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Jonathan Capehart just had Aunt Gloria (Avent-Kindred) on, talking about the infrastructure bill....

2021.10.24 12:34 DemUnderground Jonathan Capehart just had Aunt Gloria (Avent-Kindred) on, talking about the infrastructure bill....

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2021.10.24 12:34 Blue_Man_Goop Really good album!

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2021.10.24 12:34 Baygoners Any INTJ here with successful marriage?

I think my marriage isn’t working
Issue started when my isfp wife start having a career and making money for herself
I guess she didn’t need me anymore to provide for her, and respect me less and less
I read that INTJ typically fail in romantic relationship, lonely, and depressed
So i wonder if any other INTJ can escape this typical tendency, and if so how did you do it?
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2021.10.24 12:34 MrI1977 Ledgerwallet SUCKS

Warning to anyone considering their devices. Walk away. It’s been 7 days since I contacted their “support” and my issue is not resolved. They asked me for a video of my problem and my problem is IT WONT POWER ON. Most concerning is my assets are locked from trading causing me to lose out on growth. I’m fuming over their lack of support for their customers money. This is like working with a bank, worse because you can’t talk to anyone. They have control over my funds. NOT what decentralized is supposed to be. Screw their product. I’d consider a class action lawsuit against these assholes. Any attorneys out there willing to discuss? I’ve missed at least 20% of my portfolio last week alone.
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2021.10.24 12:34 DarkiFlozi Quand tu veux enlever de l'herbe: Ce que tu veux avoir versus ce que tu as

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2021.10.24 12:34 MrQtrJD Chest pain with stomach pain should i be worried ?

19M 107kg 185cm, used to smoke for a year like 4 cigs a week not addictive stopped about a year ago. Im do workout and lowcarb diet. About 2 weeks ago i had chest pain with upper back muscle pain that is like 2/10 was doing some lifting and stretches at that time, no difficulty breathing or cough also stomach pain with bloating, I when to the ER I did blood tests and chest x-ray, doctor said that the x-ray is clear and gave me GERD and chest meds, I may have GERD I don't know, I do eat a lot of spicy food, after a week chest pain was a lot better but i still have it randomly, after a week i when again to the ER did blood test and x-ray, doctor said the i might have an inflammation in my left lung there not sure but i don't feel any strong pain, blood tests was all clear expect CRP it when a little higher that the first test.
[BLOOD TEST RESULTS]: https://imgur.com/a/eg0vepg
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2021.10.24 12:34 AlternativeBite2509 Pretty new to the game with th4

Honestly I'd just like to know really anything important tips tricks how things work whatever I would just like to know stuff
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2021.10.24 12:34 DyatAss Comcast pays Activision to keep Call of Duty’s game size huge so they can rake in the cash from people going over their 1TB data caps

Comcast already has advertising sponsorships for Call of Duty; hitting a monthly 1TB data cap is pretty easy if you download COD.
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2021.10.24 12:34 jolliffe88 Creaky interior sounds on 2021 XSE RAV4.

I have a 2021 RAV4 XSE. It’s got all the bells and whistles I want but just some sounds that make my drive maddening.
I know all about the exterior sound issues. I’m not happy that I hear a blade of grass moving when I drive but the sound system is ok so I just crank it. I’ve had a whole other issue with what seem to be the interior paneling making creaking sounds.
When Erik drive on any road that’s not perfectly smooth and even then just turn the wheel my car starts creaking none stop in the back. I’ve pushed the panels and made sure it’s all tight and it is. A few things were never popped in from the factory I take it but I popped them back. Still have no idea. So if any of you have this issue or know what it could be please let me know in the comments below.
Thank you.
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2021.10.24 12:34 MachaMacha-O3O- Anyone has/know footage of the ruby chroma in-game?

Hi, (bewitching elise)
I'm considering getting it (sadly it's the one chroma locked behind the bundle), I just want be sure but I couldn't find anywhere a foortage of this chroma in-game, if anyone can please share I'll appreciate that a lot!
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2021.10.24 12:34 ItemPrior6679 اذا بندر اجتمع مع دورا يقولون

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2021.10.24 12:34 placeb021 My Intercessor sergeant.

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2021.10.24 12:34 HumilityKey101 Looking for Boss Fight type Games for PC

Hey all! I recently got back on game pass, and have been looking for games that have boss fights that are captivating and intricate in the same way as those from games like dark souls and kingdom hearts. If there are any notable games like this on game pass for pc, please let me know!
Much thanks!!
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2021.10.24 12:34 I_Touch_Chickens It tasted good tbh

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2021.10.24 12:34 TheHumanoid111 Do you get upset when jumped on at the dog park?

I had my 4 and a half month old springerdoodle at the dog park today, and he still greets people by putting his front paws up on them. This is not a behavior I accept from him, and I always correct it. He no longer jumps up on me, but he does for strangers (so excited!). He jumped up on one lady a couple of times, and she was visibly irritated, and I kept recalling him. A few minutes later, 4 dogs (including mine) were playing chase. They ran passed her, and mine ran into her. She yelled out that she recently got a prosthetic knee and couldn’t have dogs running into her. I apologized and asked if she was okay, and she said she was. A few minutes later he jumped on her again. She then raised her voice at me, told me that I need to teach him not to jump on people and that he is a bad dog. I apologized and let her know that he was still learning and was a puppy still. She said that it is no excuse and that he was a bad dog.
I scooped him up, and we left the park. Was I in the wrong? Do I need to refrain from bringing him to the park until he learns to not jump?
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2021.10.24 12:34 Otar3000 Luz & Finn

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2021.10.24 12:34 petetrpanzer6969 How can i Change Lawn Pattern?

Hello FUT Heads!
Can someone explain how i can Change the Lawn Pattern? It's available for me but i don't know where?!
Thank you for your Help!
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2021.10.24 12:34 TheSpontaneousOne Keith please

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2021.10.24 12:34 DemUnderground Earthquake in S. California. You all OK?

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2021.10.24 12:33 DemUnderground Qparty trying to equate small non violent protest by the left; with Jan 6

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2021.10.24 12:33 woeful_bby29 Worried

I have my first appointment with a dietitian next week. But yesterday I had a social event (I’ve been avoiding them all year), where I took pictures and I’m feeling extremely triggered and I want to restrict very badly. I’m obese now, because after doing extreme restricting for most of my 20s, it’s finally turned into full on binges. I’ve gained maybe 100+ lbs since last October.
I mention the dietitian because I genuinely think they’ll be helpful in tackling my relationship with food. It’s just the problem is it’s 6 days away. How do you fight this awful feeling that you’re too fat to eat? Knowing it’ll lead to a binge and more weight?
I don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone in my life unfortunately about this because in my mind they don’t really understand what’s happening they just see I’m fat.
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2021.10.24 12:33 DemUnderground If you want get a laugh watching a grown man squirm . . . . .

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2021.10.24 12:33 Background_Dude Remake of an old post I made back when I seen the security breach trailer

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2021.10.24 12:33 outdoorsygamer14 Happy 🌞day! Hope it's a good one😄✌

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2021.10.24 12:33 DemUnderground Jen Psaki Flips 'Gotcha' Question Around On Peter Doocy - Rebel HQ

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