Graduated 41+3: induction, medicated, big tear but amazing!

2021.12.05 22:54 antelopeparty Graduated 41+3: induction, medicated, big tear but amazing!

My big guy is 7 months old now, I am late to the party but I always loved reading birth stories and I’m happy to share mine! Overall it was nothing like I expected or thought I wanted, but minus baby heart rate scares it was incredible.
At my 38 week appointment I was 2cm dilated and partially effaced, my doctor was like wow, maybe I’ll see you for delivery this weekend! Nope. Week 39 came and went, my due date, week 41… I went from so excited to downright cranky. I felt so sad that my sons birth would be after so much grumpiness. (Spoiler.. it didn’t matter!)
Night of 41+1 I felt like my water was partially broken, but with all the pregnancy discharge I really had no idea. I still went to bed hoping to be woken up by contractions. I was not, but throughout the night I was filling up panty liners. The next morning, sans contractions of any kind, I went for a big long walk and told my baby… look at this day. What a beautiful day to come into the world. Come on out buddy!
He did a bunch of kicks but still nothing. Finally called the hospital and they said pack a bag and come on in! I was psyched but still unsure whether this was really happening, and a tiny bit bummed that I wouldn’t labor at home, but I was mostly excited. Doc confirmed my water was broken, my husband and I played words with friends in triage while waiting for my room and induction to start.
Once in my room it suddenly felt very real, I cried and my husband cried and we both agreed it was a-ok to feel overwhelmed. They started me on pitocin right away, (blew out my vein twice hooking me up to the IV and I had a panic attack cause I hate needles, felt like a baby but everyone was nice!) I still felt nothing but the machines said I was contracting. After maybe an hour the doc broke my water and holy shit the pain began. OW. I moo’d and rocked on all fours for about 2 hours of pretty constant contractions, a lovely midwife in training helped my husband do pressure points for me, then I got in the tub.
Here I felt like I went into a trance. I wanted to ask for the epidural but I couldn’t get the words out. At some point I had to poop, I had read that means the baby is coming, but I was positive I for real had to poop. I made my husband leave the bathroom and got to business half expecting a baby to pop out (he did not) but in too much pain to really think. It was wild. I feel this is TMI but someone might have the same experience!
Afterwards I finally got the epidural words out and they came in to administer it pretty quick. It was hard to sit still with the contractions but they were nice and patient. Once it started working I was elated, it had only been 3 hours of contractions but I was DONE. They measured me at 4cm, I was disappointed thinking we were in for the long haul, but with the epidural I felt like I could sleep (it was 1am). A nurse came in to put a catheter in and told me to call them if I felt pressure. No lie, 10 minutes later I was like husband, there is a bowling ball pushing down on my vagina. The nurse came in kind of laughing, but checked me and was like wellllll get ready to push! I went from 4 to 9cm in about 20 minutes and his head was THERE.
We were so excited, but also scared, I had no idea how to push. First just the nurse was helping me, it was so nice to go through the process quietly with just one medical person, but she was actually telling me to push too soon before my contractions.. this lead to my 3rd degree tear. She was still wonderful though, her energy was so nice.
Then it started to suck… My boy’s heart rate started tanking. The doctor and a bunch of other professionals rushed in. They coached me for another 30 minutes or so, everyone was talking so fast and I saw them wheel in the vacuum. I asked if my baby was ok but I think they didn’t hear me (I also said it in English and it was a French speaking hospital), and when they didn’t say anything I got so scared. Finally the doc said we need to get him out, and asked if I was ok with the vacuum or wanted to try one more push. I said I was scared and didn’t know, she said you can do it, one more push. And fuck yeah she was right, out came my Liam.
The cord was wrapped around his neck but they solved that very quickly, and then he was in my arms. The most wonderful thing I’d ever seen. He was a perfect little alien. We got to skin to skin for two hours (we requested it but luckily it was policy at this hospital anyway), I was aware and kind of freaked out about being stitched up but I was awash with bonding hormones and just overjoyed.
This is already so much longer than I thought it would be, I just want to say nothing went according to my vision for this birth, but I loved it, it was mine. Parts did feel like sunshine and rainbows but my husband and I both also had significant moments of new parent panic, my body felt wrecked for weeks.. there are really difficult parts. But I left this experience with my best buddy baby and a newfound respect for myself. We are all amazing ❤️
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2021.12.05 22:54 Narad626 Someone should probably speak up...

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2021.12.05 22:54 bobthesbuilder Does anyone know how to set up github with gamemaker so I can save my projects? Or does anyone know a good tutorial I could follow?

To me, the doc is complicated to follow and I havent found any good videos about it
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2021.12.05 22:54 Vincent_Valkyrie Paradox

How would Anarcho Capitalism work without ever heading towards corporatism?
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2021.12.05 22:54 MaverickStatue Do you know how to make themes?

I'm completely tired of seeing low-effort, copies, overall bad quality (not all theme makers of course but a good chunk of them), so I'm going to make my own, do any of you know what's the process? Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.05 22:54 scaffoldplaster

This looks like a scam
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2021.12.05 22:54 ADHDinos_ [OC] Time flies when you're dissociating

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2021.12.05 22:54 _Plutonarus Grinding/crackling sounds?

Has anyone else pressed on their chest multiple times in a row; and every time you press inward, you get a slight crackling sound? I just came off having cold symptoms(not covid) and I'm curious if it was just because I was sneezing a lot or if it's a worsening symptom.
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2021.12.05 22:54 dl020w ...

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2021.12.05 22:54 LowLeak The ViacomCBS -VIAC - Saga: Part III, Return of Hwang

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2021.12.05 22:54 Starfire70 55U6GR - struggling to get accurate color and a mini-review

Blues tend to be closer to cyan and reds tend to be slightly pink. I've tried fiddling with the color settings but I'm getting nowhere. Any ideas how to get blue looking blue and red looking red? I'm using the TV as a computer monitor and movie TV in a dimly lit office.
In computer display mode, I have it set to: TV Brightness - Darker Picture mode - Normal HDR Picture size - Direct Local dimming - High Dynamic Contrast - N.A. Color temperature - Cool Motion Clarity - Off Game Mode - Off Backlight 70 Brightness 45 Contrast 60 Sharpness 20 (why is sharpness locked?) Color 50 Tint 0 Windows 10 RTX3070 display settings are set for HDR, 32bit color, RGB, full dynamic range, 8 bit
Otherwise I have to say that I'm 'okay' with the TV. I see almost no DSE, transitions from white to black or black to white are incredible (such as after the 'Foundation' title card at the end of the intro credits in Foundation episode 1), explosions are dazzling (such as those happening in space near the end of Foundation episode 1). I do see some some annoying jutter during some fast movement on a contrasty background such as when a camera quickly pans over a light bulb or lighting panel (such as near the end of The Expanse S5E10 where the camera pans around the bridge of Inaros' ship). High local dimming (which appears to be the only really effective dimming settings) has some trouble with response times in mixed bright/dark scenes, a bit distracting to have part of a black background's dimming zone turn on for a split second while the dimming zone for the surrounding black background remains off (such as to the left and right of scrolling text on a black background at the beginning of Bladerunner, or the flyby of the Razorback after the intro credits in The Mandalorian S2E1).
Well, I have 60 days to decide if I want to keep it. I've also been researching the TCL50R546 or 55R635 as potential alternatives.
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2021.12.05 22:54 bettorexperience Few questions if anyone can help

Hey guys, haven’t done codeine for years but recently been experimenting. First dose of 90mg 4 days ago was real nice so I upped the dose the next day to around 150mg and felt barely anything, I took 200mgish tonight and again barely got anything out of it, really really mild, coffee feels stronger than this😂 I’m aware the tolerance builds but is this speed of tolerance normal? Because of this I am planning to do it just once a week and make sure to leave 7+ days between doses, figured 200-300mg will best suit me. Is this a good idea?
And also, I have found that the pills dissolve very quickly, in less than a minute or two. From searching online this is quite unusual but I may just be being paranoid. I’ve heard cold water extractions aren’t possible with effervescent and I don’t believe these pills in my possession are effervescent since there’s no fizz and the cold water extraction separates lots of paracetamol in the end result and to my knowledge effervescent tablets cause the paracetamol to completely dissolve, is this true? And why would the pills dissolve so quickly, could they possibly be fake? They are in blisters and the brand is Zentiva but unfortunately I didn’t receive the box when I bought them, just got the strips. I was thinking they could possibly be out of date or just old given how quick they dissolve? But would like all this to be cleared up if anyone can help! More so because I have early liver disease and the removal of paracetamol is a must!
Thank you wonderful people
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2021.12.05 22:54 byssiniancat H:Q2515r fixer,Q50C15r HM,Q50c25 railway,TS50VH90/25 AGL,BE25/15r LR,VE90 GP,VE90 GL,DE15c radium,TSE90 GP W:Q50c25 fixer,Q50c50dur or 15r railway,rare legacy offer(can bunlbe)

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2021.12.05 22:54 Vercera How much media do you exchange with your partners daily?

Seems like I’m the only one who actually looks at things I’ve been sent me, if they ever send anything. Boyfriend gets mad at me if I send “too much.” Too much being more than once a day.
What kind of media do y’all like to exchange? Photos, Reddit links, videos?
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2021.12.05 22:54 SarachiRee Anyone have access to the wiki please update it I have found a New location its behind the house with 3 pistol billionaires at port island

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2021.12.05 22:54 mingo_the_flamingo audacy festival

for those of you who were at the audacy beach festival, what did you all think of how tøp did? yes i was there i just want to know what you guys thought of it
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2021.12.05 22:54 DeltaTruce I saw Snow Miser Spamton a lot, so I super quick made Spam Miser with the Chaos Miser

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2021.12.05 22:54 jinkinson1 My newly adopted cat, Koda (adoption fee was $0 thanks to an anonymous donor to my local shelter)

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2021.12.05 22:54 thelostmatt PCR result times in S.A

My family and I where/are flying into ADL for Xmas on the 24th, now as the ACT has been classified as a moderate risk we will require a pcr test on arrival, and iso until the negative result comes in, what is the current turnaround time on a test in S.A? If it’s going to be 24h we will probably just end up canceling as it’s not fair to stick the kid in iso for Christmas and make him doing a FaceTime Xmas with the olds anyway.
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2021.12.05 22:54 Agent-65 THIN QUEEN thin Queen

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2021.12.05 22:54 UnwashedDink Halo Infinite - Trying out memes with my videos lol

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2021.12.05 22:54 zhouse_org Liam_Thomas_-_Milky_Way_G.T.R._300th_Release-(GTR300)-WEB-2021-JUSTiFY_iNT / ZHouse

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2021.12.05 22:54 ksuwildkat Best of the Week - Week 49

Post your best image of the week and as much as you care to share about it
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2021.12.05 22:54 DegenerateTotheCore [ Beverly float ] What impulse's game really looks like

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