Had these back today happy with that

Listen what he meant with choosing is simply to decide that you want to be happy, the decision is to take actions that will develop happiness and joy in your life. if you wish to dwell deep in your sadness that’s your choice,but if you want to be happy its easy just say out loud ” I choose to be happy and not to let anything ruin my precious life with despair and suffering ” then start ... They had us in the area where you go in case there's a storm, and we were all there. Then, the lights got to flickering, and then all of a sudden, we felt a gust of — we could feel the wind. Anhedonia, or the inability to feel pleasure during pleasurable activities, occurs as a part of a number of conditions. It is also considered a central feature of depression. * The Antidote: Five happy things to read about today, December 17 Ali Khalifa said the idea began as a way for him to give the community something to enjoy while they were unable to leave their ... What Happy People Do Differently ... Psychology Today. ... the biggest predictor of happiness at work was whether or not a person had a best friend they could call on for support. It makes sense ... Hoping you and yours had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Posted Wednesday, ... From me, my husband Matt, and all of us on Team Kat, we hopes everyone in Clay County had a very Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! Comments ... , Clay Today. ... View good news for the week with photos, videos and positive news stories to make you smile. Read the latest feel good news today with stories to inspire you. Bonus: Download a free step-by-step checklist that includes all the 24 ways to make someone happy (it's easy to save as a PDF or print out for whenever you need it during your day or week). 1. Give a sincere compliment. Many positive things tend to go unsaid. So give someone a sincere compliment today. Happiness is an electrifying and elusive state. Philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and even economists have long sought to define it. And since the 1990s, a whole branch of psychology ... Happy Hours, as we know them today, got started during the early days of the Mexican-American war. During the occupation of Veracruz Harbor, American sailors aboard the U.S.S. Arkansas were the subject of desperate reporters looking to fill out mundane stories after earlier fighting had used up all the exciting copy.

2022.01.18 11:30 Bzzzz_zzzz Had these back today happy with that

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2022.01.18 11:30 HappyBachelor28 Should I change my Job?

We had an yearly review last month (Our company follows Jan to Dec review cycle) I have received best performance award twice in last 3 quarters. I was expecting a promotion this time as my overall reviews have been excellent. (Avoided an operational incidence with my due diligence, automated workflows)
But my manager changed jobs before the review. And my immediate seniors are fighting for the managers role. Since they would quit if they didn't get a better role, both are being promoted. Guy 1 to managers role. And Guy 2 is being moved to a different team. Both are senior manager's chamchas. Neither of them have done anything great other than BAU tasks in the year.
Now since 2 people from our team (team of 6) are already being promoted, no one else is being offered a promotion.
My senior manager called me and praised me but in the end he says "keep doing the same good job you are already doing. And I will promote you next time"
Should I change my job? I have around 5 years of work experience as below.
Company 1. Fintech Start up: 1 Year 8 months Company 2. Well known start up: 1 Year 10 months Current company. MNC: 2 years
Will my resume get ruined if I change my job as I have worked for close to only 2 years in every company?
I'm 28. Will this switch impact me?
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2022.01.18 11:30 mr_daddycool1 Kiara advani

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2022.01.18 11:30 unlink_account Friend's stream crashes when I join

My friend always streams on discord on a server but when I go and watch the stream it crashes the stream. Anyone got a fix for the issue?
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2022.01.18 11:30 Material_Character75 Visual journal day 2 - working on challenging myself with the subjects

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2022.01.18 11:30 IronZoinked Cresco 1G LLR Carts aren’t worth it.

I’ve had 3 just to be sure. The 1G carts start burning out about .25 - .2 left, and totally burn out around .1.
That might not seem like a lot, but before any discount, that .1 is essentially $10.
You’re better off spending that wasted $10 on two .5’s, that way you can at least smoke your money, not throw it away.
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2022.01.18 11:30 aewillia 2022 Houston Marathon: Do it again, but better

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A Sub-3:30 Yes
B Stay positive Yes
C Keep my cool before the race Yes
Mile Time
1 7:51 /mi
2 7:48 /mi
3 7:47 /mi
4 7:49 /mi
5 7:49 /mi
6 7:52 /mi
7 7:49 /mi
8 7:54 /mi
9 7:56 /mi
10 7:48 /mi
11 7:56 /mi
12 8:00 /mi
13 8:04 /mi
14 7:59 /mi
15 8:10 /mi
16 7:40 /mi
17 8:01 /mi
18 7:51 /mi
19 7:50 /mi
20 7:50 /mi
21 7:41 /mi
22 7:48 /mi
23 7:44 /mi
24 7:43 /mi
25 7:42 /mi
26 7:45 /mi
.2 6:28 /mi
Training This race was the crown jewel of the best year of training of my life, but the story goes a little further back than that. The last race report I wrote, I had finally gotten a win in getting through a single cycle healthy and managed to run my first marathon. At the end of that race report, I mentioned that I felt pretty meh about the time itself, a 3:52:52. I knew I was capable of better. I planned to try again in January 2021, but then life got in the way. And by “life,” I mean Covid. But we’d be able to get past that by January of 2021, obviously. This thing isn’t going to hang around for a whole year.
I signed up for the race in May and started training seriously for the race in August. By the time the race went virtual in either November or December of 2020, I was into the meat of the marathon plan and just decided to keep following it with toned down long runs. After that plan ended, I did a half plan just for the hell of it, which ended in May of 2021 with an official 5K PR of 21:53. I focused on building mileage over the summer and other than a couple of weeks when I had a hip issue, I maintained solid mileage and tried to get comfortable at 14-16 mile long runs.
The first part of this training cycle was organized with a dual focus. Obviously I was trying to get ready for Houston, but I was also trying to PR in my local half marathon. I hadn’t broken that PR in five years and I was dead set on getting that monkey off my back before Houston. I ended up running a 1:39-mid, which was about a 3:30 PR and really boosted my confidence. With that done, I was able to focus fully on the marathon.
In my first marathon, my weakness was time on feet and overall mileage. I didn’t even average 40 mpw and I had a lot of injuries I was dealing with, so the focus was just on getting to the start line, and that showed. My legs just didn’t have the mileage in them to be able to actually race over that distance. This time, I’ve run way more miles for a much more sustained period. My highest yearly mileage was about 1650 before 2021. In 2021, it was about 2150 miles.
catzerzmcgee was coaching me again (thank youuuuuu). The general weekly structure had quality in a MLR workout and an uptempo progression long run. I typically negative split my long runs anyway, so we figured we’d just roll with that and call it a quality day. The workouts were usually pretty simple. I ended up doing a lot of workouts that were shorter and faster and not a ton of longer intervals. I did one workout with two 12 minute segments at HMP. I had a HM tuneup long run workout that was 4x400 at 5k, 4x1km at HM, and then another 4x400 at 5k. The workout that I think was the biggest indicator that something big was on the table was a 14 mile long run in October that had 8 miles at what Stryd said my marathon power was.
My peak week was pretty fantastic. 70 minutes (8 miles) on Monday. Tuesday was 7x 3:00 at CP for a total of 105 minutes and 11.3 miles. 70 minutes (7.6 miles) on Wednesday. 82 minutes (9 miles) on Thursday. 30 minutes on Friday. On Sunday, I used the half at the Dallas Marathon as part of a long run workout. I did a total of 30km that day, with a longer warmup and a cooldown, but did the half broken up into three chunks for a workout. The first 5 miles were a little under MP, the next 5 were at MP, and the last 5k was just yeeted. I ended up running the half in 1:40:45, just a minute and 15 seconds off the PR I had set a month prior. This was a huge confidence boost. That race capped off my highest mileage week ever at 58 miles with a lot of quality in it.
I only ran one 20 miler for this cycle, but I had a lot of long runs between 15 and 18. During the training block, my regular easy runs were usually at least 70 minutes and often 80 minutes. I was just racking up the mileage in a way that I had never been able to do before. My easy pace got a lot faster this year, so I was able to run more miles in the same amount of time, and some weeks I’d need to cut runs down to make sure I wasn’t overdoing the mileage.
By the end, though, this extended training block had worn me down mentally a lot and I really didn’t love running. In the last few weeks before the taper, the last thing I wanted to do every day was go for a run. I hated running and I hated being tired and not being able to do anything else for fear of getting sick or injured. I was basically at the end of a 16 week cycle which itself was at the end of an 18 month training block. I was burned out. The taper ended up curing all ills, but I was not prepared for the mental fatigue of a really strong marathon block.
Pre-race I drove down to Houston on Saturday morning. I stopped at a Panda Express on the way down and had lunch there because rice. I got into the hotel and then walked to the expo with herumph, runroardinosaur, bowermansnackclub, and bluemostboth. I grabbed my packet and we waited for the rest of the AR crew to get there. In the meantime, I saw a few of my local club runners and then my coworker got there and she and I walked around while the redditors did a shakeout.
That night, we got Halal Guys because, again, rice. I got in bed around 8 and tried to get to sleep around 9 for a 4 AM wake up.
When 4 AM came, I checked Twitter and then fell asleep again. I woke up again when my 4:45 alarm went off and got up to eat a poptart and make a bottle of Maurten 160. I got dressed and made my way over to the convention center at 6, sipping on the Maurten. It wasn’t as windy as they were expecting it to be, so I feel good about my choice of a regular running hat, singlet, shorts, and sleeves. I dropped my bag off, put a trash bag over my head, headed to my corral, and got there at 6:30. I had already achieved one of my goals by this point. I hadn’t freaked out. I was excited. I saw jaylapeche with the 3:30 pacers and we got ready to go.
Race The plan was to go out with the 3:30 pacers and stick with them until 18, but everyone has a plan until the pacers go out 20 seconds per mile faster than they were supposed to. We ended up getting separated from the pacers as we went through the start line and by the time we crossed, there were no pacer signs in sight. Jaylapeche offered to stick with me until the half and full split off and I was thankful for his company. We probably caught the pacers around mile 5, but we were definitely going too fast. During this section, we went through River Oaks and an Episcopalian minister(?) yeeted some holy water on us. My nutrition strategy was a Maurten gel every 6km, just like the website recommends. I alternated between the caffeinated and regular gels, and I would usually start at the 5th km and take a km to eat the gel itself.
I was feeling good at mile 7, which was where the half and full split was. I moved over to the left side of the road because Dino and my husband were over there and I was picking up a water bottle from him. I had just finished my second gel and was thankful for their cheers and for the water to wash the taste out of my mouth. Shortly after we saw them, jaylapeche and I were sent our separate ways, and I tucked into the 3:30 pack.
The next chunk of the race is pretty calm. I settled in with the pacers and they settled in around the actual pace they were supposed to be running. I was still planning on keeping up with them, but the lead pacer dropped off to use the bathroom, and the other pacer went a bit too fast and we ended up with an extra 40 seconds in the bag, and I knew I had more than that because I started later than they did. They decided to slow down at the water stops and I just wasn’t interested in that, so I kept going while they slowed down. There were a lot of folks who went with me, so we had a little mini pack going into the bridge and the halfway mark.
13 to 18 is where we started heading north, right into the wind. I remembered this section from last time and it was windy then too. I really had to start fighting to stay positive in this stretch in 2020, and I came into this stretch in a much better place this time. I ended up running with a woman named Liz and we were chatting and getting to know each other during this part of the course. I saw my mom and stepdad at mile 15ish and that felt great. There was a good bit of crowd support during this part, and I enjoyed being able to be present and interact with the crowd. We had slowed down from 15k to the half with the pacers and my split for that section was 8:01. I stayed steady there not because of a lack of effort to speed up, but I think just because I was fighting the wind on my own.
One thing I was looking forward to was running through some new tunnels that had been constructed in the last two years but hadn’t been opened to cars yet, so we were getting to run on pristine concrete. I yelled in the tunnels because what else are you going to do, not yell in the tunnel? Liz yelled with me and I felt silly and it was a great feeling to be not miserable and able to do fun stuff like that. My quads were starting to get sore, but this was later than it happened last time, and not nearly as bad.
When the hills (underpasses) started at mile 22 or 23, I made sure to run by feel and by power and not focus on pace on the way up. I’m a firm believer that if you run smart up the hills, you can run faster down them, and that’s exactly what happened here. Liz went on ahead and charged up the first hill. I stayed back, mostly because I was scared of what the hills were going to do me. Last time, I was completely miserable by this part and it was everything I could do not to die of agony. This time, my quads were sore in some spots, but I was still feeling strong. I let Liz go ahead and ended up making up the difference somewhere in the middle. My breathing got heavier but I was hanging in there, and more importantly, we were almost done. We stopped talking much, but it was nice to have someone to suffer next to.
When I knew we were done with the hills and we made it downtown, I started pushing some. From 30k to 35k, I had cranked down from to a 7:51 pace. From 35 to 40, I grabbed another couple of seconds per mile. From 40k to the finish, I managed to hold on to 7:27 pace. I was absolutely tired and sore, but I was thrilled to find out I still had strength at the end. When I passed my coworker Lauren and heard her cheering and then heard bluemostboth and Dino and my husband and then heard my mom yelling for me, all in the last km, I just felt so lucky to have so many folks rooting for me. I knew that I had a sub 3:30 in the bag at this point, but I knew that come September, I might wish I had pushed a little harder, so I gathered everything I had and kicked. I was dodging folks in the finisher chute as I chased down every second and I crossed in 3:26:47.
Post-race I teared up a little as I realized that I had not just achieved my goal, but had done it the way I wanted to. I ran a strong race, I wasn’t scared of the task when it came down to it, and I might actually be going to Boston.
The walk to get my shirt and mug and gear check bag felt a whole lot shorter this time than it did last time, but it still felt amazing to sit down when I got to my mom in the family area. I put on some more clothes and started drinking more fluids and then we went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for lunch. I hung out with coworkers and redditors that afternoon and evening and still managed to be in bed at 9 PM. I had a blast and loved meeting new folks and hanging out with the same dweebs I’d already met.
Conclusions I knew sub 3:30 was possible, but the fact that I ran a 3:26 has still not sunk in. I know I worked for every second of that time and I’m most proud of the fitness I’ve built over this whole time period. I’m so thankful for Catz for coaching me and putting up with me griping about wanting to run more 20 milers even though he knew I didn’t need to. I am so thankful for all of my friends and family for coming down to the race and for supporting me in the lead-in to the race. OGFireNation was my biggest hype man this block and also encouraged me not to get high on my own supply when I floated going out with the 3:25 pacers. That kind of friend is invaluable. Everyone who went down there (and so many more people) listened to me bellyache about my race for far too long and I appreciate them all.
Staying healthy has made the biggest difference in my training, but I think I benefitted just as much (if not more) from adding in intensity to my training as I did from the increased volume overall. I’ve tried running higher mileage without intensity before, and I did not make as much progress then as I have over the last 18 months.
I’m going to do my absolute best to capitalize on this fitness by taking time off and staying healthy. I do not want to do another marathon this year, and I think I’m going to focus on shorter races like the mile and the 5 mile and get back to the gym and cycle more.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2022.01.18 11:30 decidedSam Dune

I heard a lot of rave about Dune due to its actors. I saw there was an original, so I tried to watch it first to get a feel. I felt there was a lot going on and hard to follow. I then attempted to watch the new one, mostly for Jason, and felt the same way.
Am I missing subtext about the movie? I’m usually really good at following storylines and plots but this movie seems all over the place. I would love to get into it, being as space/ futuristic and dystopian movies are my go to.
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2022.01.18 11:30 Dorkydori I feel so ashamed, why did I open my big mouth?

I broke down crying on the phone with my mother about how I want to move out and leave her because i’m so tired of living here with her. I never told her that before. She felt so bad that she started crying too. I hate sharing my emotions I hate it so much. I don’t know why I did it but I don’t feel better.
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2022.01.18 11:30 Spiritual-Function Morgan & Mordred ʘᴗʘ ♥

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2022.01.18 11:30 VapingPaulie Will there before playoff limited cards?

I know things are weird with EA right now but did they say we'll have more playoff limited cards like Unitas?
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2022.01.18 11:30 WiredPro Martha Is Dead Tarot Card Dev Blog

Martha Is Dead Tarot Card Dev Blog Hello again! In this weeks dev blog we're sharing some of the information surrounding the dark mystery of the tarot and the representation of tarot cards in the game!
There are many elements in play with Martha's story, from the tragic murder and following investigation and the oppressive presence of war, to the mysticism around dark arts and age old folklore, with the shattering impact this all has on the family and those around them.
Before we dive into the cards themselves, let's have a little history lesson on the origin of tarot, and why it fits with Marthas authentic Italian themes.
The History of Tarot
Tarot decks were invented in Italy in the 1430s by adding to the existing four-suited pack a fifth suit of 21 specially illustrated cards called trionfi (“triumphs”) and an odd card called il matto (“the fool”). these early tarot cards—tarocchi cards, in Italian—had suits, trump cards, and even pips.
The widespread use of tarot cards for divination only took off in the late 1700s, when Frenchman Jean-Baptise Alliette published the first definitive guide to tarot card reading. Pseudonymed Etteilla, he wrote a guide to using the cards and released his own deck alongside it. He gave meaning to each of the cards, incorporating beliefs about astronomy and the four elements. He claimed to have borrowed heavily from the Book of Thoth, an Egyptian text supposedly written by Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.
The Tarot Cards In Martha
Fancy your hand at being a Tarot reader? As you progress through the game the player will come across the Tarot cards and be able to use them once per in game day. The player will choose 3 of them at random each day and then a set reading based on the results is given, hinting to things that have happened in the past, that may happen in the future, or potentially even evoking spirits and communicating with them.
Each card has two different meanings, depending on how the image appears when the card is turned over: upright or reversed.
In the first case the card normally has a positive meaning, in the second case a negative one (in some cases, which will be specified, the opposite is true).
The meaning of each card is also profoundly influenced by the other cards that accompany it. For this reason the interpretation of the tarot is neither easy, immediate nor unambiguous. Let us analyse each card with its possible and contrasting meanings.
The Fool
It represents an individual who is about to face something new.
It encourages one to face life lightly, without fearing what will come and without giving weight to the judgement of others.
Indicates insecurity and depression, a preamble to bad results.
The Magician
Represents energy.
Indicates an important encounter in love or friendship and the ability to get what you want.
The end of a relationship, difficulties in friendships or work. Indicates deception, seduction leading to mistakes.
The High Priestess
Represents feminine knowledge, endowed with great spiritual power.
Indicates a female person who will help with the wisdom of her advice.
Announces clashes with the males. May indicate a period when one faces life passively, suffering problems rather than facing them.
The Empress
It represents love and prosperity.
Successful completion of an undertaking, happiness and stability. Could indicate a close engagement or marriage. Represents a practical, strong, successful person.
Betrayal and gossip. Could represent the approaching end of a relationship. Represents a superficial and unreliable person as they lack feelings.
The Emperor
Represents a man of power, material power as opposed to the The High Priestess.
Great experience, ability to control oneself and influence others.
Powerful, selfishness.
The Hierophant
Represents spiritual strength.
Ability to teach others, may indicate that the person is protected by a higher good.
Inability to take responsibility.
The Lovers
Represent a contrast between good and evil, between vices and virtues. It normally concerns the emotional and love sphere.
Heralds an active and satisfying social life as well as a positive love life.
Dangerous temptations lead to negative consequences in the emotional and sentimental sphere. Consequences that can only be resolved through suffering.
The Chariot
Represents the victory that can be achieved through self-discipline and commitment.
Success is on the way, you can overcome some difficult moments.
Difficulty in getting what you want, failure. Difficulty in making decisions and loss of control
Represents two opposing forces.
Ability to master one's instincts, self-control. Problems will be solved with determination.
Dominance of insecurity and brutal force. Aggression and violence undermine relationships with others.
The Hermit
Represents wisdom and thoughtfulness
Invites reflection, patience and making decisions on one's own. Indicates capacity for reflection and prudence.
Indicates regression or loss. It may represent an inability to make decisions for oneself, but also a situation of excessive isolation.
Wheels of Fortune
Represents destiny
Luck is on us side. There will be positive changes.
Fate is adverse and will put us to the test. There may be negative changes.
Represents balance and the consequences of actions.
We can get what we deserve, be successful. Indicates an impartial, honest and moral person.
Our actions will not take us where we want to go. Major quarrels and possible relationship breakdowns.
The Hanged Man
It represents sacrifice and its acceptance. Very ambiguous card.
There are important changes in sight. It indicates rebirth to a new life.
Many doubts are the preamble to difficult times. May represent unrequited love.
It represents the inevitable end, destruction and subsequent regeneration.
We end something that will bring something better. We overcome something that was not right. It is necessary to destroy something in order to build something better.
Something ends that leaves a great void and brings suffering, despair. You go through a difficult period to overcome.
Represents harmony.
Harmony and balance help to avoid mistakes and accompany us towards serenity.
We lack the right balance and harmony to face life's challenges.
The Devil
Represents the vices that imprison the human being.
Positive (if drawn upside down)
Negative values are mitigated. May represent the ability to be master of one's own destiny and to influence others. Magnetic force.
Negative (if drawn upright)
Laziness, fear of responsibility, weakness. Announces external, but also internal obstacles that are the incarnations of our fears.
The Tower
Represents a sudden and shocking change.
For the strong ones, there is an opportunity to overturn the destiny, to be able to pursue great goals.
A mental breakdown or physical accident from which it is very difficult to recover. Psychological distress and physical suffering.
The Star
It represents the ideals to which we must aspire.
Favourable events and possibilities that must be grasped and that will bring us happiness.
Bad luck, contrary fate and difficulty in pursuing our goals.
The Moon
It represents illusion and night. A light that does not make you see things clearly.
Positive (if drawn backwards)
One needs to see things beyond their outward appearance. Represents a naive, dreamy and creative person.
Negative (if drawn upright)
Reality is only apparently serene, but hides much negativity. It indicates a materialistic and false person who moves in the shadows without ever showing his true nature.
The Sun
It represents victory, success and, in general, joyful events in life.
The undertakings we are carrying out and our projects will be successful. May indicate deep regeneration and happiness.
The rays of the sun are dazzling reality and creating illusions. We are also in the dark in our relationships with others. Deep misunderstandings will not have positive consequences.
It represents consciousness and the possibility of a new beginning.
Positive and unexpected surprises. Indicates a patient and eccentric person.
The impossibility of changing what we don't like makes us suffer and leads to great disappointment.
The World
It represents joy, beauty and prosperity.
Success, positive conclusion of a project or path.
Failure to complete a project or path that we thought was within our reach.
For more information on Martha Is Dead, be sure to wishlist the game on Steam, join our Discord and follow our socials!
We can't wait to see what the cards hold for you on Feb 24th...
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2022.01.18 11:30 throwaway-98-2 A manager(food) keeps coming into work after we heard him say "I tested positive for covid yesterday but I feel fine." WTF? Some of my coworkers are imunecomprised. What would you do?

2 coworkers are already out sick with covid
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2022.01.18 11:30 feargal98 How do I get back to this chest in the mountain?

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2022.01.18 11:30 MedicStone90 Good morning! M31 - first impression?

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2022.01.18 11:30 mambono5555 Is there any medical reason I shouldn’t try to treat my MILD lazy eye by myself?

I have a very mild lazy eye in my right eye, so mild that I only noticed it at the age of 26 and no optician has ever pointed it out or mentioned. None of my friends noticed until I told them, the right iris is positioned a few mms above the left eye one, laterally.
I went to an optician to confirm it was a lazy eye after Googling, and they said it was but that there was no treatment for it because it’s so mild. The thing is, I can see it and it upsets me, and also it looks way more obvious in photos. It makes me cry sometimes.
The thing is, lazy eyes are treated by patching the strong eye in children, and I don’t see why I can’t do that for myself? I work from home so I can just wear a patch over some glasses, they sell them on Amazon.
Is there any medical reason I shouldn’t do that? I am aware it may not work or could take months. I have perfect vision otherwise and no prescription or contacts
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2022.01.18 11:30 Matad_or [4k, 60fps, colorisé] (1918) vétérans de la 1ère guerre mondiale : obusite, névrose de guerre

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2022.01.18 11:30 9eurowekker A Ferrari Enzo got written off this morning while on a testdrive in Baarn, The Netherlands.

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2022.01.18 11:30 dannydonair Would a walk-in clinic doctor be less likely to give me a blood test if they know I’m on self administered TRT?

I don’t have a family doctor and have started TRT so I will need blood work, I will be seeing a walk in clinic doctor tomorrow and want to tell him I need a blood test because I have started TRT under my own guidance, as some people do. Will he look at me like I’m stupid and not give me the test? Or is it likely he will help me by giving me one.
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2022.01.18 11:30 nymrose Robyn uses her children as manipulative pawns

She constantly goes on about how Ari and Sol can barely function if they don’t see their dad for over 2 days, that is just complete bullshit.
She says this to control Kody and his actions because she knows Kody has a severe saviour complex and his obvious weakness is to be worshipped like a god.
Robyn needs a reason to keep Kody around 24/7 and Kody needs a reason to get his fat ego fed. A match made in heaven for a pouty selfish bitch and a idiotic narcissistic ramen head looking ass.
Another example of how she uses her kids as pawns is by manipulating her kids into thinking the rest of the family doesn’t like them or want to be around them, further isolating them and making it a “Us vs Them”-scenario.
They take anything Robyn and Kody says as gospel because they infantilise, isolate and manipulate these kids into obedience, they have no other point of view because they are stuck in that house even as adults.
All of these things are the leading factors to the destruction of this family. Kody has his patriarchal dictator heaven with his obedient perpetual victim wife and their emotionally damaged kids who need a saviour, Kody.
Kody doesn’t want anyone who dares to disagree with him around, not even his other wives or kids, because Robyns house is the perfect little bubble for a narcissist to feel powerful and anyone who dares question him outside of this bubble is a dangerous disobedient peasant which is only amplified by how he compares it all to Robyn who clearly is his soulmate, horrible as they both are.
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2022.01.18 11:30 SpicyNugget__ Mega aerodactyl on me 6304 6956 1703 adding 10

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2022.01.18 11:30 AREALLYSALTYMAN Ruffled fur on my rabbit's back?

A week ago I noticed that the fur on one of my rabbit's back (male, around 4-5 years old) looks a bit rough. It's as if it was torn out, and is also tied into smaller knots though you probably can't see that very well. We suspect it's the work of some smaller parasites, though we could be wrong.
He has a female partner who is a bit aggressive, (she growls a lot without good reason at him and me) and in the evening she grooms him a lot while she puts her front feet up on his back. Though we don't think it's her, they've been this close since they got together, and this only started recently.
My final guess is that it's some resin that he got on his back from the multiple thujas and other plants in our garden since he likes to hide under plants a lot.
We tried washing the area (not bathing him entirely, just to be clear) and it looked like it would work, but it got this ugly again. Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.18 11:30 TheBigTombowski Veer, when he finally makes it to RAW

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2022.01.18 11:30 Melodic_Network882 Lesenswerter Artikel im Handelsblatt über die Gamestop-Rally. Jonas, falls du hier bist: Warum nur 90%?

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