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2021.12.05 22:28 TheBamaify BEST IN THE GAME

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2021.12.05 22:28 Altlastair Anyone have cool looking carrds they’d be willing to share! :0

I’m doing one for myself rn and I need some inspiration 😭
Ik it’s not exactly xenogender-related but since part of my carrd I am looking for inspo on is gender-focused I hope this can stay >m<
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2021.12.05 22:28 thiqqnquicc [WTS] I’m back! And will be gone again soon. Figured I may as well offer up some of the good stuff.

Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve been out of the country till yesterday, and will be again Tuesday. Figured why not offer some nice stuff while I’m here for a little bit.
Today will be from dimes to dollars and Commems. They are all good stuff.
Firstly, dimes to quarter
1838 H10C PCGS XF40 No Drapery Small Letters.
A very undervalued example in my opinion. Estimated survival of just 200 or so pieces, merely a 10th of the much more common large stars variety. A hard R7 in all grades, this is a pretty hard coin to come by in all grades with much potential.
Asking 210. ——-
1916 D 10C PCGS AG3.
I mean, it’s one of the most counterfeited and well known US coin. It is also one of the most popular coins on the market this summer. Along side the CC GSA’s and the 21 Peace dollar. Very original album colors shines in the right angles
Asking 631. ——-
1917 D Type 2 PCGS AU58.
Super awesome original colors, and colors are very hard on SLQ’s. I like coins like this.
Asking 256. ——-
Capped Busts
1827 50C NGC XF45.
Unattributed but it’s a square base two. Overton 105 R3!
Asking 234. ——-
1832 50C Sm. Letters PCGS XF40.
Really cool late die state piece, Overton 113a, R3!
Asking 185. ——-
1834 50C Wrongly attributed. PCGS XF45.
Prime example that PCGS even makes mistakes. This is not a large date large letters, it’s a large date small letters. Doesn’t really affect the value of the coin itself but it’s interesting to see PCGS make a mistake. Overton 108 R2!
Asking 239. ——-
1836 Lettered Edge PCGS XF40.
Check the Trueview if you wanna make the attribution a bit easier. Overton 119, this is the only R4 of the lot!
Asking for 179. ——-
Morgan Dollars
1878 8TF NGC MS62.
Popular first type of the ever popular Morgan design. Back then the public wasn’t too too please with the design which resulted in the various changes in design between 1878-1879. Super flashy and some nice toning too!
Asking 325. ——-
1880 S PCGS MS65.
Super nice double sided colors on this gem Morgan.
Asking 234. ——-
1881 S NGC MS65.
Another double sider, matches her sis right above!
Asking 234. ——-
Well here’s a popular one. CC With Watery mirrors. GSAs popular nowadays.
Asking 444. ——-
1885 P ANACS Matchbox MS65.
Nice original GEM Morgan in a popular Match box.
Asking 169. ——-
1899 O PCGS MS65.
Another GEM double sided rainbow Morgan. Slightly better date in higher grades.
Asking 245. ——-
1921 D NGC MS63.
Originally bought this guy off ebay thinking it was maybe PL. unfortunately not. BUT, it is very flashy, more so than most 21 D morgans. Very PQ coin.
Asking 149. ——-
Rattler Lot!
I figured I may as well let this guys go together, since they were passed to me as a group. Nice coins with a couple better dates. Nice group. 1880 S MS62 1881 S MS63 1886 P MS63 1888 P MS63 1897 P MS62.
Asking 432, shipped!
Peace Dollars
1921 PCGS MS63.
I love 1921 Peace dollars, and I love toning. And toned 21’s are very hard to find. This one is super pretty. Quite the center piece.
Asking 1111. ——-
1922 PCGS MS66.
Peace dollars get expensive past MS65 with pig jumps every half a point past 65+. This is a very snowy and clean MS66.
Asking 485. ——- 1924 S NGC MS63.
Very original toned Bettekey date. Honestly I find any toning on peace dollars to be attractive given they are so hard to find toned. This is also a very very clean 63.
Asking 499 ——-
1925 PCGS MS65. Pastel rainbow toning on a Gem Peace. The line of toning break across the obverse adds character. I wish it was on the eye so I can call it Cyclopes.
Asking 179. ——-
Silver Commems and a super nice gold one
1925 Lexington PCGS MS65.
Probably the best looking Lexington Commem I’ve owned. Double sided rainbows and super smooth surfaces.
Asking 321. ——
1925 S California NGC MS65.
The Cali commem has one of my favorite reverse designs. This guy is not quite Proof like, but has that semi PL super flashy look to it. Plus that small rainbow crescent right behind the bear!
Asking 401. ——-
1925 Stone Mountain NGC MS65.
Well the Stone Mountain commem is extremely popular and not usually found with nice rainbows. This guy is also a MS65.
Asking 245. ——
1936 Oregon Trail NGC MS64. A popular design with deep original rainbow toning I personally love. This one is in a set with several others below, with similar toning style.
Asking 269 ——-
1936 Boone NGC MS65. Another deep rainbow toned beauty. Came as a set as the ones above, and one more below. I love these.
Asking 249 ——-
1936 S Arkansas NGC MS63. I can’t say I agree with the 63 grade but there’s not really a big spread between 3 and 4, and even 5. I love if for the toning.
Asking 179. ——-
1917 McKinley PCGS MS65+. Pretty much a wow coin. Light original toning, flashy surfaces, and oh yeah, a MS65+! The only recent record of a MS65+ sold was on eBay a few months back. For 900 I believe, though the listing is gone... I can find one more 65+ for sale, 1249 on eBay.
Asking 876. ——-
That’s ALL!
I’m generally open to offers, but there’s one thing new I’d like to add this time: please make an offer rather than ask me “I’m interested in XX, what’s your best”. I be found that to be a bit of a waste of time, and honestly since I’ve already given a price, the nature of make offers is that the purchaser makes a numerical offer. Sorry about the rant.
As for shipping I generally use USPS First class for most things. It’ll be 4 bucks up to 2 slabs. Anymore id urge you to just go for a small flat rate priority box. It’s worth it at 8 bucks.
I generally am pretty flexible with payment. I mainly use PayPal but have Venmo and Zelle as well. I’m also okay with money orders and checks.
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2021.12.05 22:28 Bashalde_ Discovered New Zealand's Jordan Klepper. And I thought NZ was doing better when it comes to education.

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2021.12.05 22:28 Krawboi_2 Water

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2021.12.05 22:28 TerriblePatches Dead Rabbits - Paegan Love Song (Acid Bath Cover)

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2021.12.05 22:28 Winston_Wolfe_65 Monica. The dessert that can cook you dinner.

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2021.12.05 22:28 FriendAdditional You're having Quadruplets. What are you naming them?

You are expecting quadruplets - 2 boys and 2 girls. What names are you giving them?
Clover Alessandra
Acacia Laurel
Sidney Matthew
Caelan Michael
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2021.12.05 22:28 HIMAN1998 ACL Railroad Bridge

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2021.12.05 22:28 usednotebookss I received a piece of information that I don't think I was ever supposed to receive.

Today, I received a piece of information that I don't think I was ever supposed to know about. I'm not really sure what to do with it, and I need some advice.
I (M19) just recently starting having a romantic relationship with one of my closest friends (F21). While it isn't official yet, we are both exclusively talking to each other and are operating under the assumption that we both want it to lead to a relationship once we are both comfortable with that level of intimacy.
Today, I received information that she hooked up with someone a few weeks ago. Now, keep in mind that we're college students, and hookups happen all the time amongst friends, strangers, etc. This hookup happened just a few nights before I bit the bullet and told her I had feelings for her - so absolutely NOTHING romantic was going on between us at the point in which she hooked up with this guy. Unfortunately, I am friends with this guy, and I'm not his biggest fan (she doesn't know that I dislike this guy, but she does know that we know each other and are on friendly enough terms). Like I said, we're in college - so everyone in our larger circle knows each other to a certain extent.
The person who told me this information did NOT know that we were starting to see each other, so it wasn't with mal intent that they told me this information. And they did not mention any sort of additional contact between them since that night, besides the fact that they are still friendly with each other in group settings.
I know that I have no reason or grounds to be angry, because at the point of the hookup, we were nothing but close friends. And I am truly not angry or upset with her at all. But I just REALLY don't really know what to do with this information. The way I view it is that if I don't tell her, and she figures out that I knew all along at a later point, it's gonna seem kinda weird. Additionally, if I don't tell her, it's REALLY going to feel on my end like I'm keeping a secret from her. If I do tell her, I don't want it to ever come off as an "I'm angry at you for this" kind of thing, or that I'm trying to trap her in some sort of lie. And she may think that if this happened weeks ago before anything happened between us... why am I bringing it up now? Like I'm trying to guilt trip her or have an upper hand, or something like that. Usually, I'm a very "honesty is the best policy" type of person, especially in relationships, but this situation has me lost.
So, do I tell her that I know this information ,or no? If I do, how do I phrase it?
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2021.12.05 22:28 weaped Tattoo I did for myself today. Thought you guys might appreciate

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2021.12.05 22:28 Woirol Keyboarding Struggle

Keyboarding Struggle I have an old NEC MobilePro 770 that the screen crapped out on and I want to convert the keyboard to USB so that I can use it with either a Raspberry Pi or to my Android phone. I have mapped out the keyboard matrix, see below, but have no idea where to go from here. I have the right connectors to connect it to a board, I can figure out how to get the board printed, but have no idea what to do to get a Teensy coded to take this matrix and make it a USB keyboard, and I also don't really know what Teensy I would need and what pins would need connecting to.
Does anyone feel like helping a guy out?
Keyboard Matrix
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2021.12.05 22:28 baboonbeetle Fatalis by Agnaktor3398

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2021.12.05 22:28 oJomi Hey guys! Here is a place for gay artists and collectors. Share your nft stuff here. 🌈

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2021.12.05 22:28 Fnaf_LoverGacha2 some more picrews of my now existent fantribe (at least i consider it as one)

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2021.12.05 22:28 Acrobatic-Bread-5334 Stomach bloat

Hi guys! I thank you for your support in my first post. I had salmon today and yesterday. I have been a vegetarian for a year and a half until yesterday. My question is about bloat: did you guys have huge stomachs when you were vegan/vegetarian? How long did it take for your stomach to go down after eating meat again?
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2021.12.05 22:28 mrjdidnothingwrong USB music bug

Listening to USB music and do a voice search for " by " will leave the menu in 1 song and will repeat that song until you exit to play all songs. Problem is that while driving it won't let you return to play all the songs, or I don't know the voice command to get to all of the songs and you can't use the touchscreen to return to all songs. I have to stop for the screen to let me get there and if I'm on the freeway and can't stop then I'm stuck with listening to just one song. What's the voice command to return to all songs?
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2021.12.05 22:28 imakeholesinu Editorial: The very definition of county redundancy is found in 16,786 pages of code

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2021.12.05 22:28 TheBamaify BEST IN THE GAME

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2021.12.05 22:28 RizeScumisDead Good morning Anatolia ❤🇹🇷

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2021.12.05 22:28 OliverMarkusMalloy Trump crashes a wedding party of some guests at Mar-A-Pedo, and rambles like a drunk uncle, calling General Milley a fUcKinG iDiOt.

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2021.12.05 22:28 WisezzongLv40 Zekrom on me 9249 7816 3656

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2021.12.05 22:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Covid news live: Omicron found in one-third of US states, Germany plans vaccine mandates for some health jobs | Guardian

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2021.12.05 22:28 sliderdude3 Juice Updates

I kinda stopped looking at the updates after TPNE got canceled but now I’m seeing people posting tracklists and stuff. Is this a new album coming with the doc or something? When?
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2021.12.05 22:28 projekt_h [WTS] Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue, Like New! (repost, reduced)

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