is this another root or new growth? should it be underwater?

2022.01.18 10:46 rubonuwu is this another root or new growth? should it be underwater?

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2022.01.18 10:46 Apprehensive_Shoe948 First Time Using Color Theory. C&C Welcome!

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2022.01.18 10:46 Tryhard_3 Faction Focus: Iron Hands

Faction Focus: Iron Hands
“We are few in number, but hard to ignore.” The Iron Hands are a legion of attrition through brute troop strength, gaining card advantage by being too difficult to trade blows with through conventional means. This is achieved in a few ways:
  • They are masters of the relentless troop quality. Relentless troops gain a bonus effect at the beginning of their turn. Iron Hands have a huge number of relentless troops, as well as ways to trigger relentless again during their turn. The upshot is that the longer an Iron Hands troop sticks to board, the more problems it causes and the more difficult it is to remove. If in doubt about what kind of deck to make, word-searching "relentless" is a good starting point.
  • Most Iron Hands troops have lots of hit points. If your opponent can’t reliably jam, poison, or otherwise use hard removals on them, they will either be unable to trade blows with them, or spend so many actions/cards getting rid of them that you will gain the advantage as the game grinds on.
  • Iron Hands have lots of healing and damage tactics. It can be hard for opponents to keep troops on board or again win a slug-fest over the long term.
  • Iron Hands warlords play a strong support role, healing or buffing their already-formidable troops, or simply healing themselves. They also have epic and legendary-tier buffs that make them nightmares for opponents fielding weak troops.
The Iron Hands are very strong against aggro, as they can weather the initial storm of damage and strike back with chonky troops that are difficult to remove if the opponent is not prepared for a longer game. Most of their troops, relentless or not, have 4 or more health, which to me represents a “magic” number—it’s difficult throughout most of a game to kill a troop of 4 or more health with straight damage without spending two or more cards/actions.
If the opponent has access to lots of poison, jams, or removals, the Iron Hands are in a weaker position. Iron Hands also lack more than a small handful of "fast response" options--they can struggle to remove big threats before those threats get a chance to act or trigger another resolution effect.
Almost all IH legendaries are great, but the trouble is always getting them. There’s also a lot of epics that help them a lot, so they're not necessarily an easy faction to climb with.
Throughout the history of the game, the Iron Hands have been repeatedly re-worked to be more competitive. At the top of the meta they’re in a good position due to an increasing emphasis on troop decks.
Warlords In terms of meta friendliness, it’s Gabriel Santar and everyone else, but each choice is interesting.
Shadrak Meduson
An underrated pick who, like any good rare-tier warlord, can do a lot with a sprinkling of in- or out-of-faction cards. Lots of health on troops comes in handy so that they have a chance to respond to devastating effect if they survive. Shadrak is the poster boy for the Fierce Onslaught neutral epic.
Amadeus DuCaine
Probably the hardest of the warlords to play, as he faces an uphill battle early and his 1E is not always a great help, but brutal if he can survive to late game. His healing output means that if you have troops that don’t need to attack to do damage or cause problems, they are that much more annoying to be rid of.
Gabriel Santar
By far the most meta warlord, as he’s the most brutal counter to aggro available, is plenty strong in early game, and can succeed with a really tactics-heavy deck. 3 damage for 2E to any infantry or astartes is amazing in combination with those tactics, and ideally very little will stick until late game.
The new Galaxy in Flames warlord. If you can stall with Kardozia, you can begin winning the war through superior firepower from your litany of created vehicles. Alternately, you can keep early drops alive with more energy efficiency than most other warlords in the game.
Ferrus Manus
(Bionic Enhancement is a 1E tactic that gives +1/+1 and heals 1).
Ferrus is a lot of fun, but he’s the least efficient with energy and can feel slow even by Iron Hands standards, given his dead reckoning card. His reckoning is fun to build draw-happy troop decks around, but its competitiveness is unimpressive unless the game goes really long.
S-Tier Captain Atticus. Difficult to kill, creates card advantage.
Captain Kaagos. If Kaagos is not removed (he will usually die immediately), the game’s basically over. This will be a common refrain with the really good Iron Hands troops, of which there are a lot.
Cistar. Can’t be left on board. The -2 to cost on draw is extremely powerful, an Iron Hands deck that is cycling quickly is the scariest thing in the world.
Darras Squad. Really makes your mid-game shine and like any good IH troop, can’t be left on board.
Eutropius. An early threat that if buffed to 4 straight-off is a potential early game-ender.
Medusan Carapace. On Santar especially, this creates a surprising amount of pressure on your opponent.
Captain Baargus. Baargus is like a mini-Iron Father, just extremely good to keep on board.
Ferrum Cruiser. Large chunk of damage with AOE, flexible and always helpful.
The Hammer. This thing just ends games outright. Iron Hands will usually be carrying a lot of cards in-hand.
Iron Father. Iron Father will make your board immediately horrible to deal with.
Servo Arm. This is what keeps the aggro decks in fear. If played on curve, you stand to out-race most dedicated aggro warlords to 0.
Terrek Squad. Some rare quick response potential and a continuing thorn in the opponent’s side when buffed or proc’d with off-cycle relentless triggers.
Venerable Comech. Brutal battle honour that includes himself.
Winnow the Weak. Very inexpensive removal that doesn’t require you to have anything on board.
A-Tier Akhlys Astra. Roughly as good as Tarragon given the difference in energy cost, which is to say, very good.
Bionic Eye. A mild heal that reveals all stealth troops.
Captured Forge. It just gives you a lot of options quickly.
The Fall of Gaardinal. When combined with your shield counterattack, is a free 4 damage AOE that will really frustrate opponents with board advantage.
Legion’s Pride. Iron Hands were given exclusive rights to the old version of Desperate Defence. You can build decks around this.
Marlock Terminators. Should be Morlock Terminators, and yes I’ve contacted Everguild about it. Really strong, just not quite Comech strong.
Tarragon. Oh here’s just an apocalyptic level of damage if it stays on board.
Ungavarr Rhino. Some much-appreciated protection that can set up board and/or heal your warlord a little.
Urloch Squad. It’s difficult to pass up a 5 health 2E front line.
Xeriis Veterans. Triggers off-cycle relentless on any unit, including the warlord if nothing else is available.
B-Tier Ancient Brantar. Ability is a little too specific for me to include him often, and a tad slow.
Ancient Gorloch. I’m not a strong believer in troops with abilities, as they’re slow, or abilities that require you to essentially already be winning, but this is inarguably powerful beyond that.
Ancient Rorlaan. I get it, if you have buffs available he’s a very cheap chonker. If, if, if. Unless you are going vehicle theme deck or just want bodies, this is an unattractive option at this energy level.
Armoured Superiority. If you are relying on a small number of predictable vehicle draws this is interesting, but it’s still very expensive.
Bannus Squad. The rally draw is useful for cycling even if you don’t necessarily care what the vehicle is.
Deus Ex Ferrum. This used to be a better card when it healed. Now it’s merely OK.
Galba Squad. Disadvantages your opponent when they have no board and need some.
Halmech Squad. Can do a lot of damage behind early protection.
Head of the Gorgon. Potentially great, if you have 2-3 things out and/or the warlord buffed up.
Heavy Weaponry. The Iron Hands’ version of the Imperial Fists’ structure finisher. Good in a vehicle theme deck.
Korvaan Squad. There’s no sexy relentless here, but there is some rare fast response that is not to be underestimated.
Predator Executioner. I’m unlikely to pack this if I’m not going vehicle theme just because Marlocks, and this “only” has 5 health.
Rapier Laser. This is an expensive ability, but it’s a lot of damage and the buff can close out a game.
Thunderhawk 1169. Again, viable from the perspective of fast response potential.
Varrox Squad. If I’m determined to just play relentless troops non-stop, sure. The unstoppable can be important early.
Volkite Support. Relatively underwhelming until you really need it.
Meh Bitter Memories. These expensive mid-game deck buff cards are usually a bad idea compared to just playing troops and more immediate effects on curve.
Feirros Squad. I literally never take this guy.
Penrodis Rapier. I’m just not very impressed by the potential here, we can do more than this just playing other cards on curve.
Power Mace. I already have lots of buff options with most warlords.
Rauth Squad. This is less impressive than other similar troops in other factions.
Sons of Medusa. Giving away that the new Galaxy in Flames set is about setting up vehicle theme decks. Not very good, in that it’s too slow and a “win more” card.
The Storm. This is hilarious, but lol no. Very much another “win more” card, but can also be a “lose decisively” card.
The Best Card Choices by Energy Level 1E: Bionic Eye
2E: Urloch Squad, Terrek Squad
3E: Cistar, Eutropius, Ungavarr Rhino, Winnow the Weak
4E: Darras Squad, Medusan Carapace, Xeriis Veterans
5E: Captain Atticus, Captain Baargus, The Fall of Gardinaal, Servo Arm
6E: Captain Kaagos, Captured Forge, Ferrum Cruiser
7E: Marlock Terminators
8E: Iron Father, Venerable Comech
9E: The Hammer, Tarragon
10E: Akhlys Astra, Legion's Pride
Neutral Cards Healing. There's a chance a really fast opponent can grind you down before you get your safety floatation device cards out. Some of the big ones like Manifest Destiny or just Alpha-Pi can help.
Damage Resolution Troops. Sagitarii Squad, Helios Mortar Carrier, and Doombringer are buffable cards that offer a more immediate response without having to throw attacks.
Removals. Iron Hands are a little light on targeted hard removal options.
Jams. You may run into something that you can't blow out of the way with brute force, like a Salamander or a "returns to play" troop. Blow it out of the way anyway.
Deck Ideas Shadrak Meduson Beginner
Recommended cards, nothing above rare.
* Warlord: Shadrak Meduson
* 2x Bionic Eye
* 2x Urloch Squad
* 2x Eutropius
* 2x Winnow the Weak
* 2x Ungavarr Rhino
* 2x Darras Squad
* 2x Xeriis Veterans
* 2x Captain Atticus
* 2x The Fall of Gardinaal
* 2x Korvaan Squad
* 2x Ferrum Cruiser
* 2x Captured Forge
* 2x Marlock Terminators
* 2x Venerable Comech
* 2x Tarragon
The Bloody Tenth
Looking for a little bit more speed out of your troops than usual.
* 2x Fierce Onslaught
* 2x Terrek Squad
* 2x Heavy Weaponry
* 2x Goldstone's Hunters
* 2x Bannus Squad
* 2x Vorax
* 2x Darras Squad
* 2x Xeriis Veterans
* 2x Captain Atticus
* 2x Korvaan Squad
* 2x Vultarax
* 2x Venerable Comech
* 2x Nogahiel
* 2x Thunderhawk 1169
* 2x Iron Father
Amadeus DuCaine Lord Commander
Heavy on healing, draw, troop survival, and front line.
* 2x Bionic Eye
* 2x Urloch Squad
* 2x Ungavarr Rhino
* 2x Bannus Squad
* 1x Cistar
* 2x Deus Ex Ferrum
* 1x Medusan Carapace
* 2x Servo Arm
* 1x Captain Baargus
* 2x Captain Atticus
* 2x Captain Kaagos
* 2x Ancient Gorrloch
* 2x Marlock Terminators
* 2x Venerable Comech
* 2x Iron Father
* 1x The Hammer
* 2x Tarragon
Gabriel Santar Rule of 4
Tough troops under 6E so you almost always have a play, followed up by the Hammer to finish.
* Gabriel Santar
* Warlord: Gabriel Santar
* 2x Urloch Squad
* 1x Cistar
* 2x Halmech Squad
* 2x Ungavarr Rhino
* 2x Winnow the Weak
* 2x Darras Squad
* 2x Galba Squad
* 1x Medusan Carapace
* 2x Volkite Support
* 2x Xeriis Veterans
* 2x Captain Atticus
* 1x Captain Baargus
* 2x Korvaan Squad
* 2x Rapier Laser
* 2x Rauth Squad
* 2x Servo Arm
* 1x The Hammer
First Captain
Tactics gimmick deck that I've actually cleaned up with a few times.
* Warlord: Gabriel Santar
* 2x Bionic Eye
* 2x Arvus Lighter
* 1x Remembrancer Order
* 2x Sabotage
* 2x Void Engagement
* 2x Wonders of Tizca
* 2x Angelic Presence
* 1x Command Bridge
* 1x Crucial Choice
* 2x Winnow the Weak
* 1x Medusan Carapace
* 2x Servo Arm
* 1x Manifest Destiny
* 2x The Fall of Gardinaal
* 2x Aratan
* 2x Ferrum Cruiser
* 1x The Hammer
* 2x Apotheosis
Kardozia Iron Does Not Forget
Lean into the vehicle theme.
* 2x Heavy Weaponry
* 2x Penrodis Rapier
* 2x Bannus Squad
* 2x Ungavarr Rhino
* 2x Ancient Rorlaan
* 2x Armoured Superiority
* 2x Captain Atticus
* 2x Rapier Laser
* 2x Ancient Brantar
* 2x Ancient Gorrloch
* 2x Captured Forge
* 2x Predator Executioner
* 2x Thunderhawk 1169
* 2x Venerable Comech
* 2x Tarragon
Ferrus Manus Fus Ro Dah
Let's really lean into the gimmick and just throw out more low-curve stuff than can be handled.
* 2x Human Shields
* 2x Feron's Militia
* 2x Head of the Gorgon
* 2x Terrek Squad
* 2x Varrox Squad
* 1x Cistar
* 2x Eutropius
* 2x Halmech Squad
* 2x Ungavarr Rhino
* 2x The Brotherhood
* 2x Darras Squad
* 1x Medusan Carapace
* 2x Xeriis Veterans
* 2x Alpha-Theta 11
* 2x Servo Arm
* 1x Captain Baargus
* 1x Forge Complex
Other Guides Difficult to find stuff that's current given the recent patch, but:
Mr. Midnight Kardozia Deck Build
Gabriel Santar Deck Build
Definitely Not Your Physics Teacher Amadeus DuCaine
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2022.01.18 10:46 PopCultureConsultant I cant get this scene put of my head, but idk where it's from. Plis help.

I remember this scene where like a hitman dude is trying to find 2 people. One of them is like a girl with red hair or something and the other is a boy. And he searches everywhere trying to find them, but he cant. So he goes to a restaurant And they end up sitting right behind him at the restaurant. There, he overhears them talking about their plan/mission and realizes they were they ones he was looking for. And then he follows them. I think later on he bas a change of heart and spares them or something, idk. Is this from a movie or a show or a book? Please tell me, it's been eating my head.
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2022.01.18 10:46 ThaPlymouth Venus Over Selma [Bronica SQ-A, 80mm f/2.8, Portra 400]

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2022.01.18 10:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Ohio company hires stay-at-home moms, high school students amid worker shortage | FOX

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2022.01.18 10:46 iamcalifw 💲 MetaShiba - Just FairLaunched and we are flying 🚀 Renounced Ownership - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year 💲

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2022.01.18 10:46 Sneakerguy2704_ iPhone 11 hacked? (15.2.1)

So I opened TikTok and it asks me if I want to give TikTok access to my contacts or not. This is your standard iPhone pop up, which lets you choose between “don’t allow” and “go to settings”. I press don’t allow and after a few moments immediately panic. You see, I use dark mode and this specific pop up was in light mode. Everything seemed legit except that one detail. Now I’m questioning if I am overreacting or if I should factory reset my phone. Help.
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2022.01.18 10:46 ClubSea7973 Where’s Tasha???? She just may not come back.

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2022.01.18 10:46 Goldenwolflk Whaaaat!?

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2022.01.18 10:46 nobody939 I'm addicted to DIY videos

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2022.01.18 10:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Rep. Spartz: 'Sad to see Russia moving back to aligning themselves with dictatorship regimes' | FOX

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2022.01.18 10:46 BobsterWat Red Light Holland to Collaborate with Advocacy Group, Psychedelic Medicine Alliance Washington to Promote Proposed Psilocybin Legalization Bill in Washington State

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2022.01.18 10:46 ChocyZ2424 I’ll defend this movie till I die. Finally a marvel movie that isn’t a marvel movie.

Personally I loved this movie, it doesn’t feel like a normal marvel movie which is the best part and one of the biggest complaints I see. It feels like a real movie. Some other complaints I hear is about the deaths in the movie. I’m happy characters died, I hate in other movies where it feels like characters are invincible. Ajak dying in the first thirty minutes was unexpected and got me very invested. Gilgamesh dying pushed Athenas plot further. Star fox in the comics is a “seductress” so it makes sense that he’s played by the dude that every girl is obsessed with. Everyone hates sprite cause she’s a child lol but her plot is so interesting. Basically a god with unlimited power and life that wants nothing more than to be human? Cmon that’s great. Finally one of the most annoying ones is Ikaris. I like the fact that he’s the one in the group that gets too arrogant to realize the truth. Because THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE REAL ICARUS. Also if I killed the woman who was basically my mom/mentor I’d probably leave too like do you think the Eternals would be like “dude it’s cool that you killed our basically mom and tried to murder all of us, like well let it slide, it won’t be awkward at all”. Not sure if he killed himself by flying into the sun (though that would be accurate to the real Icarus as well, ya know melted wings and what not) but it’s left open if they want to bring him back I guess. Or he’s dead. Either way content with either.
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2022.01.18 10:46 ZeEa5KPul J-20 looking 🔥

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2022.01.18 10:46 TheRevenantsReturn Let's train in full kit and ruck all weekend. It'll be awesome...

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2022.01.18 10:46 Player_oZe [XB1] H:Double AR W:Lvl 1 Pipe Revolver (AAE FR)

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2022.01.18 10:46 bjornar123 Appearing online in one server and offline in another

I know this probably have been posted a million times. I just wanted to check if there are anything new relating to this since I only found suggestion posts about this being years old already. So is there a option to appear online in one server and offline in another?
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2022.01.18 10:46 Anmol_22 I go into one nether portal in the overworld, come out from the exit of a different portal. How and why?

In my main world, I have many nether portals. For this example: 1st pair of nether portals- PA(overworld entry) and PB (nether exit), and 2nd pair of portals- PC (overworld entry) and PD (nether entry). PA and PB have been in my world for quite some time and recently I made PC and PD. The moment I walk into PC, I come out of PB, instead of PD. Also, I tried looking for PD but no luck. When I walk back into PB, I come back out of PA, as expected. Why is this happening? Any help is appreciated.
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2022.01.18 10:46 ajaxodyssey Wonder why you go to work? Wonder why you can't have free healthcare? Cause she ain't in it for you. There Are 100 Million Reasons Why No One Trusts Nancy Pelosi.

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2022.01.18 10:46 nflip3 Cat Sleeping Positions (OC)

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2022.01.18 10:46 TruthToPower77 “Self-made”

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2022.01.18 10:46 ContentForager2 Can I go to Japan yet? (/r/japan)

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2022.01.18 10:46 sameersiddiqui11 👁️

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2022.01.18 10:45 sunflowerto6 Not sure who I need to call

I have an electric furnace that is only been used for one cold season last year. It was installed before I bought the house so I have no idea the which company installed it. It wasn't installed properly. Th original owner sent a tech out and all he did was turn one breaker off so my house wouldn't burn down. Here is the thing it's not heating my house now and it's flipping the other breaker. So do I call a hvac company out or an electrician or both? My hvac system wasn't wired correctly to the breaker box originally why one breaker had to be flipped off.
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