Should I get a new mouse?

2021.12.06 00:01 kingbebop15 Should I get a new mouse?

Right now I have a viper mini. It's a very good mouse. The only problem is its size. I find that my fingers are on the edges of the mouse. (I'm claw grip) Should I switch to a new mouse? Wireless? Larger? Lighter? I'm thinking: GPX, GPW, Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed, Glorious Model O minus.
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2021.12.06 00:01 seraph9888 he's a little confused but he's got the spirit

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2021.12.06 00:01 heavenly_strike Finally, a Fusion Reaction Has Generated More Energy Than Absorbed by The Fuel

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2021.12.06 00:01 blase20 32 oz dry aged ribeye

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2021.12.06 00:01 Hambone17949529 I can’t save a photo off the internet because it is full of text

My phone will not let me save it because it wants to copy-paste the text on the picture. How do I turn off this feature?
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2021.12.06 00:01 ZealousidealBet991 STOP banana coin before its to late

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2021.12.06 00:01 jerryramone Pajamas

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2021.12.06 00:01 ochaoji I love this game... 20 years old... 2001!

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2021.12.06 00:01 Chalkyprawn874 Is Downtown on an Upswing?

I've seen so much construction downtown, on Dundas and with the new condos, do you guys think downtown is gonna start getting nicer?
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2021.12.06 00:01 Jeggi_029 I can’t wait to find ____ in my Christmas stocking!

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2021.12.06 00:01 Bigfoot_samurai If the chances of life in the universe happening was so infinitesimally small that the chances of it happening only happened once, here, how would you feel?

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2021.12.06 00:01 Emotional-Mud3774 D M me for snap hacks Ask for proof if interested Ask for prices if interested Can show vouches Get all the nudes you want 🤟🏽 🔥SATURDAY AND SUNDAY DEALS ALL HACKS ARE HALF PRICE ONLY GOING ON FOR TODAY AND TOMMOROW SO DM ME QUICK !!🔥

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2021.12.06 00:01 QM23Z1H Why does the Geoid rise where the earth is locally more dense?

Given that denser areas exert a greater gravitational pull, why would the geoid rise in these areas? Wouldn't it be pulled more tightly to the earth's surface where gravity is the greatest?
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2021.12.06 00:01 katsvt Smart toys for kids

Connecting kids toys to the internet already seems like a bad idea, especially when they're niche companies that only concern themselves with advertising their products as innovative rather than focusing on the security aspect that can leave them vulnerable. For example, a toy named CloudPets aimed to create a device where the parents could send voice messages to kids through their stuffed animal. But the sensitive information such as the login and the voice recordings were exposed and easily accessible to anyone on the internet.
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2021.12.06 00:01 Cyb-T Video: Tested in 2021: Joey’s Favorite Things!

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2021.12.06 00:01 FloopersRetreat Me when I realise I can't un-hear the bongos in September

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2021.12.06 00:01 KingRob29 Pathfinder Strategy Guide

Found this nugget to share.
The knight looked the newcomer over dubiously. “Are you sure about this,
Ariako? I didn’t sign on with you in order to associate with thieves.”
“Thieves?” The stranger smiled and shook his head. “From what your
boss tells me, you want me to help you break into the private residence
of a wizard—a lawful if morally repugnant citizen of the kingdom—
then help you bypass his security system while you elude or outright
slaughter his hired defenders.”
He smirked. “All adventurers are thieves, my friend. Some of us
are just more honest about our trade.”
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2021.12.06 00:01 Hunty748463269211 Which vendors here or websites got best quality for the cheapest?

Best quality CBD hemp for cheapest prices permanent deals
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2021.12.06 00:01 lavenderscentedd Free readings!

Hello, I am offering free readings! I have been reading for about 6 years now and use oracle cards and tarot decks.
Please dm me if you are interested!
I am not requesting donations at this time unless you absolutely want to provide, because I am just starting here on this sub.
My reviews page is here!
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2021.12.06 00:01 Samm1551 Wanted a little input

Okay so, I never thought I would be one to post in this but today I am. A little background info, my best friend got kicked out of his house 3 years ago and has lived with me and my family ever since, now we are half into out 1st year of college living in dorms together 45 minutes away from our hometown. My girlfriend who is a year younger still goes to high school in my hometown, I see her every two weeks and we are doing great. My best friend has recently gone through an intense breakup and has been in a very very depressive state ever since, him and his ex hangout still, he’s in love with her still but she goes around with other guys, she’s kinda leading him on you know. Anyways, this weekend my girlfriend came up to dorms to see me, which never really happens cause I usaually go back home. Anyways I hang out with I did not want my best friend to get depressed seeing me and my girlfriendto together all lovey dovey, so i tried to split the time I spent with them in half, half the night I spent with my girlfriend watching out show and the other half I played video games with my friend, trying to now Ethel both happy. I ended up spending more tim with my girl, but the next morning after she went back home she messaged me saying she was upset and disappointed in me because I didn’t spend all my time with her, I am seeing her the next whole month because I have a month for Christmas off. So I thought it would be okay to split the time in half, anyways, now she is mad at me for apparently not putting her first, but at the same time I didn’t want my friend to be depressed , for a little more background he has been expressing some suicidal thoughts, and my gf knows this. So I thought my actions would be for the best of both, but I guess not. I just wanted to know what the right choice was, all I want if for both to be happy, and in doing so I made my girlfriend upset and disappointed. Thank you for and input.
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2021.12.06 00:01 bluehairedgrl Tickets for Chicago show

Looking for 2 tickets for the Dec 7th show(proof of purchase needed:))
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2021.12.06 00:01 Ok_March_5559 Am I having a heart attack? 22F

I don’t know if im panicking or having a heart attack. Im 22 i have a history with panic attack however, this feels diffrent or maybe im just paraniod i almost fainted i had blurry vision and chest pain and burning sensation
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2021.12.06 00:01 TullsJenny First time meal prepping - girlfriend is showing me the ropes. One pan chicken parmesan with rigatoni. Air fried Paprika Italian Chicken tenders with veggies. *chefs kiss*

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2021.12.06 00:01 Asapjoshyy Ps5 need 2 for rec

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2021.12.06 00:01 amnesiac7 Kevin McCarthy is hostage to the GOP's 'exotic wing'

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