06:42 Unlikely_Ad_3479 Type me please

I'm 16 female. I'm into mbti for quite some time now. I've been mistype as INTP and INTJ so i want to make sure what type i'm really am.
I dont have any medical diagnosis.
I was born in a small town next to our chinese temple. There's a lot of people from my small town who know my family. I have a older sister and brother who is 1 year younger than me. I'm the middle child who my mom describe me as autistic for me being too quiet. She often told me to talk more with people my age when i really have no idea what to talk about. There's only a few people who are now my friends i can talk to for hours.
Nope, not yet
I used feel refreshed every weekend after school. But now that we need to quarantine, i do feel lonely and wanted to go back to school because of it.
I fine with any outdoors event as long as the weather is nice (i live in a tropical country), otherwise it will be hell by standing under the hot sun. I play badminton, walking with my dad, skiing, and hanging out with my friends.
I do have a lot of ideas, but most of them are not related to what i'm doing. I mostly curious about human nature and psychology.
I usually not in the leader position, so i can't say for sure. I won't say i'm good at it, but i'll do a better job than most people.
I am, but sometime my mind takes over my body and i ended up thinking too much instead. I do enjoy working with my hands, like writing and making dough.
I do draw comics of my friends for fun. The comics are about high school fantasy with greek gods as teachers.
I used to worry about the future, but thanks to meditation, i'm calm most of the time.
It depends on the request. If someone ask for my money, i would be skeptical. When i decided to help them, It's either i care about them and want to help them, or i help them because my teacher (or my parents) told me to.
Yes and no. Sometime i use logic to make a decision, sometimes i ignore logic.
I have a calendar that reminds me what to study and what tuition i have today. Sometimes i don't follow them, either something happen in the middle of my study or i feel lazy and procrastinate.
My mom is a controlling person, so i also will be like her sometimes. For example, i control my friend to not pursue a freelance career because i thought freelancing is too competitive. Now, i'm trying not to control too much.
My hobbies are drawing and playing games. I find them enjoyable and it helps me forget about school.
I hate history because it requires a lot of memorizing, which is my biggest weakness. I learn something and the next day i forget what i've learn. I prefer logic and creativity classes, at least they're enjoyable to me.
I don't know what a good strategizing look like, so i can't say i'm good at it. It depends on the project, some project i find easy to break into manageable pieces, but some projects are hard to do that
My friends, in the past i don't have any real friends. So i'm really lucky to have them in my life.
I want to start an online business and become successful.
I'm scared that i'll lose my friends as they are important to me. One of my friends said that her mom has breast cancer and said she might have one in the future. I really feel uncomfortable when she said that and hope that will not happen to her.
I get stuff done, i feel energize. I feel confident and happy. Basically, i feel really good.
I lack energy and feel unmotivated to do anything, even the things i enjoy. I also get moody and get angry at little things.
I'll say it's both. I'm aware of my surroundings when i daydream. I don't daydream often though, maybe because of meditation?
I would go insane if that's the case. I would find ways to get out.
I need time to think and do research so i won't make a big mistake.
I used to think that i know what i'm feeling, but in reality i don't. Now, i'm getting better at it. I make use to take care of myself so i don't get consumed by my own emotions.
I only agree if i actually agree what they say. But i sometimes have to appease some people because they are scary when angry and might destroy your life. So i only do that when it's necessary.
I break small rules and 2 big rules which are:
  1. Don't skip school
  2. Don't procrastinate when you have an important exam coming up
Though these are just my mom's rule. I don't care about my grades but my mom does. And if she find out that i break them, she will give me the disappointed look and make me feel bad.
My ideal life will be living alone without my parents nagging me. It will be so peaceful.
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