The last two movies/shows you watched fuse into one. How well did it turn out?

2021.10.24 13:50 Rapturos The last two movies/shows you watched fuse into one. How well did it turn out?

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2021.10.24 13:50 Jstruggs717 My Top 5 Edens Zero Waifu

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2021.10.24 13:50 Noledgebase ASP.NET Core Identity - Authentication and Authorization ($84.99 to FREE)

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2021.10.24 13:50 intothefuture3030 Never stop applying for jobs. Even if you just recently got a new job it only helps you to keep fielding interviews. You only move up in pay by moving job to job and you never know when an old job interview can turn into a potential offer.

Fuck the system that expects you to be 100% faithful and loyal when they don’t even give you half of that.
Never stop apply for jobs. It helps you network. It helps get you better offers. It helps you understand the career field. It helps improve your interviewing skills.
Never stop looking for a better option. US companies have been doing this since the 80s. Most jobs moved over seas because US companies have no loyalty and are also looking for a better deal. Don’t let them shame you into believing that you are committing workplace Adultery just because you took a lunch interview.
Get your and make life better for your family.
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2021.10.24 13:50 adam_nemeth Sunday with the Gang

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2021.10.24 13:50 midnightrosestarot tarot readings 🦋🌙 (reviews located on my Reddit profile)

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2021.10.24 13:50 EvanderAdvent You ever just go into a random battle, pop your Burst and just JAM?

I didn’t plan to get Zidane’s Burst but I did while hunting for his LD. Now I really enjoy just jamming to You’re Not Alone every so often. Who’s Burst do you pop just jam to their tune?
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2021.10.24 13:50 Darkened_Shadow Sae-byeok by me (more info in the comments)

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2021.10.24 13:50 johnnyboichriss 23 [M4F] bored haha let's ask each other sexual stuff

Hello!! Gabi na and hindi pa ein ako inaantok. Parang Q&A lang pero anything about sex stuff. Just ask anything na gusto mo tanungin sa mga lalaki and vice versa. Wag mahiya hindi naman tayo magkakilala haha chat niyo lang ako.
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2021.10.24 13:50 Carl_Winsloww Finished the exterior blackout. Interior lighting is another favorite feature of mine. #F30

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2021.10.24 13:50 Medman5 For B2 and up: HugoDécrypte - Actus du jour

Salut! I don't know whether this has already been shared or not, but for French learners with a level of B2 and up, I'd recommend checking out HugoDécrypte. He's a young French journalist who posts short, daily videos (around 10 minutes) on YT in which he talks about various news items.
Although his content is aimed at natives, I personally find him to speak quite slowly and clearly. Not the best if you're looking for more conversational speech, but still worth listening to imo!
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2021.10.24 13:50 photonspextrum [WTB] flowing hair dollar or half and DMPL Morgan’s

Hi hopefully everyone is doing well I’m looking for a flowing hair dollar or half dollar must be straight graded no detail graded, also must be PCGS or NGC. Can pay via Venmo or zelle lmk what you have looking for deals thx.
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2021.10.24 13:50 nagathos Questions Questions

Hey Coach! Might be the 1000 time question made here but... I've been training crossfit for 1.5 years now and 2 months ago I injured myself doing a handstand walk. Acromioclavicular dislocation type 2. No surgery needed but am now starting a 2 months rehab physiotherapy. Question. Do you know of any one that has had this incident and continued to do weightlifting after recovery? Are the weights the same? Or worse?
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2021.10.24 13:50 Hawkeye337 Went to a pumpkin patch...came back with a headcrabkin

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2021.10.24 13:50 WhoAmIEven2 Are stereotypical British names like Nigel or Neville popular in the U.S?

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2021.10.24 13:50 cooplake1017 Got a shift transfer and atoz didn’t update until day of which caused me to go negative in UPT am i fucked? or will hr sort this out?

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2021.10.24 13:50 Noledgebase Cloud Computing and AWS Introduction for Beginners ($34.99 to FREE)

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2021.10.24 13:50 IdiotBehindAKeyboard Watched the MCM previews a couple hours ago, have a few small thoughts!

Firstly, I greatly enjoyed it, this is obviously the most subjective part of my experience but personally it got rid of a lot of my doubts and I think I’m gonna have a great time with the show. Here’s a list of anything (good or bad), that occurred to me :)
• Lan and Moiraine’s introduction at the Winespring felt faster or cut down, particularly the shot of him just standing there, and Moiraine coming in and taking off her hood. I know a lot of people felt these shots were off and so did I, this version felt better! • On that point, one shot of the Fade we saw just prior to the attack looked exactly like Lan with his hood up, definitely going for the bait and switch that many here predicted. • The clips rely a decent amount on prior knowledge (such as knowing that Tam and Rand live separate from the rest of the village) although this is obviously just due to the cut up nature, and any of these instances will be explained in the full thing. • Nynaeve tells Egwene to feel the braid ‘whenever she feels lost’ or something to that effect, glad they’re getting in that all important braid lore in very early on! • Winternight felt chaotic but not hard to follow, appropriate levels of violence and fear as others have said. I think the exception to this is the Al’Thor house fight, where the action felt quite cut up, perhaps due to the close quarters? Not as smooth as I would’ve liked but again, still easy to follow and well done. • Narg appears to be the most touched up of the trollocs (mainly his face, as it is on camera a lot more than the others), whereas the others are entirely practical. He looks HORRIFYING with drool and blood and hair everywhere. Suitably vile. His design was unique enough from the others that I personally believe he will survive his wounds and show up again. • I don’t think Moiraine is including Egwene as a Dragon candidate, merely that the clip cuts off her actually gathering them together, Egwene is likely with Nynaeve, Rand or her parents before this. • We see very little of the boys’ dialogue so far but they do a good job characterising them imo. Mat cracks a joke to mask his obvious fear, Perrin and Rand are both more subdued in their reactions, but Perrin appears more stoic and contemplative where Rand seems to be swallowing fear and outrage. • PADAN FAIN!!!! We only see him briefly but it is enough for me, that man is going to be a villain among villains.
Aside from the audio issues in the booth (NOT in the show) I loved it. I remember most of it pretty clearly so if you’ve got any questions feel free to ask!
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2021.10.24 13:50 needlelacemaster Explanation of the Crochet Model That you will like a lot in (knitting l...

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2021.10.24 13:50 Natural-Two-7835 My friend wants to detransition but people are them to not.

My friends, now a she, was my former gym bro and we've been friends for nearly a decade. There were no outward signs that she was trans. We used to bar hop together with out other friends and do all manner of dirtbag shit.
She started HRT last year and we've all been as accommodating as we could possibly be. She made some new friends at her tech job and things were okay for a while.
She came to my house last night and basically had a breakdown about not being able to find women to date anymore, problems with erectile dysfunction, feeling uncomfortable in the "new body" etc. She wants to start de-transitioning but has developed breasts/gyno for which they'll need surgery to remove. The new friends at the tech are also against the idea from what I've gathered as one of them is trans themself. The whole situation's a mess and my friend's an emotional wreck, even hinted at suicide at one point. I'm unsure how to deal with this and how to even begin supporting them. Saying the wrong thing now could have dire consequences.
I've never experienced anything like this nor do I even have a frame of reference, what can I do in this situation to makes things as easy as possible for them?
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2021.10.24 13:50 Okinahwa [No Spoilers] My girlfriend and I are super excited for an upcoming Halloween party!

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2021.10.24 13:50 Babysharktururu DeadRising will blow your mind

I heard @prodplague's guitar beats and that's what we've been looking forward to. this album will be a departure from trap metal to heavier music. You will be shocked after the release of the album😈
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2021.10.24 13:50 ccinque5 [LF] Black Cosmos [FT] NMT, Bells, Blue Roses

Hi everyone :) Currently looking for some black cosmos if you have any extra of the plant!! If you don’t have any extra to spare, does anyone have 10 picked black cosmos that I can have so I can craft a black cosmos wreath??
Name your price :) I have NMT, Bells, and also an abundance of blue roses if anyone wants some!
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2021.10.24 13:50 unicornhornporn0554 Why can’t I seem to get a decent messy bun?

It seems my messy buns are always either too loose, too tight, don’t stay, or just look bad. My hair is pretty fine but I have lots of it. I’ve always had issues with hair ties sliding out of my hair. I use spin pins to keep my hair up when it needs to actually stay up but those buns are more for functionality and they don’t look very pretty. I also have 2 metal hair prongs that I can’t seem to make work. My main issue is that I don’t like the way any hairstyles look on me if I can get them to hold well. If they look nice they usually fall out within like 20 mins lol. Any tips?
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2021.10.24 13:50 SzegedNewsBotka Majdnem felállt háromgólos hátrányból a HFC II. – Fotók

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