Microsoft Nears $70 Billion Deal for Video Game Maker Activision

2022.01.18 10:48 getBusyChild Microsoft Nears $70 Billion Deal for Video Game Maker Activision

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2022.01.18 10:48 kgnetwork A bit of calligraphy. Practice is important, and watching a timelapse of it after is so satisfying!

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2022.01.18 10:48 assagitaz Windeskind - A Long Journey [Voltaire Music]

Publisher: Voltaire Music
Out Date: 2022-01-14
Quality: MP3 12.74 Mb / AIFF 55.90 Mb
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
Windeskind - A Long Journey / (Key Abm, BPM 134, Length 5:16)​
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2022.01.18 10:48 NFsharpie_came_back Hi incase you remember u/NF_Sharpie_U3O, well, hehe, that's me :) And I'm back!

I'll probably just be making art, nothing much
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2022.01.18 10:48 ImpatientBrat Why is my Fusion-Text so blurry, I havent changed any settings

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2022.01.18 10:48 DooM_Alduin “hesitation is defeat”

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2022.01.18 10:48 EddDaDing Is it possible to get master of sorcery, master of miracles etc on a full strength build?

As in one is required to "learn" the spells for the trophy/achievment? Does buying them learn them or do you actually have to cast each spell. I am wondering if I can just ng+ my current character and get the achievement or if I have to make specific classes for it.
Any advice is appreciated thanks!
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2022.01.18 10:48 tross2393 What in scoliosis rectification?

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2022.01.18 10:48 Hugh-Manatee No big fancy rice scoop, but its the best gumbo I've ever made.

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2022.01.18 10:48 jaxlee126 Best Bespoke Men Suiting Brand - Luxury Men's Clothing

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2022.01.18 10:48 Allstarfl811 H: caps W: X-01 Jet Pack Plans

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2022.01.18 10:48 veggie_snake My Soundcore Life Q30 Headphones are acting up.

For some reason, when I use them in bluetooth mode, the left side becomes really quiet, but the right side is fine. I know they're not broken, because when I change the mode to noise cancelling or transparency the little voice that announces the mode is equal in both sides. Also, when I plug the directly into my laptop with a cable they sound fine. Any advice?
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2022.01.18 10:48 I_love_to_please Can anyone with the new intel 12400 cpu share some in game benchmarks?

To check what is the minimum framerate you get with it.
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2022.01.18 10:48 YellowSquashMedia Maybe more of a lifestyle 😆

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2022.01.18 10:48 KraftyLilRascal Portrait of a women commission

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2022.01.18 10:48 swingingnutsackyummy I would love some feedback on my demon story

To cut to the chase, my story is about a girl who rides the traintracks and accidentally becomes an imp in the process. Heres the wattpad description for my story :)
"Raguna, a 16 year old girl, has always had a passion for trains and conducting them, and wishes to be a train conductor someday. Well, the tracks happen to lead through a very sketchy forest, one rumored to be the home of imps who like to catch and play games with people. The rules go as follows: If you're tagged by an imp, you must hide, and a bounty is placed over your head. If they find you, then you have been considered "captured", and you are forcibly turned into an imp as well. If you're captured, and turned into an imp, then you must participate in the game. If you win, you'll be granted a wish and set free. If you have managed to hide successfully for 3 days without being found, then your bounty is dropped, and you are freed. To win, you must simply earn more points than your original capturer, which means you must turn others into imps as well.
Raguna learns all of this the hard way, after an unexpected encounter involving one of her close friends, and one if the imps.
However, that's not the only threat these train tracks trot through... there are certain imps crowned with the title of Zodiacs. These special imps are the headmasters of the game, carriers of the demon bloodline. They represent their respective constellation, and control certain aspects of peoples karma and fate.
Well, I suppose that's all just a rumor, as far as I know. Shall we find out together, as we follow Raguna's journey through these cursed rails?"
I'd love to receive some feedback on this so far :) This definetly needs a lot more worldbuilding, and I'll need to update the description so far as well, as Raguna's best friend, and the imp involved in their encounter are pretty major characters in the story. Any ideas and critique appreciated, thank you!
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2022.01.18 10:48 Rayan2550 This is facts

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2022.01.18 10:48 Arnadus [NEAR] NEAR Protocol. Price ↘ -1.46% in 15 minutes

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2022.01.18 10:48 Accurate-Duck2039 Female police officer stops a sergeant from attacking a handcuffed man

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2022.01.18 10:48 ilikeparrot I got amazon gift card on paxful. How to use that gift card balance to get btc or real money?

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2022.01.18 10:48 Christopher_Courage NA intake advice?

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2022.01.18 10:48 NuclearHellfireCult Any one know if theres a website somewhere thats just like an archive of toys?

like, a big gallery of 80s and 90's toys,ideally with info on them but pics would be enough. I remember a lot of random action figures i picked up at car boot sales as a kid that i have no idea what they're from etc
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2022.01.18 10:48 wtfanon4 Update on my GF & her colleague.. but now there is a new guy.

So if you haven’t read my previous post yet, you may want to click on my profile and come back to this one..
I want to start off by saying thank you everyone for the sound advice and reaching out to me. It was rough.
One key point I forgot to mention, the previous story happened two years ago. I did confront her, and she was okay with me having access to her IG and only changed her pw only because she thought someone else had hacked her account.
In relation to the messages/pictures being sent she said she never crossed any line but she understood how this could make me feel. She got two of her colleagues to reach out to me, to let me know the guy coworker is a trusted friend for all the girls in the office. Not sure how much I believe that. But oh well, I didn’t leave her.
Fast forward one year.. when TikTok first came out and everyone was glued to their phones.. myself and my gf were also riding the TikTok train. Whilst I was a fan of scrolling the vids, my gf enjoyed the live feature. She found this one guy, who she would watch regularly and they actually formed a bit of a friendship over the live chats, which led to them connecting on Instagram.
As I previously mentioned, my gf has huge tits. She uploaded a story essentially showcasing them, even though the photo was a birthday picture for one of her friends - you know the ones. This guy sent her a message saying wow… and then the conversations about her tits began. I began the monitor this closely, without giving any signs away that I was again snooping.
This one night, she had a girls night fall on the exact same night as I had a boys night. Even though I was with my boys, my mind was else where. Here is my gf again messaging with another guy. But this time they’re openly talking about her tits.. and plenty of videos being sent throughout the night to him (not me) which he responds with commentary on her boob size. My blood is boiling at this point, I am actually thinking of what my life will be like without her.
I think, she was suspecting that I may possibly read these, so every few messages she clears the chat. I may have missed a few messages in between. But the next message he sends, he mentions his dick size which she responds “that’s not bad, for a tight one” referring to her V.
After that, I couldn’t read anymore.. I brought it up the very next day. Huge fight. She’s apologetic and continuously telling me she just is okay to talk about sex and stuff with people, but that’s as far as it goes. We went on a week break. She was devastated. Her friends calling me, telling me the full story. We are still together, but these two events have left a scar in my heart to say the least.
I no longer have access to her Instagram btw. Oh well.
My dm’s are open, happy to chat.
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2022.01.18 10:48 SnooDonuts500 Students in the US get 20% off on Garmin through myUnidays

Hi guys, just bought Epix 2 (was about to get Fenix 7, but DC rainmakers review changed my mind). Just wanted to share that you get 20 % off coupon using your (or your friends/family?) .edu address on myUnidays. For epix it saved me $200–quite a decent amount! Not sure if this has been shared here before but thought I’d share.
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2022.01.18 10:48 euph4ria Can this be cystic acne? I’ve been getting hard bumps under my skin. What should I use/ what do u recommend doing

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