Where to get music

To is a preposition with several meanings, including “toward” and “until.”; Too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also.”; Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, but it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number. In the hierarchy of things that drive grammar sticklers mad, to and too are near the top. The meaning of to is —used to indicate that the following verb is in the infinitive form. See more meanings of to. How to use to in a sentence. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. to meaning: 1. used before a verb to show that it is in the infinitive 2. used after some verbs, especially…. Learn more. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. To definition, (used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from): They came to the house. See more. Find 27 ways to say TO, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The most popular dictionary and thesaurus for learners of English. Meanings and definitions of words with pronunciations and translations. refer to: [phrasal verb] to look at or in (something) for information. a. Used to indicate the relationship of a verb with its complement: refer to a dictionary; refer me to a dictionary.

2021.12.05 23:51 Xx_InSaNe_EwOk_xX Where to get music

Hey guys I just got a pioneer ddj 400 and this is my first time learning to dj. Up until now all the songs I know of are on my spotify which is a lot of black coffee and other similar aritists to him. Where do I get these types of songs to add to Rekordbox? I'm confused how it all works. Are all my spotify tracks useless and if so where do I get this music? I'm just djing for fun atm.

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2021.12.05 23:51 ThoughtVendor I was just trying to be like you, mother

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2021.12.05 23:51 thestough Which do I do first: fitting or lessons?

Hi everyone. I need some advice here please.
So I have a set of clubs that I’m going to keep for a long time (bought them at the beginning of 2021) I know I’m going to do both a fitting and lessons but I don’t know what to do first. For the fitting I have a guy that can fit me to my current clubs and tell me what to do (I’m 6’4 so I know I will probably extend the irons and maybe get a different size grip) but he basically does it to my current swing.
So with that info, should I just get some lessons first with my clubs the way they are or should I get the clubs set to my body then do lessons?
Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.05 23:51 Negative-Plum4884 Imagine if u could split two big thigh of cookies and lick in the middle.

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2021.12.05 23:51 ZeroTwo_Epic first post here so i decided to post this funny comic i found

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2021.12.05 23:51 SnooCookies1521 Posted 1st video. Channel will be for kids, and im definitely still learning. Any advice anyone?

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2021.12.05 23:51 Adventurous_Cash_357 I've been mentally abused for months, lost all of my friends in the process, and just feel tired and alone.

This is my first time ever doing something like this, I just pray that any of this makes sense, so sorry in advance if anything doesn't.
A few years ago in high school, I joined a friend group that until very recently I was quite close with. Everyone had their issues, myself included, but everything and everyone was working out and was fun for a long time. There was one person in the group who was notoriously a 'bit' of an a** (as well as being extremely manipulative, which will be seen later) but we actually got along well for a while. Key word being a while. Around the start of the school year this year, the person in question (we'll call them Alex) began being extremely rude, inconsiderate and overall destructive, towards me in particular. As I said, I used to get along well with Alex, so it was a very strange change of pace to suddenly be so aggressive. Most of these issues displayed themselves in things like snide remarks, talking behind my back, actively sabotaging activities or games when I was involved, and really just creating a whole mess of problems and blaming things on me. As such, I thought it was very apparent to the rest of the friend group that Alex was causing a whole ton of issues for the group for seemingly no reason, and specifically targeting me while doing so as well. I tried to reason things out with them, a couple times, but to no avail.
This whole situation, being as uncomfortable as it was for me, starting pushing other uninvolved people away from the friend group as well. Whether they didn't want to deal with the noise, couldn't be arsed to help or what- I'll never know. Some of these people ended up making their own, smaller friend groups from this, which will be important soon.
Slowly, I started to get fed up with this obvious mistreatment and started calling Alex out every time they pulled sh*t, with the hope that someone would back me up instead of just letting it happen time and time again. The short answer: no one ever did help me. This being my only outlet for social interaction, I was effectively stuck in a group where there was a person berating and borderline verbally abusing me for weeks, and none of the other people I thought were my friends ever did anything to help or stop it.
During this, one of the people who left the friend group (and that I was, or at least I thought I was, extremely close with) sent me a very strongly worded text. The short version is basically them badmouthing me, saying I was the problem starter, and demanding that I apologise to Alex for all of the trouble I caused.
Obviously I'm totally taken aback by this- after being completely drained of energy for weeks from someone I once called a friend attacking me over and over again, I am being labeled as the issue for speaking up for myself after all that. And by someone I was very close to, nevertheless. After I talk a little bit more with this 'close' friend. I learn that them and Alex have been talking quite a lot still, despite leaving the friend group, and that through Alex they "know" that I've been the one disrupting the peace for the past few weeks. Likewise, a lot of the other people in the friend group have been planning things without me and still with Alex and this other friend. I try to tell my side of things, but I don't get anywhere with them. If only this were the worst of it.
The same thing happens another two times, albeit to a lesser extent, with another person who left the friend group and one who was still in it. Once again, I'm totally flabbergasted at what's happening, especially because I thought very highly of these people up until now. I try just taking a break from associating with the group as a whole for a while, which ended up being very difficult as I am a very sociable person.
After this time of being in the eye of the storm ended, another friend of mine reached out to me asking for a minute to talk about what was happening in the group. OK, guess my time of rest is over then. Again long story short, they ended up telling me to just deal with Alex for the sake of keeping the group together. Full stop. Again being rudely approached by a close friend, I am completely blindsided by this and- probably for the 3rd or 4th time since all this began, on the verge of tears from the whole situation. I don't even remember how I responded to that, might have just been a whimper at that point.
I tried at this point one last time to reintegrate myself into the group, and of course am immediately met with all forms of terrible words from Alex the next time I see them, all while the rest of my 'friends' sit in silence and just let it happen.
After that I completely resign myself to not interacting with the group anymore, I cancel any plans that I was involved with, mute any group chats I was in with them, and just try my best to get through the next few weeks up to finals. Through some snippets from the one person in the group I still keep in touch with (they were almost completely uninvolved during the time of all this happening), I know Alex is still sh*t talking me behind my back, calling me "mentally unstable" specifically for cancelling plans and removing myself, among other things. One or two people have reached out since, asking where I've been, to which I've told them something similar to above- which followed with inaction, complete radio silence, or a 'well you're both my friends so idk' from them.
This stain on my life has been going on since the start of the semester, has deeply affected me and my grades, and frankly I'm still in shock that it all happened to begin with. It's all just so heart wrenching, disappointing and terrible. I really thought that these people would be friends I would have for years, if not decades, to come, but I guess not.
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2021.12.05 23:51 UnbiasedProffesor Interview for Analyst role in IRAS ( Investment Risk and Analytics services)

Hey Guys, I've an interview in a few hours for a analyst role in IRAS, I'm a recent college graduate so was wondering if someone could point out the topics I should be prepared to answer.
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2021.12.05 23:51 Rich-Ad-5794 Streaks?

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2021.12.05 23:51 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Change The World 🌎 With Kindness Thanks Appreciated

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2021.12.05 23:51 TroyAlexanderA First Chapter of my Book, Would Appreciate Thoughts

Hope I'm not breaking any rules, please tell if I am. I haven't spent to much time on reddit lately. However, I started writing a book. I'm not really a writer, but I enjoy world building. It's been a while since I started it. I work on it here and there. I guess I'd really just like some thoughts on what you think of my writing style as well as if this first chapter is something that would make you want to read more. Feel free to say whatever you want, no pride here, I'm not too worried about it haha. Also I know there's some things that don't really work as far as logic(You'll know it when you read it) they will be fixed, so please pass over those. Thanks.

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Do you see this Ant?” said Ansel.
“Yes, I see it mom.” Replied Ant
“Ok then, what is it?” said Ansel.
“Nothing, again…” Said Ant with visible irritation.
He felt that all of this was pointless, why wouldn’t he be able to spot signs of gems or metal veins and be able to tell the difference between the streaks that are real signs and the ones that are fake. His father, a Scholar, had passed away when he was young, while traveling on an assignment outside the city, but he could still remember the conversations that would go on between his father and mother about gems, metals and “how to hear what the solid rock was trying to tell you by the colors and patterns in its face.” Also, since his mother was a Finder, he had been learning these things, sometimes happily sometimes not so happily, for his entire life.
“Correct,” said Ansel, “that looks like it could possibly be leading to an iron deposit, but it’s actually a fake, and stay focused, remember this is a test. This will determine how much you still have to learn and where you excel.”
“I excel in every area!” said Ant with a sly look.
“Of course you do Mr. Humble. Let’s continue.”
They kept walking through the mining tunnels of the Ferro Mountains. These particular tunnels were for teaching and testing. Every Miner, Finder, Cutter and Scholar at the age of 16 would take a test and then start 2 years of training before taking their final test and start working in their specific field. Generally, you would learn the skills of your parents and if you had parents from two different fields you could choose what you wanted to do. Ant didn’t have this choice, since his father had died when he was young. So now he was going to be a Finder. This would’ve been his choice regardless. He had never found the work of Scholars particularly interesting. Pouring over books for the rest of his life didn’t seem like the ideal job to him. The Scholars studied constantly, as one would expect. They studied the mountains. Among other things they studied the structure and geography of the Ferro Mountain range as well as all of Arkania. The scholars could tell you which portions of the mountains were richer in gems and which portions were richer in metals. They also worked hard to know where the more unstable parts of the mountains were, and they learned how to know when they were approaching underground lakes and ponds. They studied constantly so that they knew the mountains and could understand what the rock was telling them. All to increase safety for the workers and to increase the efficiency of the finding and mining of ores and gems. They were also the historians. They studied the history of their people and the history of Arkania in general. They kept records of the families, they were also the lawyers and judges. If there was a question to be answered it was most likely that you’d be trying to find a Scholar to answer it. The Finders worked closely with the Scholars, to be as efficient as possible. As the Scholars would learn new information, they would pass this information to the Finders. So, the Finders welfare and effectiveness relied heavily on the Scholars. They took the things the Scholars learned and put them to practical use. As their name suggests they would scour the tunnels to find areas that were safe to mine and the areas that weren’t. Their main job however, was to find valuable materials and mark these down for the Miners. The Miners would mine…obviously, they would dig the tunnels and then work closely with the Finders to locate and extricate all of the valuable ores and minerals. However, the true skill and success of a Miner was on how fast they could work and also on how easy they made the lives of the Cutters. Depending on how the gems were mined this would either support the Cutters or make their job vastly more difficult. Because of this, the best Miners and Cutters generally worked together. The Cutters were the gem workers and salesmen. The most artistic and at the same time the least trustworthy of the four occupations. However, the rest of the city had to rely heavily on them as they delivered the finished project. They would cut and sell the gems mined by the Miners. They were also the ones who had the most dealings with outsiders. Nearly all the residents of Aarden lived their whole lives without ever leaving the city and most would never even meet an outsider. This wasn’t entirely by choice, since if you left - unless on official city business approved by the council - you were considered a deserter and not allowed to return.
The testing continued for another hour much to Ant’s dismay. Then they turned to make the walk back, it would take about a half an hour to reach the Spiral Staircase, which was the only way to travel up or down in the city until you reached the mines. It was essentially an enormous hole with a diameter of about two hundred feet. Around the edges was a large pathway, about thirty feet wide carved into the rock spiraling all the way from the top level to the lowest. In the current year, 348 of the third Age there were ten levels all about fifty feet tall. The bottom level was a huge hall, a marketplace which included many inns for the outsiders who came to trade. All of the selling of goods happened on this level and outsiders were only allowed on this level. An enormous highway led through the mountain range, in all four directions with it’s center being the marketplace. All traders were expected to use this route. If an outsider was found outside of the “approved area” within city limits, they were expelled from the city and officially banned from ever returning. Just above the top of what was considered the top level, was a great circular hall, much wider than the spiral staircase. This hall was considered the town hall, it could house thousands of people and was really only used when a great number of people needed to gather, which hadn’t happened since the Golem infestation of the second age. There was a north, south, west and east tunnel leading out of the Town Hall, all of which exited onto the outside of the mountain where many lived. These ones lived in houses built into the sides of the mountains, thus sheltered from the cold of the winters but still able to feel the sun on their face and see the beauty of the trees and wildlife that thrived on the mountains. Everyone else lived inside the mountain. Either along the spiral staircase, with houses built in the rock, or in houses built on the floor of each level. These floors were carefully mined to be twenty feet high and expanded around the circular shape of the Staircase. They were filled with normal housing units as well a communal housing unit for the Rescue Volunteers and a large food hall for the use of any citizens of Aarden. As you started to go up the spiral staircase, the other houses would start to appear, the ones built into the rock with the doors literally exiting onto the spiral staircase. It was convenient, but with all the traffic became quite annoying for the occupants as the population of Aarden increased. These houses also weren’t spaced as well as you would think. Overall these were the least desirable houses in Aarden. Most of the inhabitants of these houses were those with a lower position in their guild.
Below the marketplace were the mines. The mines started with the testing tunnels, these being closest to the marketplace. These tunnels were the ones that Ant was currently trying to stay awake in while sleepwalking through the “test” his mother was currently administering. Ant knew these tunnels quite well as he had already spent much time in them over the years. However, he knew that his mother had an even better understanding of these tunnels. She was part of the teaching division in the Finder’s guild. Each guild was divided in many departments that focused on different things. As a teacher she had spent countless hours in these tunnels. To her it was as if they were walking from their home to a friend’s home. So, during the walk back Ant was simply looking at his own feet and following the glow of the torch his mother was carrying in front of him. Letting his mind wander, thinking of what he would do later that day, he started thinking he might go for a swim. That is if his friends didn’t show up unannounced. This annoyed and also made him happy that he had at least a couple friends who felt close enough to him that they would just arrive unexpected. As if they lived there. A small smile lifted his lips and cheeks. At that moment his mother broke through his thoughts with the first words she had spoken since they started back.
“Ok, last question Ant. What is this?” Ansel said.
Ant looked up, suddenly confused, he had no idea where he was. He saw the end of a tunnel in front of him and realized he had never once been here before. Though he had spent much time in the testing tunnels. He hadn’t been paying any attention to where he was but rather just following his mother blindly. After recovering from his confusion, he looked where his mother was pointing. Immediately his expression changed, suddenly fear dominated his usually confident features.
“Where are we? I thought we were in the testing caverns?” he asked his mother.
“By your expression I can see you got this question right as well. Yes, this is something that should frighten you if you see it, but don’t worry, this particular tunnel is an anomaly. It has all of the looks of a tunnel which is unstable and prone to cave ins and yet in the last thousand years since this tunnel was dug it’s never caved in. So, don’t worry, but take advantage of this because you’ve probably never gotten to see something like this and I hope you never will again unless of course you come back here. However, it’s absolutely necessary to be able to recognize so take a good look, I’d encourage you to feel it as well. How something feels is the toughest to really get a “feel” for”. As Ansel said this she snickered with pleasure at her silly joke.
“Ok…” Ant said as he ignored his mother’s joke and looked at the wall of the tunnel with suspicion.
He studied it for a few minutes while his mother looked on.
“Alright, that wasn’t actually part of the test,” said Ant’s mother, “I led you away from the testing tunnels to see this, though we are still in the same area. I figured it would be good to see. Do you think you’ll be able to identify something like this if you see it again?”
“Definitely!” replied Ant, still a little nervous but honestly excited to have seen something interesting after two hours of boring testing.
“Alright, then let’s head home. As I said, we are still in the same area, but outside the testing area so we are probably about a half an hour from the nearest exit of the mines. Sorry, we will have to do a bit more walking, but I think it’ll be worth it. You aced the test, which I figured you would, but you still have a few things that you could improve. First though, I want to show you something. It’s something I found just yesterday while marking out the path we would do for this test.”
Ant was about to ask what it was, when a sharp crack shook the tunnel. It was a just a single loud and sharp crack followed by a short rumble and then complete silence. These small quakes were quite common in the mines. However, being in the mines during one was always enough to cause a little bit of anxiety. Ant and his mother stood there without moving for a few more seconds. Then Ansel broke out into a chuckle.
“Those never fail to startle me.” She said with a laugh.
“Same here.” Responded Ant.
“Remember how dad at one time thought he could predict when the earthquakes would occur if he could gather data from every region in the mountain range.” Ant continued.
“Yes, I do.” Said Ansel with a smile on her face. “He was never able to do it, which I knew would be the end result. However, one of your dad’s best qualities was his unbridled optimism. I always worked hard to try to never stifle it. Even if I knew his grand idea was completely unattainable or even ridiculous.”
Ant thought now was as good a time as there would ever be, so he said, “Mom, you never told me how he died. It’s not as if we don’t talk about him. However, I’ve never once heard what happened to him. Not from you, not from Andris, not from grandfather. I know that it must be a difficult subject but…
“Ant,” interrupted Ansel, “it isn’t as if I’ve been hiding this from you. It is painful for me, but one of the reasons it’s so painful is because I don’t know how he died either. No one does. He never returned from a mission outside the city. That’s all the information I’ve ever been able to retrieve. Believe me, I wouldn’t hide anything from you.”
The pain was easy to see on Ansel’s face. Ant somewhat regretted bringing the subject up, but he was glad to know at least that he wasn’t being kept in the dark. However, if he couldn’t find out how he died, he would really like to know what his father was doing that led to his death.
“Someone should at least know what the mission he was carrying out entailed right.” Thought Ant, he really would like to know about that mission, but also knew that it would be better to ask about this another time. Maybe even ask his grandfather instead.
“I’m sorry I asked mom, I know that you prefer to think of his life, not his death.”
“I do,” returned Ansel, “but that doesn’t mean you should ever refrain from asking questions you deserve to know the answer to. He was your father and I’m sorry I interrupted you. What made me angry wasn’t that you were asking about your father’s death, but that you thought that I would conceal something like that from you. You’re almost a man, I would have told you had I known. I didn’t know what happened to him, hell I didn’t even know why he left. He said it was “official guild business” and said not to worry since he wouldn’t be gone long. I bet every person who’s ever left home and never came back said those same words. ‘Don’t worry I’ll be home real soon.”
“That answers that, or I guess actually that doesn’t answer that. She doesn’t know how he died or even what he was doing when he died. Actually, maybe Andris could tell me.” Thought Ant, then he continued out loud, “Ok, I understand, but things are strange here. Very secretive at times, I thought maybe you just had a good reason for concealing the information. It’s not that I don’t trust yo…”
At that moment a deafening roar occurred that made both and Ant and his mother fall to the ground. The torch she had been carrying was put out and the dust surrounding them choked them and stung their eyes. They both knew that a cave-in had occurred. For about a minute Ant didn’t move or even speak. However, he could feel his mother brush past him a couple times. Finally, he pushed through the shock and said,
“How did this happ-” Ant started to say, but was quickly interrupted.
“Quiet! Listen to me!” shouted Ansel, “With how big of an area we’re trapped in we have about two minutes worth of air left to breathe. I’m going to start counting, after a minute and a half I want you to take a last breath and hold it. After those two minutes this small area will be filled with carbon dioxide and if you breathe in it’ll kill you. Try to hold your breath as long as you can, promise me! Hold out as long as you can.”
“I promise.”
“Ok I’m going to start counting. I’ll tap your shoulder when you should take your last breath.”
The next minute and a half felt very quick. Before Ant knew it, he could feel his mother tap his shoulder and he took what he knew might be his final breath. His mother was still holding his shoulder and he could feel her shaking. He started counting himself. A minute went by, two minutes, three. At that point he realized he had never held his breath before. He’d never really tried. When he would go swimming in the underground lakes, he never dove beneath the surface. It was far too dangerous considering there was pretty much no way to see once you went down a few feet. He didn’t know what to expect, was there some type of feeling to expect when you were running out of air. Would you just pass out or did your body give you some sort of warning before you hit that point where you needed to take a breath? Regardless it hadn’t happened yet. He started to become more and more anxious, and started to think to himself,
“What if I pass out? I would probably breathe in, wouldn’t I? Would that kill me? Probably.”
He could feel his mother’s hand tightening on his arm.
“What does that mean? Is she running out of air already?”
It had been about 5 minutes at that point, how long could they go without air? His mother had said they were about thirty minutes from the mine exit. It would only take about five minutes for the rescue squad to identify where the cave in happened. Then another five or so for the closest squad to get to the correct tunnel. Then the thirty to get to where they were. Then maybe ten more to safely remove the rubble and support the collapsed tunnel. That’s about fifty minutes in all, minus the two that they spent breathing.
“Can I hold my breath for 48 minutes?” thought Ant. “Can Mom?”
Ten more minutes passed. He still wasn’t feeling any indication that he was running low on air. However, he was becoming more and more concerned about his mother. It was absolutely silent in the cave other than a few distant rumblings, but his mother’s hand had been tightening even more on his arm. “Is she reaching her breaking point?” Ant thought, “I’m not feeling anything, surely she’s fine. Then she loosened her grip on his arm. He really wasn’t sure what this meant. He reached out to touch her but as he did, he felt her slump forward onto him. In that moment, as he felt the weight of her body press against him, he was instantly aware that she was dead. One way or another she was dead. He hadn’t heard any sharp intake of breath, so she had most likely passed out. However, in the environment that they were in, and with the time still necessary for them to escape, she would soon die. There was nothing he could do, and he knew it. Tears started to stream down his face as he focused on keeping his emotions in check. If he got too emotional, he would start sucking in air whether he wanted to or not. He started to think about how a single moment can completely change your life and the lives of many others. You never think about those moments until they occur. You may have a fear of someone you love dying, but it isn’t the same as the reality itself. In the actual moment fear gives way to nothingness and you don’t feel what you thought you would. For the next few minutes his mind felt empty. Then, after a few more minutes, he started to think again,
“What if I just breathe in?” he thought to himself. “Do I really want to deal with everything that will come after? Do I want to spend the rest of my life walking through the tunnels that took the life of my mother? No one will know it was by choice, they’ll assume that I went the same way as my mother.” thought Ant.
“That’s if I even make it. It’s probably only been about twenty minutes total now. I’ll need to make it another 25 at least.” He thought.
Another 10 minutes passed. He had managed to keep his emotions under control. The tears continued to flow, but he didn’t lose control. The next 5 passed and his tears stopped, he didn’t want to cry but he no longer had a desire to survive either. He didn’t really want to die, but neither did he want to live.
Still wondering why he felt nothing, not even the desire to breathe, he sat there in the darkness. The weight of his dead mother pressing against him. Imagining that they felt the same, lifeless, he sat completely still, until he heard a sound. The sound of voices and of metal against rock. How could something so familiar sound completely foreign. He stood, picked up his mother and stared at where he knew the rubble to be. Once the rescue crew created a small opening and created supports, he forced his way through the small opening and saw his grandfather. He handed his mother to his grandfather, and suddenly started having thoughts that he could feel so strongly and yet couldn’t quite place. These thoughts overwhelmed his mind, and he could feel himself falling. Just before he hit the ground he blacked out.
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2021.12.05 23:51 Aurawa Implant kind of hurting after reinsertion.

I got my nexplanon reinserted on Nov 1st and this is my third one, so second time going thru the reinsertion. I'm a little concerned tho cuz it feels like it's kind of shallow. Every now and then I'll move my arm some kinda way and it'll feel like when you wrench your neck and it gets all hot, but in the upper part of my arm.
I had the doc look at it again and she says it's in there correctly and it's just scar tissue that's pulling, and if I want to I could have it removed and put it my other arm. But I dread the surgery and right now it's in my non dominant arm.
I guess I'm just looking for people who've had similar experiences or know what I should do? I try not to look online for answers too often cuz there's a ton of horror stories out there. And other than crazy bleeding patterns it hasn't done me wrong yet.
I feel like I've had it for 6 years so I should know when somethings not right but since the doc says it's ok, and it's obviously still working as intended, should I just put up with this weird pain? It's maybe once or twice a day depending on how often I move. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the night when I'm rolling over and it kinda makes me panic.
Any advice? I know this is a super specific question. Thank you <3
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2021.12.05 23:51 Cmyers1980 “Not big enough for me to go to Utah. Pass.” (Bullseye #1)

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2021.12.05 23:51 lefttorightstudios I Made A Christmas Print

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2021.12.05 23:51 ralkia The new UI looks lovely, but...

Having this brand shiny new interface while looking at the super low res scenery tiles/cogs/other textures is really jarring. It's very different from the original look, I honestly wish I could go back to something a bit more faithful to the original.
I'm aware that I'm being super nitpicky here. I'd just love a toggle to go back to the old UI.
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2021.12.05 23:51 DadsUnited Looking for Bagon

Anyone have a bagon they'd trade? I've got BD not sure what the version exclusives are but willing to swap!
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2021.12.05 23:51 Somethingmakeup I’m just lost and need advice about SS

I moved across county to start over, a year or so later I met my soulmate, my person. It was a rocky start as he was damaged from a failed marriage and engagement, but we finally made the decision to move forward together. He has a son from his previous marriage and I had zero experience with kids. It has been full of ups and downs. The only thing we have and still fight over is his son. He’s never been very well behaved and he’s pretty disrespectful to me, our home and our things. We thought if we got him a dog it would bring us all closer together and help us teach him responsibilities, but it backfired and he could care less for the dog and I have caught him from time to time holding the dog down by it’s neck and kicking it. I notice everything, I am a highly sensitive empath with adhd and anxiety so these instances make me uneasy. When I bring these things up to my SO he doesn’t want to believe it or thinks I’m being dramatic or overreacting because “he’s just a kid, and boys do stuff like this” he’s a teen now and this shit still continues. I unexpectedly got pregnant and now we have a baby together and I’m struggling super hard with our parenting styles. Before we had our baby I made sure that we were on the same page, but now the drama continues and I walk on eggshells every single weekend and every holiday week. My entire life feels like it’s being ran by this kid who I feel hates me and manipulates his father and I find myself looking for plane tickets for my baby and myself all too often. I know having a kid being divorced is hard but the guilt just eats him up and he allows this kids to continue getting in constant trouble at school, failing his classes, being disrespectful and just playing non stop video games. I was raised so much differently and I also had half siblings that hated my mother and they tormented her so badly that they tried to get me to hate her and ruined her being a good mother to me because she was so destroyed. I cannot even stand to imagine that could be my future. I need help, I need advice. I’m crying my eyes out right now because I feel like I’ve failed as a stepmother and partner and I’ll be failing as a mother too.
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2021.12.05 23:51 Substantial-Ad9493 my character can't talk to people all of a sudden??

I'm in the Little Vegas nightclub. Just started this game today basically. For some reason regardless of who I click on in the nightclub, I can't get into any convos. The NPC will make a movement and then nothing happens. I'm trying to find this Delgado guy and I don't see a way to progress when I literally can't talk to anyone...
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2021.12.05 23:51 UnknownUnemployed !!! MEDUSA LISTED !!! Check my OpenSea profile !!! Some have been completely sold out. Hurry to complete the collection!!! !!!ROAD MAP IN COMMENT!!!

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2021.12.05 23:51 djeclipz Benning is out!

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2021.12.05 23:51 alex162731 Damn

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2021.12.05 23:51 BentCondition Trials

God puts us through trials. And we do go through so much pain.
But if he didn’t, we would never call on his name.
When we are doing well, we pat ourselves on our backs.
And it never dawns on us that he has put us where we’re at.
We stop talking to him when we are doing well. And our minds drift off into this world. Forgetting about Heaven and Hell.
But some will tell you that it’s all just a fraud.
And they are the same ones that will say Oh My God.
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