What if something happened in Tianaman Square

In 1989 Beijing's Tiananmen Square became the focus for large-scale protests, which were crushed by China's Communist rulers. The events produced one of the most iconic photos of the 20th Century - a lone protester standing in front of a line of army tanks. The events remain a highly sensitive topic ... On the basis of the large area of damage (600,000 square kilometers), the widespread area of perceptibility (5,000,000 square kilometers), and the complex physiographic changes that occurred, the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 rank as some of the largest in the United States since its settlement by Europeans. An 18-year-old woman was killed and at least 22 people injured Thursday when a speeding car plowed into pedestrians in Manhattan's bustling Times Square, city officials said. Trafalgar Square Christmas tree mocked by onlookers as 'spindly' and 'half dead' Amid much hilarity on social media, one person says it is the "perfect visual representation of my life". This also happened with GreedFall and Final Fantasy VII Remake when they were part of PS Plus too. ... The only outliers are FF 7 remake (because it's Square Enix) and Greedfall where the ps5 ... The Tiananmen Square protests, known as the June Fourth Incident (Chinese: 六四事件; pinyin: liùsì shìjiàn) in China, were student-led demonstrations held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing during 1989. In what is known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre (Chinese: 天安门大屠杀; pinyin: Tiān'ānmén dà túshā), troops armed with assault rifles and accompanied by tanks fired at the ... Looking for a welcoming, downtown, Presbyterian church with progressive theology? You will find it at Market Square Presbyterian Church! Tavistock Square was the scene of one of the four suicide bombings on 7 July 2005.The bomb was detonated by 18-year-old Hasib Hussain on a double-decker bus bearing route number 30; it had been diverted from its normal route along Euston Road because of traffic disruption by the other three bombings at tube stations.The bomb exploded immediately outside the British Medical Association building ... But LaFayette Square rioters were portrayed as victims rather than perpetrators of the violence. One activist, Kishon McDonald, a 39-year-old Navy veteran, testified to the House Natural Resources Committee in June 2020 that “police started throwing tear gas and flash-bang grenades at us for no reason . . . We were retreating. Square did not provide an update on forward guidance in its shareholder letter. In extended-hours trading following the company's earnings release, Square stock traded down nearly 4%.

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Peaceful Protest Timeline The Revolt doesn't stop and the CCP ousts Jiang Zemin and a New constitution is writen. Like before only member of the CCP can become Chairman but now there is a parliament with multiple parties
Civil War Timeline The Protests don't stop and they capture Beijinh and the Government flees to Shanghai. They declare war on them and pesents rebell spreads out.
They get aid from Western Nations and Vietnam who is at war with China. Tibet and East Turkestan declare their independence
After 7 years of Civil War the PRC surrenders. In the Treaty of Nanking Tibet and East Turkestan are independent and the rest is governed by a presidential Republic. The President is Lee Teng Hui, the President of Taiwan and the PRC becomes the RoC
In 1999 South Korean Troops invade North Korea who are all alone and fall. Only Kuba, Laos and Vietnam are Communist
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I'm 20 and the nurses won't allow me to get a pap smear or the hpv vaccine.How am I suppose to know which hpv strains I have or if I have a high risk strain. I have genital warts and was prescribed prodofilox, only receiving it tomorrow though because the clinic didn't have today.I don't know what's going on inside of me if I have internal warts or not and I'm scared. What if I developed cervical cancer or have warts on my cervix. I just feel defeated at this point. I'm trying to take control of the situation and sort it out but its like the universe is against it. I don't know what to do next. Please help
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swap: to exchange (usually two things of the same kind)
See tree for swap: https://treegledictionary.org/define/swap
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Hello po. My business is Sole proprietorship (VAT) and I just discovered that I have more forms to submit in BIR so I have penalties now. Forms that I didn't submit: 2550M, 2550Q and 1601EQ. Question is should I get an accountant now or I can do this by myself? Is there any free consultation or should I pay? Thank you in advance.
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3 winners!
Art will be digital! You can check my profile to see art examples!
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